The Best Golf Sunglasses of 2020

Best Golf Sunglasses

Golf sunglasses are one of the most important accessories that every golfer must have. Yet it is the most ignored one of the lot.  While golfing the right sunglasses protect your eyes from the light exposure and also the harmful UV rays. Squinting at the sun is not only frustrating but it also impacts the shots. Even the follow through of a golfer is affected by the sun. As when you hit straight to the sunlight, you tend to avoid the follow through in a bid to save your eyes from being temporarily blinded by the sun.

Why Do Golf Players Need Sunglasses?

Good sunglasses are a very good option to prevent these mishaps at the golf fields. It not only protects the eyes of the golfer from glares and brightness but also helps you avoid other distractions and help you concentrate and focus on their game. The polarized sunglasses enhance the view of the golfer and they can see the distance with more accuracy. Some like the polarized sunglasses to read the putting greens. The Sunglasses for Golf which wrap around your peripherals and eyes increase your concentration and avoid any distractions what so ever.

Although many golfers don’t like to wear sunglasses for a whole day, so wrapping sunglasses is the best solution for them. The daylight can impact your field of vision during your swing and makes you lose your concentration, so sunglasses are not only a need but a necessity. You would use almost every pros using the sunglasses, they wear it between every shot, and then some of them remove it and keep it on their hat or cap, but the sunglasses are always there.

What Is The Best Color Lens For Golf Sunglasses?

Sunglasses these days come in every lens color. The popular colors preferred by the golfers are amber/ brown, red/rose, gray and green. The red and brown shades will help you differentiate between dark and light colors on the course. To see the color in its purest form the gray color is the best. For better contrast and reducing glare the shades which have the green lenses are said to be most effective.

Even though the above said colors may be most popular and commonly used by the golfers, it is not necessary that it may suit you also. You must always go with lens color that is best for your performance and eyes. Some people even like to use the rose color when the weather is cloudy and when the weather is clear they use prism colored lenses.

What To Look For In Golf Sunglasses?

When you buy a golf sunglasses you should not buy it in a hurry, you should give it a serious thought and research. You should be clear whether you want your shades to be polarized or protective? Should it be stylish yet comfortable? Do you want shades that block out all the sun or glasses that wrap?

The most common problem most golfers face is of wear and tear. The wear and tear happens as we have a habit of frequently taking off and putting on the glasses. If there is scratch on the glasses you are wearing than it would have more impact on the game than by the scratches on your golf club. So we should always go for sunglasses that are scratch resistant and replaceable or interchangeable glasses, so that is the glass is scratched it can be replaced.

The top propriety in golf sunglasses should be given to shades that block the dangerous UVA and UVB rays. So it is essential to give thought to the polarized glass. Also the benefit from the glare is important as they can dull your vision and that can be suicidal in golf. There are many fits, styles, shapes of sunglasses available for golf, you should always choose the one that fulfills all your needs. The best sunglasses may not turn your double bogey to a birdie, but could certainly enhance your gaming capabilities.