🥇 Best golf training aids: 7 training aids sure to straighten out your game

The global pandemic of Coronavirus has forced people to remain confined within their homes. While its highly recommended to stay indoors to keep safe, its equally frustrating to remain put. Thankfully the golfers still have the opportunity to polish up their golfing skills and use self quarantined period efficiently. All of us, at some point, wish to have free time to reflect upon our shortcomings and improvize. So you’ve got the time now, there are so many golf training aids, out in the market, that we an use indoors, be it your drives, putting or golf swing. Here I list down my favorite training aids to add up on your handicaps.

7 best Golf Training Aids for Swing Plane – Detailed Reviews

1. The SKLZ Gold Flex

golf training aids
best golf training aids
sklz golf

The SKLZ is an amazing training aid that is best suited for golfers of all ages, sizes and skill levels. Be it the women, adults, children, beginners or professionals they help in assisting perfectly.

Covering many aspects such as golf muscle improvement, increase in flexibility, tempo and timing improvement. This helps in making you do fruitful practicing sessions at home and some hitting the balls before teeing off.

The best benefit of these is that they can be used as warm-up aid and can be stored in your golf bag with ease, without being assessed as the 15th club. You shouldn’t try to hole them back while on course as this may make you lose some shots. See more golf swing traners.

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The SKLZ Gold Flex shafts feature 40” vs 48” and if you buy the 48” shaft then it will work great for your entire family. For people of lesser heights 40” is suitable and choking down the grip if they have 48”. This one allows you to backswing in a normal way and the change is experienced while reaching the top.

Some of them have the habit of delivering the shots with quick down swing and in turn arms and body being rushed up in the entire process. This results in an extended swing due to the overvalued flex.

The right momentum is created with the backswing and doesn’t let it happen too early with this training aid, due to the weight enabled at the end. More rhythm is created with this as is kept hanging by the KLZ Gold Flex with the required weight.

The wrists tend to retain its lagged position, the hips are encouraged for a forward swing because of the slight delay at the top. This leads to the perfect downswing with the correct transition. An effortless distance is covered with a powerful follow through and the release is delayed in a proper manner.

Swings are improved as the golf grips are rectified properly with the assistance of Gold Flex.

After you unpack this amazing Gold Flex then you will be able to make your swings smooth and natural as is so easy to use. You can choose a safe place to practice and will feel joyful by just swinging and observing the difference. No complicated training is required for this. Your down swing will not be forced upon and will be flattened with this wonderful aid. The initiation will be with your lower body rather than your arms. 

An aid that should be owned by all golfers and irrespective of age, height or skills.

So, easy when put to use this one is a must that every golfer should possess and any kind of frustration will just vanish with this s the warm up on the course will just become a piece of cake for you.


They are easy to use.

They are priced competitively.

You can practice at home, in your garden, garage that can help in improving your tempo.

Irrespective or age or size this can prove of great benefit to all types of golfers.


This one isn’t a solution for all-round swing.

Without the ball contact the feedback lacks.

2. The Orange Whip Wedge

A great training aid for increasing the precision and rhythm.

best golf swing trainer
golf swing training aids
golf swing speed trainer

A few facts of the Orange Whip Edge

This one is voted as no 1 by PGA.com and GRAA as the best teaching and training aid

The choicest product of PGA, LPGA members and top 100 instructors

More than 300 PGA, LPGA, Champions and tour players use this

This tool is specially designed for improving your short game along with rhythm and feel when you play in the greens. The reduction in the error margin greenside as the consistent impact on the ball happens.

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You can get feedback on every shot as the actual contact happens while using this aid and this is different from others.

This features a flexible shaft that is counter-weighted and a 56-degree wedge, that improves the sequencing of body and arms. A solid contact enables a proper club head release and the distance is improved controlling the shaving shots and providing you with more control while playing on the green.

An aid that can aid you in the best possible way to play shots within a space of 25 yards from the hole.

