🥇Best Golf Travel Bags For 2021- The Ultimate Protection For Golf Clubs

As a vivid golfer I have a dream golfing bucket list for trips. St.Andrews, Augusta National, Cypress point etc. I have a big list which I plan to visit and play on. Going to these amazing clubs and swinging my best golf club gives me an adrenaline rush. But traveling with your precious babies, that is your golf clubs is always a thing of concern for us golfers. If you are playing in your dream course then you need your best equipment and just cannot play with any rental cheap ones.

I too suffered a lot with this worrisome and somewhat frustrating problem until I found a great solution for this, get the best golf travel bags and protect your clubs from any damage or wear-tear. With so much experience and traveling done with this amazing option, I can very confidently guide you to selecting your best golf travel bags for 2021. I have selected the best options after using and consulting my golf buddies and their experiences with the golf travel bags. I am pretty sure that this list would help you choose your perfect choice and make your dream golfing destination a reality.

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Best Golf Travel Bag

Tips To Identify The Best Golf Travel Bag?

The options are in abundance in this genre. In Fact you have tons of online as well as offline options when you try to get a golf travel bag for yourself. But for selecting the best among the rest you must look for these options of points:

Case Selection – Hard Or Soft

The golf travel bags come in two case structures, the hard one & soft one. Both have their audience & both have their positives & negatives. It always depends upon your choice,

capacity and end use which ones you should choose. The soft case is comparatively cheaper and easy on mobility, these are best for people who have a smaller transport or lesser boot space in the car. They can also be easily stored when you are not playing.

The hard cases on the other hand are bulkier and heavy and occupy a big space. They are also difficult to carry. The plus point they have is that the protection level for the clubs is much higher than the soft cases. In this review I have listed both soft as well as hard cases, you can read and select as per your ease, comfort and importance.

Golf Travel Bag

Padding And Durability

The protection of the clubs inside the golf bags should be your prime focus when you choose the golf bags. As per my experience whether you go with a soft case or a hard case the bag should always have a bag boy backbone travel cover support system. The bags are often handled roughly at the airport or when in transit. The rough handling can turn your worst nightmare of a broken driver shaft a reality. So whenever making a purchase

make sure to check for the best padding and durability of the travel bags.

Value For Money And Pricing

Price according to me is a major decision influencing factor in your quest for best golf bags. With so many companies lining up for business in this genre, there is a wide rainbow of pricing. Bags can range from a few dollars to pretty expensive ones even crossing the 500$ mark. It mainly depends upon the model and company. But always remember this golden principle that your golf clubs are precious and you have spent a fortune on these beauties. So always choose the bag which would protect them, choose a bag that would last long and

Best Value For Money

protect better. Even if it cost a few dollars more don’t compromise on the safety of your golf clubs. Cheaper stuff may save you a few dollars but can hurt your pockets badly, if they damage your clubs plus you would have to replace them sooner due to inferior built quality.

Weight Of The Golf Bag

The weight of the gold bag is an important factor if you travel much or travel long. It would also matter to older golfers. A heavy bag would be a difficult companion to travel with. That is why my personal favorite ones are the ones which are lighter preferably soft shell bags. These also make sure that I don’t hurt my back while lifting them from the car’s trunk.

Storage Of The Travel Bag

This is a very important aspect while selecting the best golf travel bag. This refines as the capacity or space inside the bag for storage. This aspect of the golf bag is handsomely in favor of the soft case bags as the boast of additional packets where you can easily store your best golf balls, golf shoes or any other golf accessories. Also make sure to check for the weight of the bag as anything over a 50 pounds would shell out 25-50$ from your pocket, and you would hate that.

Storage Capacity Of Golf Bag
Warranty Provided

Warranty is often an overlooked option but is very important and in my opinion a must have when making such investments. When you are spending so much on the purchase of the golf bags it is always best to buy a bag which gives warranty in case of some mishaps to the bag. The soft case bags in this case are more prone to wear and tear so, if you are choosing a soft case golf bag always choose the one which gives warranty.

