🥇 Best Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers – Reviews & Buying Guide

best driver for average golfer

Golf drivers have a significant role to play in improving how you play your game. Golf equipment manufacturers are known to churn out thousands of drivers every single year, most of which are known to cost a lot of money.

In fact, it could be pretty hard to come across a golf driver that is reasonably priced. If you are a golf driver with a mid handicap on the lookout for the best golf drivers for mid handicappers, you will get a vast array of options to choose from.

In order to pick the best driver, there are some important golf driver reviews for average handicappers that are worth keeping in mind.

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Best Driver For Amatuer Golfers - Comparison Chart

Top Rated Drivers For Intermediate Golfer Reviews

1. Cobra King Ltd – Best Distance Driver Average Golfer

By making use of space technology, the Cobra King golfing equipment manufacturers have managed to reduce the weight quite a bit for both its drivers and its fair woods. The MOI has been greatly increased with the help of a lightweight and carbon made fiber crown. The COG has been positioned as far back as possible thus increasing the sweet spot size. A highly unique removable weight, based on outer space themes is situated at the sole. You can thus take a peek into the clubhead when you use a golf driver like the Cobra King LTD.

Bottom Line:

The Cobra King LTD Driver is a great game improvement driver to own and use for a person looking to create a style statement on the golf course. This is a driver that has a really unique appearance and design and if you carry it around with you on the golf course you will be sure to make heads turn your way. The Cobra King LTD Driver is greatly accurate in its manner of functioning and is characterized by high forgiveness levels that allow you to even turn mishits into wonderful shots out on the golfing crease. It would also serve your golfing goals quite a bit if taking long distance shots is what you like to do. The Cobra King LTD Driver is meant primarily for golfers who are known for their high swing levels. If your swing speed is slow as a intermediate golfers then you may not be able to play too well by using the Cobra King LTD Driver. The feedback and feel of the driver make it a product that is truly worth owning though, as well as the marvelous cracking sound that it manages to produce upon impact.


It is one of the most efficient game-improvement drivers to use for average golfers looking to take long distance shots.

Good accuracy and also high levels of forgiveness are seen to help even poor shots like mishits to get a good distance.

An excellent cracking sound is produced upon impact and the club also gives great feel and feedback.

The driver manages to carry off a classic yet futuristic look all at the same time and can be great to use for average playing golfers in the early years of their youth.


Tends to favor mid handicappers who have a high swing level rather than those who have a low swing speed.

The entire space themed design may appear to be a bit too gimmicky for certain golfers.

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2. Wilson Staff D200 Driver – Best Amature Golf Driver

Wilson Golf- Staff D300 SL Driver 10.5 Regular Flex

The Wilson Staff D300 Driver is a lightweight game improvement driver for intermediate golfers that comes with a club head of the size 460cc and an adjustable hosel. The weight has been shaved off strategically from the clubhead as well as the shaft in order to accommodate a number of wonderful features.

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The fact that this is a driver that is light in weight, competitively priced, and has excellent levels of forgiveness makes it a product that is really worth owning by any golfer with a mid handicap.

The Wilson Staff D300 Driver has a truly classic look and feels to it. You can definitely end up creating quite a style statement when you make use of such a driver to improve your golfing game.

The impact sound produced by this driver as well as its feedback and feel upon hitting the ball is not too great. It is, therefore, more than likely that you will end up getting a little bored when you play golf quite extensively using this driver. The Wilson Staff D300 Driver has been designed specifically for those like to take long-distance shots rather than those who like to play at a short distance.

Bottom Line:

The Wilson Staff D200 Driver is certainly one of the most affordably priced game-improvement drivers out there and is entirely suitable for you if you are a mid handicap golfer with low swing speed. The adjustable loft feature enables you to tweak the height of the loft as and when you must, thus enabling you to maneuver the driver in order to suit your convenience when playing golf.

If taking high or long distance shots is something that you are fond of then you should not hesitate to own a product like the Wilson Staff D200 Driver. This is a driver that is characterized by an excellent accuracy and awesome levels of forgiveness, allowing you to take correct shots only and avoid mishits altogether. No doubt the sound that is produced on impact is not one that is too great, causing a bit of dullness in the course of the game. Yet in terms of accuracy, long distance aim and adjustable features, this is a driver that is really convenient to own and use for just about any golf player with a mid handicap.