The advantages of the Orange Whip Wedge that makes it different than others: –

  Your swing gets improved with this training aid and the elbows, arms and wrists remain free. Provides a better rhythm on course.

  A solid contact is established with an enhanced sequence and rhythm as the loading and reloading of the shaft is consistent and timely. A proper and controlled ball landing with the controlled distance and a landing spot that is predefined and roll out of the hole is also predictable.

  While playing the most difficult chips, pitches, flop shots a much better confidence will be felt by you as more consistent swings and contact is enabled by these training aids with a trajectory control that makes the training perfect and comfy.


You can feel the balance, tempo and short game rhythm with it.

A trained distance and accuracy occur as this enables a solid contact.

Sequencing of the club heads, body and arms is developed with this.

Enables your understanding better.

Short game shots up to 25 yards can be easily played with this.

The wrists, forearms and core muscles are developed.


The overspeed training may be interfered with this.

Slow backswing golfers might find it challenging.

3. Putt Out Pressure Putt Trainer

This makes your Golf Putting perfect.

putting aids
putting training aids
golf putting aids

The putting training aids have been of immense use when it comes to improving a golfer’s game and their strokes with accuracy. Some even tend to return the ball back while the ball ends up.

The putt and the stroke are sometimes imperfect and this is not of much concern though as the ball gradually finds its way due to the cup’s design. The hole if missed by you doesn’t affect much in reality and this aid proves quite beneficial.

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This is designed and features a parabolic ramp with the folding ability and goes against the rule of providing feedback that’s instant. The storage of this can be done easily in a golf bag and can be taken with ease while travelling.

A holed putt is supposed to be counted, when any putt crosses the white disc (standard hole sized) at the ramp’s bottom. 

The strokes that are missed tend to fall on sides, will drop over ar may return halfway back to you, making you be aware of the direction and distance control with adequate feedback.

The system of this aid has a pop out ramp that makes only the perfect putts to stay up in the hole. This is the way by which the putt is put to test.

The Verdict

This aid with a pop-up feature is worth investing as helps in providing perfect distance control and makes you feel more confident and satisfied when the ball stops in the pop-up.


This comes with a simple set-up.

Easy usage.

Works well and can be used anywhere.

A training aid that is low priced.


Can be irritable to master.

4. The EYELINE Putting Alignment Mirror

The Eyeline putting alignment mirror is a genuine product to be bought.

best putting aids
golf training aid
putting training aids

Many beginners and professional golfers have been benefitted with the EyeLine putting mirror. The aid has provided assistance for the fine tuning of putter face alignment, eye and shoulder and makes you clear about putting the focus.

The Alignment mirror provides you with immediate feedback and that too visual. This quality of the training aid makes it stand out of the crowd.

The improvement that is required for perfect strokes and changes and impact is being highlighted by the putter face alignment. By the accurate feedback you can get the correct alignment for your eyes.

Though it differs individually, when it concerns to the eye alignment and the suitability of putting the stroke. Practicing becomes easy with the stroke length and the personal preferences while you put strokes.

This comes with easy installation and a flat surface (with mat) is required for your convenience and practice.

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Your golf bag can easily store this and be used whenever you have the right inclination. The ideal range that benefits is 10” to 15”.

They come in 3 models with different features: –

The 9.25” x 17.5” can make you visualize the ball in slot that is parallel. This features putter gate slots and this helps in gate setting.

The contact of the sweet spot of the putter results in constant strokes. The role your shoulders play is detailed with a clearer view, in a full putting stroke.

The size that is ideal for shoulder alignment is 7.5” x 12”

For traveling and quick alignment the mirror of 5.75” x 11.75” works great

Currently the users of this system

OWGR – The top 16 players out of the 20

The top 7 out of the 10 ‘Strokes Gained Putting’

9 champions out of the 12 Major ones

The Verdict

Since a golfer can visualize things with this mirror, this should be bought at first instance for game improvement. This is extremely beneficial as instant feedback is provided with this.


