Best Golf Push Carts & Pull Carts Reviews – Updated 2021

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Thomas Spears

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Foreword: Golf Push Carts, offlate, have been gaining much popularity for the sheer ease, it offers, to golfers to carry their stuff around the course. One can come across, golf push carts, pull carts or electric carts as options available in the market. In the below article, you get to know about different aspects to base your buying decision on for push carts. We present our latest top list that can help squeeze your options and keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

The sale of golf push carts have surged in the few years and they are trending.

Reasons are many!! Let’s find out, why?

With the whole world suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic issues and American life had also been effected resulting in businesses, schools, and other parts being shut while the golf courses still remained open in some parts.

So, in this new world with a new scenario many golfers have regained an old-school aspect relating the game that had been deserted – ‘WALKING’.

As golf is a sport that’s not the most physical and many people admit it, some have opted walking the course for health reasons thereby enjoying the fitness benefits. But it’s certainly painful or quite impossible to carry the heavy load of clubs and accessories.

Not only this….

Many of the golfers put weight on their shoulders and this can ultimately affect your performance level.

Contrarily, there are golfers with physical limitations, and beginners or seniors who love to play the game and golf push carts tend to serve them in an excellent way. Push carts are also great for the ones with medical conditions such as the arthritis, knee replacement, joint and bone issues.

And one more thing you cannot ignore is the cost factor that could be really taxing if you hire a riding golf cart. As such, you know golf is an expensive game and renting the convenient riding golf cart could kill your budget too.

Not much is left to tell you how much difference a golf push cart can bring to you.

But a wrong choice could lead to replacements, repairs, and other expensive expenses.

Save that fortune! Select the appropriate golf push cart.

The best golf push carts are here:

Most Recommended
Caddytek Superlite Deluxe Golf Push Cart

The CaddyTek Superlite is from an extremely well-known brand within the golf industry which is known for its cheap yet high-quality golf carts.

This model has a heavy-duty construction helping with long term use. The steel frame which is oddly lightweight coming in at less than 12.2 pounds is ideal for any golfer and any terrain.

The cart also has a wide body and a heavily padded handle which has four levels of adjustment making it great for any size golfer.

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8 Top Electric Golf Push Cart Reviews


KVV 3 Wheel 360 Golf Push Cart

KVV 3 Wheel 360 Rotating Front Wheel Foldable/Collapsible Golf Push Cart with Foot Brake Open and...

The KVV 3 Wheel 360 golf push cart features a front swivel wheel that has the ability to rotate full 360 degrees and the 12” rear wheels ensure smooth ride around all the terrains.

Even they are maintenance-free, yes all the three EVA cover wheels with ball bearings.

The Wheel 360 is quite suitable for teenagers and adults alike as the ergonomic height adjustable TPE handle makes everything convenient for users of varied heights.

More ease is added by the quick-foot brake system of the push cart as you just need to pedal with your foot to engage and release the brake. The sturdy storage compartment also proves of much use.


  • Height adjustable handle
  • Foot braking mechanism
  • Big storage bag with filter
  • 360 Degree rotating front wheel
  • Deluxe scorecard holder
  • Features one button fold mechanism


  • Wheels could be slightly noisy with time and use

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SereneLife - 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

Sale 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart - Lightweight Folding Golf Walking Push Cart Roller Golf Bag Holder w/...

The 3 Wheel golf push cart by SERENELIFE is constructed using heavy-duty aluminum frame and qualifies lower & upper brackets with elastic strap and fixes any golf bag size.

The golf pull cart comprises of an ergonomic padded height adjustable handle for multiple pushing positions (accommodates users of varied heights).

Easy mobility with a perfect balance with good traction is promised on the course, thanks to the 3 ball bearing wheels.

The golf push cart is lightweight with a simple quick braking system averting any chances of rolling away of the cart. Overall the compact foldable design is all the more beneficial.


  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame construction
  • Height adjustable handle
  • Great mobility with ball bearing wheels
  • Compact foldable design
  • Light weight with simple and quick braking system


  • Great as advertised with no major downsides

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OMADA GOLF - Trilite Foldable Golf Push Cart

OMADA GOLF Trilite (Black/Black)

The Trilite is lightweight, durable, compact, unfolds in seconds, made with aircraft grade material, and more. What else do you want?

The OMADA Golf Push Cart is known to be the lightest one that offers the smoothest ride.

The users love it for more appreciable features like maintenance-free wheels for all terrain purposes and adjustable height that is useful for users of all heights.

One more thing really likeable is its deepest storage compartment with extra two-layer mesh pocket storage. Be it the beginners or the adults the comfortable foam-grip handle is super easy to move.


