Best Forged Irons [Top Picks and Expert Review]

Better feel, better control, and still maintaining some forgiveness is what the forged irons are known to be.

The forged irons are created out of one piece of metal and then poured into a cast. That is why some people call them cast iron too. If you are a golfer who loves to play with varied ball flights or like to hit draws and fades then the forged irons are made for you.

Do you know? The forged irons are pretty different from the cavity back irons, as you can feel slightly more vibration at impact in comparison to the forged irons and manipulating with the golf shots could be difficult with the cavity back irons. Though the forgiveness quotient may be different for both.

Henceforth, these days the golfers prefer forged irons more. They are an ideal option for mid – low handicappers.

Choose the one that matches your strength and abilities as we have tried to narrow down your search with some meticulous testing protocol and criteria.

Best Forged Irons - Reviews & Recommendations

1. Callaway Epic Forged Star Iron Set

Premium Choice
Callaway Epic Forged Star Iron Set, RH, (6-PW) Regular Flex

CALLAWAY EPIC FORGED STAR IRON SET Performance Without Peer Epic Forged Star Irons are designed to deliver maximum distance through the optimal combination of speed, spin, ball flight, and ultra-lightweight components. Features Ultra-Premium Forged Design For Pure Sound & Feel - A stunningly beautiful design, from the Infinite Black finish to the precise shaping.

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There is no exaggeration in saying the Callaway Epic is a premium golf club. These are designed to offer maximum distance and are probably the most expensive on our list.

The forged star iron set is appreciated by many of the senior golfers due to its premium lightweight graphite shafts.

This thicker looking iron is normally unavailable in the longer irons. All those golfers who are seeking for distance and forgiveness yet with the forged feel. This iron is created for them.

The Epic uses the 360 Face Cup Technology. Plenty of launch and these are well received by women and senior golfers alike.


  • Extremely forgiving.

  • Built for maximum distance.

  • Lightweight shaft.

  • Larger sweet-spot.


  • Most expensive ones available.

2. Mint Titleist 718 AP2 - Single Iron

The Titleist AP2 irons are incredibly responsive while we tested them and they proved to be amazing at shaping and adjusting the ball-height of our shots. The feel is great and is spot-on always.

You get first rate control with the AP2 and these are the irons built to hit on the PGA tour. All those golfers out there if you are looking for superior control from your forged iron-set then the Titleist 718 AP2 should be on your radar.

The elegant silver finish that sparkles, the AP2 are another set of irons that are a bit expensive but worth the investment. Whatever your expectations are from the equipment, this Titleist model fulfils it completely.


  • Exceptionally responsive.

  • Great at shaping & adjusting the ball height.

  • Superior control.

  • Classic silver finish.


  • No cons as such.

3. TaylorMade Golf P790 - Iron Set

For Low Handicappers
P790 4-P/Rh S (4-PW, Right Hand, Stiff Flex)

The Callaway Big Bertha name requires no introduction to golfers at all levels. They are famous for the outstanding drivers that are easy to hit and deliver superb distance. The irons are equally impressive.Before we get into what makes them impressive, it is fair to warn you that they are not budget-friendly irons. While outstanding equipment comes at a price.

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You get exceptional feel and distance with this intelligently designed hollow iron. When you hold the TaylorMade P790 you will feel the robustness at address.

Adequate flexibility and control is gained by the golfer with the tungsten weighting in the 3-through 7 irons. With the higher irons you get unbelievable shot shaping by the P790. Features a speed foam technology along with thru slot speed pocket.

Pure business is what this forged iron set means as when you hit your first shot using these clubs you will see it firing with an amazing distance.


  • Robust forged hollow body construction.

  • Low-profile tungsten weighting.

  • Progressive ICT (Inverted Cone Technology).

  • Thru Slot Speed Pocket.

  • Speed Foam technology.


  • Delivery issues with the product as complained by few.

4. Cobra Golf 2019 King – Forged Iron Set

Blade type golf clubs make most of the options for the lower handicappers. Due to lack of forgiveness on the blade irons some players do not prefer something like blade. Forged combo set is an idea which has erupted form here.