This comes with eyeline mirror variations and helps in directing the varied areas of your putting stroke.

The path of the putter is highlighted with the help of alignment lines than the lines on the putter.


With long term use the mirror is likely to develop scratches.

5. EyeLine Golf Speed Trap

An unbreakable Base, red speed rods and a carry bag are a part of this wonderful training aid. This is a quality product that is manufactured in the US.

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golf putting aids

Any swing path adjustment can be made with this versatile product. It features a base that is indestructible and is constructed with polycarbonate. The Velcro provides a connection with the base without affecting the equipment.

A training aid that comes with an easy set-up and usage. The alignment should be proper with the white line and a secure connection with the tees should be established.  

This provides you with immediate feedback and the makes you aware that the ball when hit is a flat or scooped one. The rods will fly in case of a wrong shot.

The equipment doesn’t get any harm if the shots fly, maybe you feel bad. Casting or over the top are also highlighted while the rods fly.

You should try to pace the rods with the distance that is wide, giving yourself more satisfaction when you are a beginner and can place it close by the time you have more hold of your shots and have more expertise. Beginners and single handicappers can use it with ease as the Velcro connections help in keeping it simple and flexible.

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Your skill levels can also be adjusted as the position of the rods can be changed. The left-handed or the right-handed golfers all can easily play with this beneficial aid.

The club can be made to swing in the middle as your swing plane can be trained in the path of rods. Gradually, the speed can be increased as you gain more confidence with practice.

Once the trajectory issues are resolved and the right weight transfer is there, the cut-off in the front speed trap will be allowed.

The Verdict

This amazing training aid helps in making you aware about the every wrong with the swing planes or the swing paths that are errant. You can gradually increase your speed while you get skilled with practice and perfection.

Golfers can use it as the speed trap assists in chasing the swing plane and path.


This provides with accurate feedback.

This is handy and helps when you have a square swing path.

A versatile speed trap that can be used for a variety of swings.


An expensive option available.

Limited feedback only when prior to impact.

6. The Putting, Arc T3

This is a training aid that is light in weight and portable, and easily fits in the golf bag.

best golf training aid for swing plane
best putting training aid
golf training club

This allows the head to move inside the square with an exact arc, (putter face) remains square to the arc and this is for the golfers and especially with the blade putters.

This assists in making shots that are natural and make it travel along the arc. A very huge circle remains the arc’s base and the left-handed golfers and the right-handed ones both can benefit with this training aid.

The golfers are benefitted with the blade putters and a lot is gained with the Putting Arc while others (golfers here) benefitting isn’t heard.

The Verdict

When we use the Putting Arc, this allows the putter to follow a specified path and this way you can concentrate more on your clubhead position. The improvement in the pace happens with this as there is proper connectivity of the putter face and ball.

Those who are suffering from dreaded yips this putting arc helps a lot as successful and consistent strokes are possible with this.


A versatile aid.

This can be anywhere and anytime.

Comes with easy set-up and assembly.


Light in weight for using outdoors.

Is not suited for longer putts.

7. The Impact Snap Golf Swing Trainer

golf practice equipment
golf swing trainer reviews
golf swing training device

The Impact Snap is another training aid that proves of great benefit to the golfers and leads to creating a better shaft angle and shaft lean. This one is a famous training aid.

Many mistakes might be made by the golfers, and this may happen due to ball striking that is inconsistent leading to an inconsistent position of the club. With an early release of wrists, the ball may scoop resulting in faults.

The quality of ball striking will be increased with a better shaft angle and shaft, the problem may not be removed completely.

This is uniquely designed to train your hands and wrist for getting the best position and preventing your hand to go behind (ball). When the wrist angle is released early then a snapping sound happens.

This one focusses on delaying the noise (snapping), while the club is close to the impact point and in a downswing snap. The compression of the ball is improved between the club face as the delay in the forward shaft (lean) position and snap happens that allows for good ball striking.