Best Golf Club Travel Bags – Our Top Picks

Best Golf Travel Bag Reviews For 2021

Now that you are familiar with the different specifications you should check before making a buying decision, let’s begin our review for the best golf travel bag:

★ Top Pick ★

travel golf bags

1. Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover From CaddyDaddy

I have selected this in the top list as I myself and my friends have used this bag and found it extremely great in protecting my clubs and a convenient carrier wherever I went with it.


These consist of 3 additional pockets outside, which are really a boon and one can store clubs, raingear, shoes etc.

This is the best golf  travel bag for airlines and it is super easy to store in the garage as it folds up easily and can be put in the garage with comfort.

This product is super light with 8.5 pound it is any golfer’s delight. You can easily load it up with your gear and even when fully loaded would never go beyond 35 pound.


The only flaw which I found with this bag is that there is less padding near the heads which makes it unsafe for the club heads.

Overall Verdict:

If you travel for golf more than once in a year and also want a pocket friendly golf bag then this is the best choice for you. It has everything you need fairly priced, light on weight, huge storage and easy to store. Overall this is the perfect choice for a good golf travel bag.

★ Also Great ★

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2. Soft Sided Golf Travel Bag With Wheels

Well this is an amazon product so basically they are into everything now. As it is made by Amazon it is surely a very economical travel golf bag option. It offers a great many benefits in this lucratively priced golf bag.


The most amazing thing I love about this bag is its ability to stand on itself, even when it is filled with clubs.

It is made with nylon fabric which makes it very durable and long lasting.

It has two very big outside pockets, which provides a great storage capacity for this bag.

The Padding is also perfect and thick to protect your precious clubs.


There seem to be some problems with wheels as some users have complained that they tend to fall off.

Overall Review:

With such a competitive and lucrative price this is a priced catch. Also it is durable and is a great option if you travel much for the game. At such a low price this is a great deal.

★ Our Best One ★

golf travel bags with wheels

3. SKB Deluxe ATA Golf Travel Bag

This bag also provides great protection to your golf clubs thanks to its thick padding. The looks of this travel case resembles that of a weapon carrier which may be a great point for some, like my friend who was veteran likes it, but at the same time some may find it offensive or funny.


The greatest USP of this case is its durability, this beast is literally unbreakable. Which means extra protection for your clubs.

This golf travel case is made with polyethylene which helps in keeping the dirt as well as moisture out.

The manufacturer offers a club coverage of 1500$ and a guarantee of a million mile, which is an amazing offer to resist.


The main issue with this solid travel case is the weight which at 18 pounds is concerning.

Overall Verdict:

This is no doubt the most durable and tough golf travel case across the market. So if you are very concerned about the safety of your clubs or if you’re travelling means a lot of hustle and bustle, this golf bag case is perfect for you. The weight of the case is something to be worried about though.

★ Great Pick ★

golf club travel bags for airlines

4. The Golf Travel Bag From Sun Mountain Club Glider Meridian

This golf travel bag from Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian is serious business. This is for those who are ok with spending good money on best quality. If you have an expensive golf club like a PXG golf club, then you should go with this.


This golf bag is the best deal when it comes to four wheel design and durability. It offers unparalleled protection to the clubs.

This is the most loved golf bag among the golfers, which is pretty clear when you look at the reviews it got on every online site.

The design is also really amazing and is among the top golf travel bags when it comes to overall design.


A little bit expensive.

Overall Verdict:

With 4 wheel design and super durability this is indeed a great travel golf bag. The storage capacity is also superb which can hold all you golf accessories including golf clubs. The color choice is also great with all black or black and white versions both look sleek and catching. This bag is indeed the head turner

★ Famous Pick ★

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5. The All New Club Glove Last Bag

The club glove last bag is one of the top choices of the professional golfers. You would find this bag in all major tours. The making material is Cardura which is any day better than nylon and hence is more durable and more protective as well. The size is also big making it really easy to maneuver cart and tour bags.