This is a driver that can be easily used to point and shoot across very long distances

It is consistent and accurate in its mode of function and enables you to keep errant or bad shots at an absolute minimum

The adjustable loft helps you to change the loft height whenever you need to

It has a classic yet simple look and is characterized by a sobre matte chrome and black finish.


The impact sound tends to be quite disappointing

This driver is not well suited for fast swingers

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3. Callaway Great Big Bertha Driver – Best Performing Driver

Callaway Men's Great Big Bertha Driver

The Callaway Great Big Bertha Driver belongs to the famous erstwhile Big Bertha series that has been reinvented by its manufacturers of late to serve new and different purposes.

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This is one of the best-looking and best-performing drivers out there with the latest one in the series is specifically meant for use by mid-handicap golfers who have an average or a low swing.

The driver features a shallow and broad design and has a club head of the size 460cc, which is just the right sized clubhead for any game improvement driver. The design of the club is one that favors heavy levels of forgiveness.

The Callaway Great Big Bertha Driver also has a forged composite crown with very good perimeter weighting. It also features sliding weights, adding something extra with regard to adjustable features and letting you tweak the various features of the club to suit your specific golfing needs.

Bottom Line:

If you are a mid handicap golfer with average swing speed, then the Callaway Great Big Bertha Driver is definitely the best drivers. But if you are a beginner with slow swing speed then you should go for maximum forgiving drivers available in the market. This Big Bertha Driver is one of the most efficient drivers in the market and comes with high levels of forgiveness that enable you to take some of the best shots ever in your golfing career. Hitting the ball at a great distance will not be difficult at all when you have such a driver in your possession. The adjustable features like the sliding weights that this driver is characterized by, let you adjust the driver in a way that it specifically responds to your individual needs and requirements on the golf course. It is also a lightweight driver on the market which will be able to swing with it easily, thus hitting the ball with as much force as possible. The sound produced upon impact is quite great, making this a fun driver to own and use. While the alignment aid can prove to be problematic, the high forgiveness, great impact sound and adjustable features of the driver make it one that is really worth buying by a golfer with a mid handicap.


Has a wow factor when it comes to distance hitting. You can actually hear the booming sound that is produced as soon as you hit the ball with this driver.

Comes with excellent levels of forgiveness allowing you to take some really great golf shots

Is easy to swing and thus allows you to play with an amazing sense of confidence on the golf course

The sliding weights allow you to fine tune this driver according to your preferences.

It is characterized by a dark finish that gives it a rather sophisticated and elegant appearance.


The alignment aid of this driver is not distinct or prominent enough to do a good job

A few golfers dislike this driver’s inherent draw bias

Choosing Tips Of Long Hitting Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers

Right-Sized Club Head

The first thing that you need to make sure of when you pick out a golf driver for a mid-handicapper is to ensure that the clubhead size is absolutely adequate.

The right clubhead size for a mid-handicapper is 460cc. Anything that is less or more than 460cc can turn out to be difficult to maneuver on the golf course and thus be a bane rather than a boon.

Flexible Shaft Made Of Graphite

The golf driver for any mid handicapper should be one that is characterized by a flexible shaft. The shaft determines your grip over the driver and should not be too heavy or tough to hold onto if you are to play with it successfully.

The shaft should also be made of graphite if it is to last over a considerable length of time and help you to perform well enough on the golf course. Graphite shafts have a long shelf life and can be used over five to six years at a stretch.


Loft Angle Of 9 To 11 Degrees

The loft angle of the driver should be between nine and eleven degrees. As a mid-handicapper, you may not have the skills needed to handle a loft angle that is less than nine degrees while an angle more than eleven degrees would be too easy to handle, is meant primarily for high handicappers.

Custom Fittings

Best Golf Drivers For average golfers give you custom fitting. Such fittings will give you the scope to adjust the driver and tweak its various features to suit your requirements on the golf course.

Custom fittings make it possible for you to adjust anything be it the loft angle, shaft length, adjustable weight fittings, grip size, etc. Of course, the drivers that come with custom fittings are known to cost a lot more than drivers that don’t have such adjustable features in them.

However, while adjustable or custom fittings can prove to be difficult to handle for any high handicapper, as a mid-handicapper you should have the experience and the competence needed in order to use such custom fittings to your advantage when out on the golf course.

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