Best Golf Drivers for Seniors To Buy In 2019 – Reviews and Comparison

Are you looking for the best golf drivers for seniors? As you get older in age, you begin to lose your flexibility in various parts of the body, such as the muscles. You become less agile than you were before and in the realm of golf, this finds manifestation in a lower or reduced distance off the tee and lower clubhead speed. Nevertheless, due to huge advancements made in golfing technology, golf equipment designers and manufacturers have come up with a number of fantastic solutions for senior golfers who are faced with problems like low swing speed, low distance tee offs, etc.

Best Golf Drivers For Seniors: Our 2019 Picks

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3 Top Rated Senior Golf Driver Reviews

Callaway GBB Epic Driver

This is the best driver for seniors that is characterized by amazing shaft designs and an awesome club head that is bound to help senior golfers unleash their full potential on the golf course. Callaway makes use of its brand new Jailbreak technology for maximizing the club heads sweet spot size providing plenty of additional forgiveness at the contact and that too without any break or loss in distance. The drag coefficient on the club head has been significantly reduced by Callaway after consulting with a number of well known aerodynamic experts, just as it approaches the bottom part of the swing, increasing, therefore, both speed as well as distance. The layered carbon shells that are situated within the club head are also capable of increasing speed through weight reduction. The driver’s adjustable perimeter weights enable players to detect a balance that suits their swing the best.

The graphite shafts of the Callaway GBB Epic Driver come in a number of different sizes. However, for senior golfers who are faced with the problem of a low club head speed, it is the Diamana Green M+ which is the best driver shaft for senior golfers that is recommended. By using this shaft, senior golfers can increase their driving distance considerably and that too without sacrificing a good degree of control.

This lightest golf driver is definitely quite a remarkable product and is well suited for all kinds of senior golfers, casual and professional alike.

Pros & Cons
  • Made of lightweight and durable material with an outstanding build quality
  • Adjustable weights that can be easily adapted by players to their liking
  • A wonderful balance that is struck between speed and forgiveness

  • Not ideal for senior golfers on a tight budget

Bottom Line

The Callaway GBB Epic Driver is a product that is most definitely worth owning by senior golfers due to the fact that it is light in weight and therefore easy to swing around. There is no senior golfer on this planet that is likely to experience difficulties when taking a swing with the Callaway GBB Epic Driver no matter how weak his arm muscles have become. The shaft of the driver is one that is sturdy and strong, and enables senior golfers to adjust it as and when required. Speed levels and forgiveness levels are quite awesome as far as the Callaway GBB Epic Driver is concerned, making it possible for senior golfers to take some of the finest shots when out on the golf course, and to avoid mishits as much as possible.

The Callaway GBB Epic Driver is of course quite an expensive game improvement driver but it comes with an extensive shelf life, letting players use it for several years to come without feeling the need to get a new one.

TaylorMade M2 Driver

The TaylorMade M2 Driver is characterized by relative simplicity but is capable of rendering an outstanding performance. This is known for long hitting & best suited longest golf driver for seniors. The latest model comes with a re-designed face, with principles of advanced geometry having been employed to maximize the face of the club as well as forgiveness levels. The M2 Driver is one that feels completely alive upon impact and is known to emanate a sound that is similar to something that one would hear in a science fiction movie. It also features integrated geo-acoustic technology for utilizing sound waves in order to increase performance.

The balance of the club head and the overall shape of the driver is one that creates a tendency for right-handed golfers to put slight draws on drives, something that is really needed for maximizing distance. The driver is characterized by a flexible shaft that allows even senior golfers to hit balls at an impressive distance when using such a driver. With its simple mode of functioning and impressive performance, the TaylorMade M2 Driver definitely ranks as one of the best game improvement drivers for senior golfers in the market. It is not too expensive to buy either and comes with a long shelf life.

Pros & Cons
  • Very good for maximizing distance
  • Renders a great performance especially with regard to face area as well as forgiveness
  • Is characterized by simple adjustments that suit the driving style of every golfer
  • Produces a futuristic sound upon the impact that could prove to be disturbing for some golfers
  • Can be rather difficult to use for all left-handed golfers, mainly because of the shape and design of the club head

Bottom Line

Senior golfers are often faced with difficult choices when looking for a driver with which to improve their individual game performance. Most of the golf drivers characterized by great performance are those that are specifically meant for golfers capable of taking high-speed swings at the golf ball. The TaylorMade M2 Driver with its simple yet futuristic design makes it easy for senior golfers to use it and to maneuver it just as they would like to. It is known to offer excellent levels of forgiveness and senior golfers can take some of the best golf shots of the entire golfing career when using this driver.