  • Extra two-layer mesh pocket storage
  • Pencil & scorecard holder
  • Lightweight with just 14 pounds
  • Detachable cup holder
  • Deepest storage compartment
  • Comfortable foam grip handle


  • Best push cart ever…..the users say so

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CaddyTek - 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

Sale caddytek CaddyLite EZ Version 8 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart - Foldable Collapsible Lightweight Pushcart...

Moving around on the golf course was never so easy but with the CaddyTek golf cart things have changed exceedingly.

This is constructed using superior-quality components which are built to last for seasons.

All those active golfers who want convenience + portability for transporting their own golf clubs and more with minimum efforts.

The golf cart weighs less than 18.5 lbs and you can push it on any terrain with utmost ease. Maintenance-free wheels and a patented basket with built-in cooler, and a handle (mesh net) add to the peace of mind.


  • Strong aluminum frame
  • Easy-to-use brake
  • Patented 1 click button folds the cart quickly
  • 31-inch wide body for easy push
  • One-year manufacturer warranty


  • Not the best as its counterparts
  • Customer support could be slightly better is your golf equipment super store!


Clicgear Golf Push Cart - Model 4.0

Clicgear Model 4.0 Golf Push Cart, Black

The Clicgear golf push cart come with the newest features incorporating an adjustable silicone bag (strap system for security) with adjustable upper saddle, and new lower saddle support that prevents the bag from rubbing front wheel.

This new 2020 model is lightweight, durable, scratch-resistant, includes aluminum tubing with maintenance-free airless tires.

You have room for extra storage as there is net for storing and full console with a built-in scorecard, golf ball, and pencil & tee holders.

The parking hand brake prevents the cart from rolling when you walk away. Impressive accessories also add charm while you push the golf cart.


  • Lightweight & durable
  • Prevents the cart from rolling away
  • Features a storage net
  • New 2020 model
  • Includes standard cup holder, umbrella mount, and additional accessory tabs
  • New silicone strap and adjustable saddle


  • A great well-built push cart with no drawbacks


KVV - 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

This is another model by KVV which is well-known for being ultra-lightweight, weighing just 13.6 lbs.

The KVV 3 wheel is created both for teenagers and adults with a TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers) handle to handle multiple pushing positions and users of different heights. You get perfect traction and smooth ride on all terrain types.

The push cart features a strong and light aluminum frame depicting extraordinary stability and sturdiness. With just a weight of 13.6 lbs this stays quite portable for transportation and storage alike.

The quick foot-brake and quick fold mechanism adds more to the ease. Super easy to install as you just require to insert 3 wheels after opening package.


  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Ball bearing wheels
  • Quick foot-brake and quick fold mechanism
  • New-Version Scorecard Holder
  • Easy assembly


  • Some folding issues and the manual instructions should be followed properly


Tangkula Golf Push Pull Cart

One more product that speaks of features such as being lightweight (6 lbs), durable, and a comfortable design. The smooth ball bearings make it convenient to push or pull the cart in the desired direction and place.

The dimensions of the cart are perfect to accommodate your golf bag properly. The removable wheels (2) aid in quick storage when you are not using it.

The foldable design saves your storage room too. You can change the directions both left and right with the ergonomically shaped handle.

The upper board provides extra values to this trolley and you can position score card count on it to record. Overall a golf push cart that’s liked by users also.


  • Sturdy and light
  • Removable wheels make storage easy
  • Smooth ball bearings make pushing easy
  • Space for holding accessories
  • Convenient foldable design


  • Straps could be slightly longer for holding golf bag


Qwik-Fold Push Pull Golf Cart

Like others, the golf push cart by Qwik-Fold is also crafted using aircraft grade aluminum that keeps it super strong, lightweight, and comfortable to use.

As its name suggests, the Qwik-fold push cart takes just one second to open and fold using a patented bullet-system technology.

The impressive finish makes it look co-ordinated with any golf bag. The built-in umbrella holder keeps your clubs dry during a down-pour and works well as a shade under the sun.

The patented foot-brake system helps you in every way while you are moving it on any terrain type. For engaging the brake you just need to tap the break. A push cart that offers a smooth ride overall.


  • Made using air-craft grade material
  • Folds in one second
  • Features a built-in umbrella holder
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Patented foot-brake system
  • Patented bullet-system technology


  • Customer service could be better
  • Not the best in the list

Manual Vs Electric Golf Push Carts

Manual VS Electric Golf Push Carts

Manual Golf Push Carts

One of the most well-liked golf cart for walkers, ‘yes’ I am talking about the manual golf push carts. These carts feature three wheels making them more stable.

In comparison to the electric golf push carts the manual ones are economical too. These are lightweight, easier to lift, and offer storage more than their electric cousins.

Just a few drawbacks to add here: The manual push golf carts take more energy and due to more storage they are bigger in size than the electric ones.