The attention to detail and quality of construction is what we appreciate on the Cobra Golf 2019 King. Forged type design is what all the clubs feature. The 7- PW (pitching wedge) is a blade type set-up while the 3-6 iron is slightly more forgiving.

The combination set is what the golfers want when they want the feel and precision in the short irons while the distance & forgiveness in long irons. The grooves tend to remain more precise due to the CNC milled face.


  • Forged 5 times to deliver more precise iron shaping.

  • CNC Milled Face & Grooves.

  • Flow Set-Progressive set composition.

  • DBM Black Finish.

  • Tungsten Tour Weighting.


  • Not all golfers need a 3 iron, the set comes in a 3-PW.

5. Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik - Pro Iron Set

While manufacturing Mavrik, artificial intelligence is being used for the first time. The ball speed is maximized further by the 360 Face Cup technology and releases at impact.

An advanced face architecture is created that’s unique to every loft. A notable boost in ball speed and optimum robustness off of every iron is created. Mid handicappers will really appreciate these irons.

They have implemented patented urethane microspheres to completely absorb vibration for pure feel. Simultaneously, the COR is also maximized for unbelievable speed.

Each iron comes with custom tungsten-infused weights which allow the golfer to locate the CG with exceptional precision while the ball-speed still remains maintained in the Flash Face Cup.


  • Created using Artificial intelligence.

  • Features 360 Face Cup.

  • Ultimate control with compact head shape.

  • Patented urethane microspheres for absorbing unwanted vibration.


  • Users are satisfied with this.

6. TaylorMade Golf P760 -Men's Iron Set

The P760 by TaylorMade flaunts of a phenomenal soft feel. This is created more for the lower handicapper and helps in achieving more distance with accuracy.

The feel is increased by the Speed Foam technology and this reduces the vibration at impact. Even the P790 uses the Speed Foam and is slightly more forgiving than the P760.

The golfers who want to control their ball flight really appreciate the appealing top-line.

Dynamic gold 120 shaft also forms a part of the P760 and this stays a bit heavier in comparison to the other options available. Fast swing players will be easily able to control their ball flight with this.


  • Precision engineered scoring clubs.

  • Forged construction.

  • Uses Speed Foam Technology.

  • Generates incredible distance with soft feel.


  • Not the most forgiving in the list.

7. Callaway 2018 X - Forged Iron Set

The Callaway 2018 X irons are one of the most innovative, accurate, and high-performers that we have ever tested. They boast of the jaw dropping ability to shape shots from probably anywhere on the course.

Their triple net forging provides exceptional feel and high performance. Comes with a clean and classic finish and a smooth appealing look at the address. From the moment you get to the course the Callaway X Forged irons are just ready to raise your game.

Classic blade-style iron but created innovatively. The design offers amazing control with an incredible feel to each slot.


  • Offers extraordinary feel with high performance.

  • Features tour configured soles.

  • Built to promote high level of control with great spin.

  • Simply accurate.


  • Great set of irons with no cons as such.

8. Wilson Staff D7 - Forged Golf Iron Set

An impressive set of clubs by Wilson which are designed for the golfers who are not in a mood to spend tons of money on the set yet get the excellent forged feel.

The forged carbon steel and cavity design wonderfully combines the feel and look of a traditional forged iron along with game improvement qualities.

The power hole placement has been maximized for the forged heads, increasing face deflection and contact time between the ball and the face of the iron. This results in more efficient energy return, more ball speed and greater distance.

The proprietary innovation fills the entire chamber and power holes resulting in minimized vibration for far-fetched sound and feel. Overall a great option priced at $899.99 only.


  • Reasonably priced set of irons.

  • Uses power-hole technology for increasing distance.

  • Flaunts of adequate forgiveness.


  • Ball speed is not the highest in the list.


Norm 1- Distance

When you are on the move to test the quality of irons then how good the baseline distance is plays a major role for a golfer.

For example, a golfer should have a proper understanding of how far he can hit the 7-iron.

There are questions during testing that whether the iron you use goes ahead with less launch or does it lift the ball high, where the distance is shortened but accuracy is improved.