The quality of this golf travel bag is unparalleled. Every material used to make this bag is US made from clasps to zippers.

The presence of only one main zipper makes it super easy to move the clubs in and out.

It provides you with the industries maximum color choices, with 16 colors to choose from. Giving it an individualistic touch.


The only flaw for this product is also its price. Which makes it out of reach for many potential buyers.

Overall Verdict:

This has been the pro’s choice for a long time, so there is something about it which is likable. Weighing only 9 pounds this super light golf travel bag holds much bigger load. This is really easy to travel with and provides the clubs very great protection. These bags speak volumes of quality and are worthy of every penny spent.

★ Best Pick ★

hardcover golf travel bags

6. Wheeled Travel Covers From Caravan 3.0

This travel golf bag from caravan is a fairly priced product which you would like. This golf bag is packed with so many benefits at such a price that this makes it a hot seller in its category. The polyester blend material used in making makes it durable and strong.


It has a soft shell case and is made of material which has a polyester blend which makes it super durable and strong.

This golf travel bag comes with extra padding inside which makes your golf clubs super safe and secure inside.

It comes with two large extra outside pockets which makes it the ultimate storage provider.


The negative review which it gets is about its longevity. It is said to be worn off in the long run.

Overall Verdict:

At this price this is a very great catch. It is loaded with durability, strength, storage capacity and looks. This golf travel bag is best for a budget buyer who is searching for quality, strength and style at a cheaper price. This is the best buying option for a golfer who likes to travel light.

★ Top Pick ★

hardshell golf travel bags

7. Rolling Travel Cover From Ping

This all new rolling travel cover from ping is one of the very popular choices among the golfers across globe. The popularity is not hyped as this bag provides a very smooth in and out moment of the clubs. This is a soft shell bag and a very great one at it. The padding material used makes it very durable and the amount of padding used is also very thick. Which means good protection for your clubs.


The best thing about this product is the 4 wheel design which makes the mobility very easy for this golf bag.

The material used to build this golf travel bag is of high quality which makes it very durable and long-lasting.

It also comes with a side zipper for extra storage, plus this is a compact bag which can be easily stored in your garage.


The only issue with this bag is the storage which is less.

Overall Verdict:

Keeping aside the storage issue this bag is a great choice in terms of mobility is concerned. The four wheel design makes it really easy to carry it in airports and other time constraint areas. Where it saves a lot of time and energy.

Some Golf Packing Tips:

I am sure after reading the review and going through the pros and cons of the said golf travel bags you have selected your best option. But the reason that you bought this traveling bag is for the protection of your precious clubs. So it is very important to understand the importance of packing so that you can travel with your golf clubs safely without any harm to your babies.

1. Always try and detach the woods. After detaching, store them in pockets of traveling golf bags separately. You can also store them in your checking bags when traveling by air, to reduce weight.

2. The golf clubs or irons for that matter are delicate and should be handled with care. Wrap them in bubble wrap or towels for their safety.

3. Always keep an eye on the weight of the travel golf bags. Any extra weight can cost you extra dollars at the airport. Make sure you take the weight of the bag before traveling.

4. Keep your expensive items always for the golf travel bag.

5. Keep all the documentation ready and handy and make sure to click pictures of the travel bag when in transit. This would help you if your luggage is lost or misplaced.

Conclusion On Best Golf Travel Bags For 2021:

If golf is your first love then you understand the value of your golf clubs. They are literally quite expensive. Buying a golf travel bag is really an important decision to protect your golf clubs. A wrong choice in selecting the travel golf bags can result in a broken club or iron, which is the last thing you want. So start your 2021 by selecting the best golf travel bags from my list and make this year your best in your golfing career.