More Info

This one proves of great benefit to those who scoop the ball more, while the forward shaft leans and snapping sound delays leaving the golfer with more confidence.

Your short game will be improved with the Impact Snap and the ball can be made to rest on the inner side of the lead arm, locks your wrists. This makes you feel the lag sustained and enables a flat lead wrist during the impact.

When on the greens the scooped shots don’t roll out of the hole and delays the breaking of the wrists. This results in more consistent flight and impact as a better contact happens with the ball and ball rolls on the course.

The Verdict

There may be golfers those who release their wrists while swing and also tend to scoop the ball. This training aid helps in the proper lean shaft, distance, control, spin and makes you have better compression.

This one stays at the top position when it comes to golf training aids and out of all the tools available, this one is a good one to invest.


This can be used indoors and outdoors.

Correct release mechanics are allowed with this.

This provides a good wrist training.


This one is tricky to use at first.

The Golf training aids prove to be the most beneficial for all golfers, as they provide assistance for improving your game along with enjoyment. Enhancement by the golfers is appreciated as they are in love with their favorite game.

Training aids are mostly available for the improvement of swinging technique. Be it for the beginners or professionals, the training aids are beneficial for all. While you are chipping or putting in a short game, there may be a chance that the scores are cut off, and this should be left unnoticed.

Training Aids And Their Working

They are not a cure but makes you understand as a golfer the key arears where improvement is required. Those underlying causes can be rectified by you in future.

Before investing in a Golf Training Aid, you should do a complete study of them, near by market or otherwise. A wide spectrum of training aids is available in the market today.

The repetition of swings is highly important if you are keen to improve your game. What you invest in should benefit you the most and help in determining your strengths and weakness about the game you play. Henceforth, you should have a complete knowledge of the flaws and the techniques to improvise them.

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The Swing

There may be many reasons for the outcomes that are imperfect and improper. Some are here:

  Tempo and grip

  Ball contact and weight transfer

  The Swing tempo

The Short Game

Your game will surely improve and enhance by applying the following:

When you hit accurate medium and shots (short) from the green.

The shots can be hit with perfection and correct elevation.

For up and down situations close ship shots.


The putting ability can be improved with some support and golfers having all the abilities and even the handicaps can get advantage from it. There is no dearth of training aids that can assist you in your game enhancement.

This will actually make you improve your mechanics and will bring you confidence when you put every putt.

The training aids work as a guide to improve your game

  Your stroke’s arc

  Maintaining perfect acceleration through all your strokes

  Reduction in off-center strikes

Selecting The Best Training Aid

You should be well aware of your strengths and weakness before you choose your training aid.

Your flaws will help you in determining the right type of aid that you should use. furthermore, you need to assess the space outdoors or indoors that is required for its usage.

The options that are available should be researched for best learning outcomes.

Use Your Training Aid Properly

It’s a human tendency that we buy things and tend to forget and they remain abandoned in a corner after a while. The best training aids certainly help in mastering your game and are worth it. The aids should be used regularly and watch your progress as you move ahead.

The article has been listed with some worthy training aids that can provide you with maximum assistance on the green for making your game of golf best from better.

How Are The Training Aids Chosen?

A wide variety of products are available, but we have tried to list down the best ones for you after in-depth research and reviews of the regular golfers who have been using these products for a while.

The Crux

The SKLZ Gold Flex works great and can train you for increased speed, overall swing improvement and being the most versatile.

The EyeLine Golf Speed Trap enables in plane improvement and better swing path. This versatile aid helps in providing immediate feedback and is very versatile and adjustable.

The Orange Whip Wedge is best suited for short game improvement and provides you with several options.

The Putting Alignment Mirror also provides with accurate and immediate feedback and alignment for every round.

A solid sequence of arms and body is provided by the Orange Whip Wedge, and is great for chipping and pitching.