3 Wood vs 3 Hybrid Chart – What’s The Difference and Which To Use

3 wood vs 3 hybrid

It was an aberrant thing to see hybrid golf sets and fairway woods in the collection of golfing greats. Golfers playing for PGA depended mostly on long iron shafts for their brilliant shots.

From beginners to professionals, do the people prefer using iron shafts over hybrid and wood ones? Or do they consider these as go-getter equipment for playing their best game? Well, there are significant differences between the 3-wood and a 3-hybrid club.

The skill and techniques of the golfer play a vital role in determining which one is the best of all.

Hybrid clubs are the best bet for many golfers these days as they look for more consistency in their golf, while fairway wood is still pretty much in demand. There’s a clear demarcation between the two.

Many golfers will concur with the fact that fairway woods are the most difficult club to play. Hybrid clubs were introduced to make golfers’ lives easy as they were facing difficulties while playing with their long iron ones as well.

The 3-wood has been a part of clubs for a long time now. It equips the players with covering more distance that they require for long par 4’s or par 5’s.

The hybrid is comparatively a new add on to the golf clubs, as the golfers faced problems striking with their long iron shafts precisely, although it is not an extensively a distance club.

2 hybrid vs 3 wood

Hybrids Grow in Popularity

When hybrids were introduced, they were considered as the game improving equipment. They were either used by the beginners or the intermediate level golfers. They are undoubtedly better than the long iron ones.

It’s easy for the golfer to tee off the ball if the size and design of the clubhead are perfect. They are much easier, forgiving in terms of addressing and tackling in comparison to the long iron shafts and provide more accuracy, consistency, and distance.

Hybrids are catching up well these days and are used by players at levels now.

3 Wood vs 3 Hybrid


The loft angles on the 3-wood and the 3-hybrid are different to a great extent and so you are not likely to hit the ball the exact distance with two of these clubs.

The course and the distance that the golf ball makes a journey is dependent on the loft angle of the club.

The loft angle on a 3-wood is regularly between 15 degrees and 18 degrees, and a 3- hybrid loft angle is most of the time between 22 degrees and 23 degrees.

This shall suggest that the two clubs are not competitors actually they are pointing out two hugely different options.

2 hybrid vs 5 wood


 3- Woods are produced very often on a large scale from exact materials that are being used in making a driver, but many producers till now use stainless steel for their 3-woods.

The 3- the hybrid club is very solid, firm and it is a product of a combination of graphite, iron, and steel.


Shaft’s length on the 3-wood and the 3-hybrid is notably the same. The shaft on the 3-wood is mostly 1/2 inch in longer than the shaft of the 3-hybrid.

The shaft of the 3-hybrid is generally a little heavy to drive and 3-wood. Irons mostly come standard with steel shafts, the 3-wood and 3-hybrid two of them normally come standard with a graphite shaft to create it lighter.

Some 3-wood hosels are adaptable, you may not find the same adaptability on the 3-hybrid hosels.

There are bright chances in the coming time to create hybrids more flexible.


Well, balanced club heads and a shorter shaft create the 3-hybrid better for reliable shots firmly rather than pushing for additional distance. Good golfers are capable of hitting a 3-wood perfectly accurately, but even a slight mishit may go offline.

7 wood vs 3 hybrid

Good Contact 

The 3 wood has a longer shaft in comparison to the 3 hybrids thus making good contact with the ball. But the hybrid is more forgiving as the sole is designed in such a way that gives fantastic results on the swings than the 3 wood.

It also launches the ball high in the air while the 3-wood allows achieving a smooth fairway shot.


A 3-hybrid has more volume on it’s clubhead than the 3-wood. The clubface of a 3-wood is bigger and gives a bigger sweet spot than the clubface of the 3-hybrid. the 3-hybrid’s sole is more lenient than of a 3-wood.

The 3-wood center of gravity is there towards the back end on the clubhead to get the desired result which is the longest distance feasible and the center of gravity of a 3-hybrid is located nearer to the clubface for better control and precision.


The distance is much more attainable with 3-wood rather than 3-hybrid, given it should be struck accurately. The 3-hybrid is a replacement of the 3-iron one can hope to attain somewhere between 180 and 210 yards by 3-hybrid.

The 3-wood is targeted to reach the green of a par 5 much easier and it is supposed to achieve a distance of up to 240 yards. There are some golfers who can hit it much ahead the distance Aimed at, is possibly almost all golfers would achieve.

Roll-out distance by a 3-wood is much higher than that of a 3-hybrid mainly to the apex difference between both clubs.

The Final Say

There is an outright difference between the design and purpose of a 3-wood and 3-hybrid. The 3-wood is used for playing fairway shots and keeps the ball rolling lower and farther than a hybrid.

But in terms of accuracy and precision of shots, the 3-hybrid is far better than a 3-wood. You may have all three in your club a 3 iron, a 3 hybrid, and a 3 wood. 

The 3 hybrids can replace a 3-iron, but you can’t replace a 3-wood. 3-wood is a must-have in your collection, especially for pro-golfers.

It’s always good to know your swing and style first, to add equipment to your club that matches your requirements and prove to be a game-changer for you.

Moreover, if you are playing on an even, clean, and clear green patch and into the wind, then the 3-wood is a go-getter tool for you. 

However, if the surface on which you are playing is rough, uneven, downwind and you are in a dire need of forgiveness, the hybrid is the answer for you. This is why hybrids have been given a term: “ rescue club”.

Technological advancements and constantly evolving strategies have given the world some of the best hybrid clubs. 

Hybrids and fairway woods both have been catching up well with the pro-golfers and these are being used in PGA tour championships as well. The two tools are highly favored and desirable amongst the golfers.

The performance of this equipment also depends on an individual’s skills besides their features.

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