Electric Golf Push Carts

If your pocket allows you to spend some more then the powered cart is something for which you won’t say a ‘No’. The underlying reason is the overwhelming options like features, size, storage options, etc.

You also get a lot of built-in electronic gadgets to think about.

The electric ones take no manual power to use thereby preventing fatigue. They move faster than the manual options. Stability and sturdiness are another two factors that make these carts able to move on any landscape.

These are expensive than manual models and battery life is something they are dependent on.

Things To Consider When Buying A Golf Pull Cart

golf push carts for sale

When you are thinking of investing in a golf push cart, the below given points are something you cannot ignore.

The Price Factor

  • The cost of different brands of golf push carts vary notably…Of course depending on the features they offer. A standard push cart with 2-wheels is something you will receive for as less as $75.
  • The prices may range up to $300 with some extra braking features and a more compact space. If your choice is a motorized caddie then be ready to pay something closer starting from $700 to as high as $2000.

Golf Cart Wheels

  • The high-end golf push cart comprise of 3 or 4 wheels. More mobility is promised by the three wheeled cart as the third wheel allows the golfer to navigate and the back wheel aid in driving the cart forward.
  • A smaller base is offered by a 4-wheeled cart and they are easy to push but not that easy to steer (as the front 2 wheels work together).
  • Go for a push cart that’s 3 or 4 wheeled as a cart with 2 wheels won’t be of much comfort for you.

Braking System

  • Generally, the braking system of the push carts are placed at the foot level. To set or release the brake you just need to push the lever up or down. Some of the golf carts are equipped with a brake for every back wheel.
  • Most of the brakes just work fine but if there is a hilly area then you will need to park the cart properly by ensuring the brakes kick in properly.
  • Clicgear is one of the brands which provides a hand brake that comes attached to the storage and handle area.

Storage Facility

  • This is absolutely your personal requirement as to what you want to store and how much storage facility you require. Normally, the higher the price the more storage capacity your golf cart will possess.
  • If you will go just for the barebones model then that cart will have a spot for a score card or just for some couple of balls that’s it. Whereas the higher-end units will offer you with a plethora of amenities such as the balls, tees, a glove, scorecard, and a distance-measuring unit.
  • The storage may come in a molded plastic which would not drain quite well in any rainy circumstances. This could be supported by netting which will drain better and offer more flexibility.
  • The high-end carts feature a cup-holder that comes molded into the storage area. The taller golfers may not be able to benefit from it.
  • There are rare golf carts that offer additional storage at the wheel level.
  • Just check how you can store the push cart. Even the basic models come with a fold down facility and the advanced carts also fold up into compact spaces.


  • A golfer can get many additional accessories for their push carts which are designed to fit their carts.
  • These may comprise of GPS holders, umbrella holders, cup holders that swivel with the cart, and more storage seats that can be folded during waiting time. Some of the manufacturers have come with the cooler bags which are a good way to keep beverages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it worth to invest in a golf push cart?

Ans1. The winning answer is ‘Yes’, there are numerous benefits of buying and using a golf push cart. They save a whole lot of your energy of carrying on your back – a golf bag with clubs.

It could really turn out to be tiring if you are walking a hilly course or playing 18 holes.

Q2. Which is better, pushing or pulling a golf cart?

Ans2. Just imagine the strain on your shoulder muscles if you pull your push cart. Pushing is far much easier and that is why this is named a push cart.

Pushing will help you rolling it straight down the fairway than pulling which could be often zig-zagging.

Q3. Which one should I prefer, a 3 or a 4 –wheeled push cart?

Ans3. For easy mobility a 3-wheeled push cart is great to use. The 4 – wheel push carts are more rigid to use. Hence, for some easy movement go for the 3 –wheeled one. (For more details you can refer in the article above).

Q4. Which one is the best golf push cart available?

Ans4. The best golf push cart is the one that suits your preferences and comfort. Our choicest ones are the following:

  • KVV 3 Wheel 360 Golf Push Cart
  • SereneLife – 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart
  • OMADA GOLF – Trilite Foldable Golf Push Cart
  • CaddyTek – 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart
  • Clicgear Golf Push Cart – Model 4.0 and more….

Final Thoughts:

Any golf push cart you choose should be in a position to enhance your golf game. The best ones have been mentioned in the article above. So check things such as the material used and the weigh-holding capacity of the cart, as you may never know when you may need to load-up extra gear.

Stability and comfort is another aspect you cannot just ignore. Easy manoeuvrability and folding ability will always help you in every way and keep your energetic for your golf game. Extra features such as an umbrella holder, cover for protecting clubs, cup-holders, scorecard holders, etc. are also something you can consider.

Enjoy the comfort on the course!!

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