2020 Hot List | Top 10 Best Golf Club Brands

Golf has always been a game of royalty; as a result, it deals with high-quality equipment. There is much speculation that the equipment of the game is considerably higher technology as compared to the other outdoor games.

The brands which deal with golf equipment continue to focus their demand for the research and development program aimed to provide more productive and innovative products. The kit of golf is so astonishing that its products always highlight in the top brands.

A tactical game always demands a high value and intelligent audience. The golf is no different; its roots take us back to the royal houses of Europe and Central Asia. Golf redefines the natural beauty of the environment as the tour takes place in green.

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10 Major Top Golf Club Brands:

Titleist is undoubtedly one of the leading brands in golf. Callaway is a close competitor for the Titleist brand. Some of the leading golf brands are:

The Top Golf Club Brands are discussed below according to the productive value of their products.

1. Titleist

It is one of the leading brands in golf. It produces all of the golfing equipment. It is an invention of Phil Young in 1932. Phil was an owner of a rubber molding company. His company today produces some of the best balls for golf.

At first, Titleist had its focus on manufacturing the golf balls, but from 1962 they have been in the full-fledged golf equipment manufacturing business. You can easily get hands-on, branded Titleist bags and kits. Titleist has been actively taking part in all sorts of productions for the golf tournament.

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Titleist also sponsors some of the major tour-level tournaments and helps players throughout the world to take an active part in another professional tournament. The Titleist is one of the top brands of golf, mainly regarding the golf balls. Titleist balls are very popular in almost every tournament.

Titleist is one of the major brands for golf producing an array of products regarding professional golf equipment.

The company holds maximum market shares in terms of professional golf.

It also sponsors tour level tournaments throughout the world.

The titleist clubs are very light weight and they have a smooth hit on the ball.

3. Callaway

From Barcelona to Beijing, Callaway has a unique source of respect. The brand came into existence in the starting decade of the ’80s. By 1985 it was included in one of the major golf brands in the world. Callaway is the first choice of major golf houses, as well as the ranking players. It is preferred in the senior circuit and PGA tour regularly.

We can randomly see the players with Callaway kit carrying on the podium.

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Some of the advantages of the Callaway kits over other brands include:

Purchasing ease: As call away products are very popular, hence it is easy to grab the product from any online store or professional golf store. The authorized dealer also helps you to find out the booking point. The online management site is very portable to use for locating the store.

Personalizing the equipment: Callaway presents you with one more advantage as it provides you one of the personalizing options for your clubs. Now you can easily personalize your club on your demand. Fix your club and another accessory according to the type of game you want to play.

Reputation: With sponsors like Annika Sorenstam and other big names to their side, Callaway tells the success story of their branding. They have a proper balance of reputation and quality.

3. Taylormade

The brand has a rich history starting from 1979. The entrance of the Taylormade brand begins with the introduction of the stainless steel 12-degree driver. The core owner of the TaylorMade brand is Adidas, and they usually partner with the Adams golf Ashworth and Adidas golf.

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Basic properties behind the success story of this brand include:

Online customization: the brand helps you to customize your golf club according to your demand. With the help of an online channel, you can input your desired product pitch. They can easily design a lefty golf club for you if you intend to get one.

Recommendation: the brand provides you a recommender, which helps you get your personalized club depending on your game. They will help you to get a deep knowledge of what you have just entered into the game planning.

The TMGE: The TMGE stands for TaylorMade Golf Equipment. This is a high-level testing deck in Las Vegas where you can test your performance in the center considering Taylormade technology and its major advancement in the field of golf.

4. Ping

The invention of the brand Ping dates back to 1959. Ping was born in a workshop of Karsten Solheim. The Ping focuses its business on putters. Solheim himself was very tired of the low-quality putters, and then he decided to make the brand of his own. Soon after the inauguration of the Karstein company, they started manufacturing the other equipment of the golfs. They merge the business with the production of woods, hybrids, wedges, and irons.

This is due to their overall performance in the field. Now they stand as one of the most successful brands in global golf.

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There are a few advantageous points below:

They provide a rebate for members from the military: they offer rebate service for active personnel of reserve as well as for retired persons from the military department.

Ping Repairs: Ping has a separate and unique dedicated department for repairing its products. This specialized service indicates the seriousness of the company and its strategies for helping its customer provide lifetime experience.

4. Cobra

Cobra is one of the top Australian companies linked to the golf world. The Cobra brand is a part of an innovative idea by old golf champion Thomas Crow from Australia. The Cobra brand has been a landmark for golf accessories. It is internationally a well-recognized brand for its high-class accessories of golf and due to its global presence.

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Some of the company highlights are:

Availability service: Cobra is among some of the few brands which have a global presence. It has more than 7800 locations worldwide with an easy to operate online channel resourcing.

Tips: The brand operates one of the major online classes through its extensive library channels.

Customization service: Ping also provides the customization service for its product regarding the client base. You can easily enroll yourself for the customization process and enhance your golf club according to your specified size.

Cobra tour: By this platform, the Cobra brand provides you one of the unique sources of learning. At the cobra tour, you can find out the latest tour profiles, videos, and stats. It is a rich source of knowledge for young golfers.