12 Ways To How to Get Better at Golf Without Lessons

Last updated on December 31st, 2021 | By: Thomas Spears

With these 15 things, you can dramatically improve your golf game. This is not something that I am saying but our TG TOP 50 Coaches are…. 

how to play golf

Once you imbibe all these traits, you will get the desired consistency and this will get your handicap down too. 

Let us read what our expert teachers want to guide:

Your Address Position

Your quality of action is dictated by your basics of a setup such as a stance, aim, and posture. One common quirk possessed by all aristocrat players is a brilliant address position and this is no coincidence.

Do not worry, as for this you do not require any Rory’s skill or athletic ability, and what you exactly need is dedicated work with your coach. You need to make this your priority for creating your best swing platform. 

– The guideline is from Andrew Murray, andrewmurraygolf.com

Hit The Ball Straight, Rather Than Far

Massive distance is what the TV commentators or the world’s leading players focus on when the golfers hit the ball. Most amateur golfers tend to minimize their handicap while they hit 1-yard further. 

What kind of a connection does clubface to the swing path share needs to be understood. A more centered strike when created leads to more ball control and allows you to hit more fairways and greens. 

Generally, the high scores are an outcome of hitting the ball offline. The better your swing path is the better you will hit as a by-product. 

-The guideline is from Adrian Fryer – Liverpool Golf Centre, Merseyside

Hit More Greens With Your Wedge

This is for most of the club players when it is about hitting greens using a wedge. This also makes a huge difference on the scorecard. You may notice that a lot of greens are missed and this happens if the ball is sent to the wrong distance. The best way out is to change the length of the swing while practicing hitting wedge shots. 

Your aim should be to keep a constant pace to your swing and rather than a sudden rush there should be constant acceleration too at the ball. This way your distance control will drastically improve. 

– Ian Clark, World of Golf, Surrey

Improve From 6ft And In

Make your hole out from inside 6 ft. as this is probably the simplest way for club players for reducing the score. You can achieve this with comparatively less practice. At impact controls, 92% of the ball’s start-line is what the blade aims and as a place for the start, you should prioritize face aim.  

– The guideline is from Hugh Marr, Hugh Marr Performance Systems, Surrey

Improve Your Pace By Putting

I have witnessed this myself, even the golfers of all standards tend to struggle on the greens. This happens often when there are pressure situations and competitions. This all happens as an unreasonable amount of time & attention is spent in order to get the line-spot for getting the pace right. 

The line is determined by pace. Henceforth, if you pay more attention to pace then you will be able to hole more putts. So, shoot lower scores and enjoy a great experience. 

– Gary Nicol, TPEGS Archerfield, East Lothian

Focus On Short-Game Distance Over The Direction

Including putting work on your distance control around the green. You need to prioritize the King (weight/distance) – over the Queen (direction). Though both share good importance King needs to be respected more. 

Note that the loft should be used only when it is important. 

– Gary Casey, Thorpe Wood GC, Cambridgeshire

Knowing Your Physical Capabilities

You need to have a good understanding of what your body is physically capable of, thereby improving your swing based on those facts. Things will always effectuate if you build your own swing rather than comparing it with the other tour players. 

Once you have clarity about the limitations which are holding you back, then you can choose to work on them properly for the best results. Only this requisite knowledge will separate you from the rest. Always play your golf on the basis of what works best for you. 

– Ben Emerson, Bowood GC, Wiltshire

Your Balance

An alignment stick or an old shaft should be placed parallel to your ball target line. Ensure to stand on it, ensuring that it runs under the center of both feet. Use a mid, short iron to address the ball, and at the set-up do check up your balance too. 

The stick will let you know if you are more in heels or toes. Then focusing on your balance hit 10 balls. The stick actually works to reveal where your balance should be. 

Lastly, you should hit 10 normal shots without using a stick and feel the balance improvement. Even many of my students have dramatically improved their accuracy and distance practicing this drill. 

– Darren Parris, North Foreland GC, Kent

Fuel Your Body Better 

Health always plays a potent role, not only for players but each one of us. You need to eat a nutritious breakfast consisting of slow-release carbs and proteins than just running onto the tee with nothing. 

You also need to hydrate and graze throughout the ground. It is recommended to consume fluids – isotonic ones and snacks such as nuts and fruit on a regular basis rather than having a drink and eating chocolate at the start. 

– Simon Payne, Cowglen GC, Glasgow

Be a Genius of Your Pitching

If you work on your pitching then your scores will surely drop to a new level. You need to think of all the chances when you have on short par 4s and lay-up 5s! To achieve this mastering three lengths of swings are needed. 

Maintain your same rhythm, and for controlling distance master your own 09:30, 10:00, and 10:30 swing. Keep a track of what distance they go and repeat. Need to repeat a lot!

You have nine different distances when you add in a sand wedge and a gap wedge. With dangerous accuracy, you can hit your wedges. Every couple of weeks, head out to your local par 3-course and then feel the difference. 

– Kevin Hale, HIT Golf Academy, Forest of Arden, Warwickshire

Enhance Your Ability To Read Your Shots

Working with a PGA pro for having a grip of ball flight laws. Ball flight is basically the result of a perfect combo of face angle + club path + attack angle, at impact. What combination delivers which flight should be truly understood by you and then you can start applying that knowledge to your shots. 

You will be much more effective in your resolutions and can aim the ‘X’ quicker. 

-Kristian Baker, the Wentworth Club, Surrey

Fitness First!

As golfers, we always talk about techniques for improvement but actually, it is the body that moves the club. We can consider Justin Thomas as a role model here who has accredited his US PGA win – 2017. 

You can also opt for HIIT- High Interval Training classes, believe me, they are a splendid way of improving your strength and speed. 

– Richard Lambert, Crosland Heath GC, West Yorkshire. 

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