The TaylorMade M2 Driver is known to feature a unique space-themed design and senior golfers looking to get a bit entertained when out on the golf course will definitely find happiness in using such a driver. The driver produces a quaint space age sound upon impact, something that will delight quite a few senior golfers in the mood for some fun on the golf course. The simple adjustments associated with this golf driver also make it really good to own on the part of senior golfers as these can be maneuvered to suit the individual golfing style of every senior player.

Cobra King F7 Driver

The Cobra King F7 Driver features impressive weight technology and makes use of three interchangeable and separate weights in its head in order to allow a player to alter the gravity center of the club based on their personal needs and requirements. When the weight system is tweaked, the player will be able to generate additional spin, roll, and height based on how these have been aligned. Senior players upon striking an ideal balance in the head of the club can create higher trajectories on the ball which could sometimes be lost due to lower head speed.

The Cobra King F7 Driver is also characterized by a senior shaft that provides additional flex seniors plenty of value. The position of Cobra as a golf equipment manufacturer had been declining for quite a few years now and it was even believed that it would go out of business. With the F7 Driver, it is all set to make its comeback and is likely to remain a top golf equipment manufacturer for a good few years. The Cobra King F7 Driver is not too easy on the pocket but is definitely worth owning by senior golfers who want to unleash their full potential out on the golf course.

Pros & Cons
  • Has excellent weight adjustment options that allow fine-grained control of height, spin, and roll
  • Fantastic build quality
  • Good flex
  • The adjustments are not flexible enough for correcting offsets

Bottom Line

Like most other game improvement golf club drivers for senior golfers, the Cobra King F7 Driver is one that is really worth owning because of its beautiful design, strong build and awesome flexibility. No doubt this is a good quality golf driver that is easy for any senior golfer to swing around and use on the golf course, irrespective of whether it is a professional match that is being played or a casual one.

The Cobra King F7 Driver has a black finish and can create quite a sophisticated look when being used. Senior golfers will be certain to make heads turn and establish a style statement when out on the golf course when they decide to use a tool like the Cobra King F7 Driver. There are wonderful weight adjustment options that enable golfers to tweak the driver on the basis of their golfing requirements and needs. The sound that is produced upon impact is pretty great and will definitely keep golfers quite interested in their game. The fact that the Cobra King F7 Driver has a strong build makes it a driver that is worth owning and using as it can be employed on the golf course for a considerable number of years before being replaced with a new one. Golfers can expect to use the Cobra King F7 Driver for at least eight or ten years before it begins to show any signs of wear and tear.

What To Look For In Golf Drivers For Seniors?

  • Flexible Shaft Is An Absolute Must

The first thing to be on the lookout when aiming to buy a game improvement driver for a senior golfer is to make sure that the shaft of the driver is one that is flexible. The shaft should be made of graphite within forty-three to forty-five inches in length and should be highly flexible, as senior golfers are unlikely to be able to hold onto the shaft with too tight a grip and cannot afford to swing it around if it is too stiff or heavy.

  • Club Head Size Should Be 460cc

The size of the clubhead should be no less than 460cc. The club head speed tends to go down greatly for all senior level golfers, so when the head size is 460cc it still becomes relatively easy for the golfer to hit the ball over a good distance.

  • Driver Must Come With Additional Fittings

A best golf driver for senior golfer should come with a number of additional fittings that allow the driver to be maneuvered by the player as and when this is needed on the golf course. Senior golfers tend to lose energy very easily when out on the golf course and may find it hard to keep holding onto a driver that is tight or heavy. Additional or custom fittings can also allow the driver to be adjusted in a way that holding onto it and playing with it becomes an easy and convenient affair for the senior golfer.

  • Driver Ought To Have A Shaft With Lower Kick Point

A shaft that has a lower kick point is usually what is preferred by senior golfers. This is because a lower kick point is capable of creating a higher trajectory out on the golfing drive thus alleviating the sluggish and low shots that usually accompany losses in head speeds. There are many best senior drivers for slow swing speed on the market which will perfect for low shots.

  • Driver Must Be Light In Weight And Durable

This best senior golf drivers to be used by a senior golfer should be one that is light in weight and also durable.  There are so many lightest golf drivers available on the market. A lightweight golf driver will be easy to carry around and use on the golf course by senior golfers whose muscles no longer have the strength they once did. The Durability will ensure that a golf driver is a tool that a senior golfer is able to use over a considerable length of time, that is, for a good four to five years at least if not more.

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