This helps in knowing the worth of a club for the long run.

Norm 2 – Accuracy

If we talk about a forged iron set specifically then believe me!! Accuracy is everything.

The reason for using an iron is to shape a shot for a specified distance or getting the ball closer to the hole, or lastly placing it in a perfect way for an upcoming shot.

This is the point of investing in the equipment and the accuracy and how it improves your overall game matters a lot.

For the players of all skill levels we tested the irons for detecting their accuracy.

Norm 3 – Feel

Some golfers may find the term ‘feel’ a bit weird but the way the golfer feels the club in his hands when at impact with the golf ball is a crucial aspect. And if they are forged irons then it becomes all the more important.

When the clubface center supports the most accurate hits, the golfers just love it.

A better sense of confidence is built-up when the golfers fell great with their shot making.

While on the range, we tested these irons without making use of the markers and simply hitting shots for the understanding of feel. Probably this is the best way to eliminate the noise of any testing elements and know about the feel when the club comes in contact with the golf ball.

Norm 4 – Durability

Be it your irons or anything durability plays a key role overall. Anything that costs and lasts for good number of years is surely to give you satisfaction.

If you are judging the durability of any product then three key areas should be considered:

  1. The club head
  2. The shaft
  3. The grip

While we were testing for durability, we noticed that after repeated use are the irons showing any sign of physical deterioration or not.

Norm 5 – Value

If you want to find the value of irons you are going to buy then there are number of ways for this. You can find it out by just going for a price of a thing or go for the longevity factor.

One more aspect is when you as a buyer get extra clubs in the set or get irons made using superior quality materials. You could be happy and add value if any offers or discounts provided by the manufacturers. So, multiple ways are there and it is all about your personal preference.

The Summary:

We hope that you are left satiated with our choice of best forged irons. Just note one thing before finalising your purchase, select the ones that suit your game style and for this you can take guidance from your coach or some expert for heading towards the right decision.

Callaway Epic – Forged Star Iron Set and Mint Titleist 718 AP2 – Single Iron are the ones we love the most but this doesn’t mean others are not worth it. You should go for the ones you like and prefer.

Keep on enjoying and improving you golf game!!! God bless us all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Forged Irons Different From The Regular Irons?

Ans1. As we have mentioned in the article also above that the forged irons differ from the cavity back irons as they are constructed from one-piece of steel while the latter are made from a mixture of composite materials that keep the club head light weighted.

Forged irons are thin and feature small sweet-spots on the face and are put to use by the advanced golfers. Far greater control on their iron-shots can be felt by the users while using a forged iron.

Though used by some of the best golfers world-wide, the forged irons are not built for all.

Q2. Are Forged Irons Resistant To Scratches?

Ans2. The answer to this is ‘No’. The forged aren’t scratch resistant. After playing for multiple rounds some scratches (slight ones) could be noticed and this type of wear and tear is pretty common for a golfer who is on the move with a new set of clubs.

In case you happen to drop down the iron from the cart and there is a significant damage (due to concrete or any solid material) that could hamper your game then the iron may need to be replaced. Shafts are available that are scratch-resistant which maintain their flexibility and strength for good number of years.

Q3. Are The Forged Irons Suitable For High-handicappers?

Ans3. Many of the golfers have this question in mind that whether forged irons can be used by the high-handicappers. And the answer to this is “Yes”, high-handicappers can make use of any club they find appealing.

In case they miss out a shot to some degree while using a cavity back iron then forged iron may give decent results.

Q4. Are The Forged Irons Designed To Hit Further?

Ans4. The entire procedure of creating an iron may not have any impact on its distance for a ball to travel. The forged ones are said to be a bit weaker over the cavity back irons. The forged 6-iorn may be similar to the cast 5-iron.

Q5. What Are The Different Types Of Irons That Exist?

Ans5. There are many types of irons that exist:

  1. Forged irons designed for expert-level golfers and others too.
  2. Cavity back irons helps the amateur golfers more to get the ball high with a large club head.
  3. Game improvement irons are known to be blunter instruments that are created simply to promote better contact.