AP1 VS AP2 Detailed Comparison – Everything You Need To Know

Both the models AP1 and AP2 form a part of the most praised Titleist irons ever made. As an expert – Hot List for irons, the AP1 and AP2 iron sets acquired a gold rating in the year 2013.

As per rule, the mid-to-high handicap players stay more comfortable using the AP1 irons as they are more forgiving whereas the AP2 irons are much favoured by skilled amateurs and pros due to their supreme playability.

Though it is always a matter of personal preference, which iron you choose, let us dive deep into the details of AP1 and AP2 and find out how they are different.



Conventionally talking, the Titleist has manufactured classy irons which are simple and feature thin top edges with small heads. Both the AP1 and AP2 possess large heads and their own decorated cavity back which is sort of a break from the tradition.

The AP2 heads are prominently large while the top-edge is broad and the AP2 irons are huge as per the Titleist standards. The cavity back irons tend to remain similar with a silver and black tungsten nickel plate.

If you look at the AP2 heads these are silver and black only. On the other hand the cavity of AP1 comes with a red line across red & black writing in the logo (AP1).



If you are keen to know about the forgiving quotient then AP1 irons created by Titleist are the most forgiving.

A larger sweet spot is created as these come with a perimeter-weighted back flange and for more stability the forgiveness the tungsten nickel sole plate is designed to keep the COG (center of gravity) low on the face.

For creating maximum distance and increased ball speed the AP1 irons possess a thin face. A lower degree of forgiveness is offered by the AP2 irons. But they certainly have an edge over the AP1 irons when it is about playability + feel.

An improved feel is generated by the heads which are forged by soft carbon-steel. While great assistance for shot shaping and control is created due to the dual cavity design.

Titleist Mens Ap2 714 Irons


The Nippon NS Pro – 105T steel shaft is what the AP1 irons incorporate. In comparison to the standardized options these are a bit lighter and come with a mid-low flex point which stay responsible for creating a high trajectory.

Also provided with the Aldila VS Proto-T 75 graphite shaft, the AP1 irons remain extremely helpful for the golfers with moderate and slow swing speeds.

Furthermore, the AP2 irons tend to feature a heavy Dynamic Gold Shaft which offers a high penetrating trajectory with good feedback and sits ideal for strong players.

You can get both the sets from other custom shafts also.

Making The Final Choice

In the first place the AP1 irons are for golfers which are less accomplished but some of the better ball strikers tend to enjoy the forgiveness offered by these.

Do you know? Zach Johnson- Former Masters champion uses a combo of AP1 and AP2 irons. He appreciably prfers the amazing forgiveness of the AP1 irons and the playability which is offered by the shorter irons of AP2.

As of the year 2013, the PGA tour players like Jordan Speith, Jason Dufneruse use the AP2 irons.

If there are amateurs then AP1 irons are surely a better choice. The underlying reason is they make the game pretty easy from tee to green. Getting the club custom fitted is probably the right thing to do and get it such that it suits your swing in the best way.

The AP3 by Titleist

The Titleist added the new AP3 and many of the golfers are a lot more interested in it.

You must be thinking it was already quite difficult choosing between the Titleist 718 irons, and now the new AP3!!!

Generally, a layman would think that the AP3 will come somewhere later the AP2, but this isn’t the case as the AP3 fits in-between the AP1 and AP2.

  • AP1- Those who want consistency with longer distance should go for AP1.

  • AP2- The better golfers who wanna shape shots along with forgiveness should go for this.

  • AP3- If your aim is forgiveness with distance then the AP3 stands out.

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