C3i Golf Wedge Review – Could Advance Technology Boost Your Game?

As once quoted by Tiger Woods… that the toughest in the game of golf is a 30-60 yard shot. Even my personal experience agrees upon the same thing.

I was keen to watch the C3i Golf Wedge Review of Chip Beck – 4 time PGA Champion. According to his findings about the club, it minimizes the fat shots when out-of-the bunker and the rough.

The entire review focuses on how Autopilot has created a wedge for boosting your loft and spin by harnessing the newest technology.

Keep These Aspects In Mind Before Buying A C3I Wedge

You require to consider several factors before investing in a wedge. All these factors will be dictated by you’re the courses where you often play your natural game of golf.


What kind of a wedge you are looking for? Which gives you more loft or a loft with a lower degree which will let you to run the ball up to the hole.

If your preference is for a wedge that sends the ball in the air then go for a one with 60-degrees. If you are comfier with the bump and run for your shot then it is advised to opt for a wedge that is between 45 – 48 degrees.

The layout of the courses where you play your golf game is also one important factor that will help you decide the wedge type you choose. A wedge with a loft of higher degree is recommended when you have greens of smaller size.

This will assist you in the best way in order to stop the ball nearer to the hole. Whereas links-style courses will call for a loft with a lower degree.


The short games tend to support the least error. The more forgiving wedge have the least chances to hit a shank. There would be more room for errors with a clubface that’s wider and this gives beginners less chance to worry about.


Since the wedges are supposed to be the most expensive clubs which one carries in a golf bag, so you can yourself think that the budget holds great importance overall. Until and unless you are not comfortable buying, then all the things mentioned above will be of no use.

All the characteristics need to be studied thoroughly and determining what holds importance is a must before you invest in the best one.

C3i Golf Wedge

C3i Sand Wedge & Lob Wedge–Premium

LEGAL FOR TOURNAMENT PLAY, 1-YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY: The C3i sand wedge and lob wedge golf club for women and men conforms to the rules of golf, Give yourself an edge without breaking any rules; High-quality construction backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty against defects.

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A golf wedge which is designed by Autopilot golf, keeping an average golfer in mind. In simple terms the C3i golf wedge is a product made for you and me.

Most of the golf clubs that are made in the market target for the professionals and sold to the social golfer which results in the club not being acknowledged much.

This offers more loft and less fat shots as the C3i is a special aerodynamic sand-wedge which is made to glide under the ball. A normal swing is allowed by the club for getting some extra-weight without opening the clubface. This is quite similar to what you have done with a traditional wedge.

In comparison to the average wedge this comes with a heavier head, allowing you to have some additional distance, when you don’t middle the ball.

The C3i is a wedge which is best suited for mid – high handicappers since the club features a more forgiving quality. Gaining loft and spin becomes quite easy.

This certainly helps the handicaps which are higher than 5, minimize their shots all over and around the green.


  • Eliminates fat shots

  • Forgiving Club

  • Optimized center of gravity

  • Makes loft shots easier

  • Affordable


  • Unsuitable for a links course

  • A bit heavy

  • Not so beneficial for low handicap golfers

Benefits & Features

This is designed using glide sole technology that offers club, cutting through any lie while connecting with the ball’s lowest part, providing additional loft.

The primary purpose for which the C3i wedge is designed is helping the average golfer to minimize their fat shots, and to get out of the bunkers and rough without facing any inconvenience.

According to the findings of Golf Laboratories, the shots made out of the sand while using a C3i wedge tends to settle 14-yards nearer on an average, to the hole. This research concludes that the C3i is different than the traditional wedges available in the market.

Centre of Gravity

As inspired by state-of-the-art aeronautical engineering the C3i stays unique with its optimized center of gravity. The smooth glide of the clubhead through any surface is facilitated by this center of gravity like the aeroplane glides. The clean striking of the ball is enabled by C3i with a loft of 65 –degrees and a wedge bounce of 12- degrees, whether you are in rough, fairway, or sand.

The more the center of gravity the more will be the spin (up to 55%) in comparison to the traditional wedges. The ball can be handled softly on the greens with the additional loft and spin from the wedge thereby improving accuracy from 30 – 50 yards.

Anti-Rotation Club Face

Delivering shots with more accuracy around the greens is offered by the C3i wedge which is created with an anti-rotation clubface feature. On impact the clubface remains stable resisting the closing or opening thereby minimizing the chances of a hook or a slice.

The perfect combination of stability with weight enables you to hit the ball squarer. More spin you get as compared to the traditional wedge.

You often tend to get a fluff or a shank whenever the ball is placed in an awkward position and then you try to open the clubface more and more.

Whenever it gets under the ball the wedge allows easy swing.


The C3i wedge cavity comes with a shock-absorbent fitted polymer added to the AutoGlide Xtreme sole. You will be able to enjoy the same feel and sound which you would have on hitting a crisp traditional wedge shot.


This is an extra-ordinary wide-sole wedge which is designed in a teardrop shape. The shape eliminates cumbersome feeling which you may feel while addressing a ball with a clubface that’s over-sized.

On a sunny day you can play with ease as the glare is diminished with the black color in which the clubhead is sealed.

The striking area of the face is sandblasted and the white paint present at the bottom groove helps you aim better.


1. XE1 Sand Wedge & Lob Wedge

xE1 Sand Wedge & Lob Wedge

Because the XE1 doesn’t have a big brand name such as Callaway, it is often overlooked. Many regular Golf players won’t even give this piece a chance. This may have been a massive mistake, with the club gaining more and more popularity it has recently started to earn a name in the Golfing world.

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The players get wedge options of 59 or 65 degrees when using the XE1. Like the C3i this also features:

  • Auto-glide technology

  • Evenly distributed center of gravity

This gives maximum forgiveness and the wedge features a large head which remains heavier than the others available in the market. This is ideal for high handicappers which will work well to improve their chipping game.

2. Taylormade - Big Foot Wide Sole Wedge

TaylorMade Golf Bigfoot Wide Sole Wedge

This offers a maximum bounce of 15 degrees and helps you to get out of the sand traps with ease making Taylormade Big Foot Sole Wedge a brilliant choice.

Like the C3i the extra grooves on the face offer the golfer an added spin. Both the above ones XE1 and C3i are forgiving wedges and are an ideal choice for medium to higher handicapped golfers.

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3. Cleveland Smart Sole 4

Smart Sole 4.0 S 58 Gr RH

This is another one that remains a suitable option for the high handicappers. While this was designed the average golfer was kept in mind for making a pitch and bunker shots as simple as possible.

No matter the lie, this forgiving club sails under the ball with its wide design making it a forgiving club.

Cleveland provides 3-degree options using advanced technology (the highest being 58-degrees). This offers the same level of spin as compared to the other wedges mentio9ned above.

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An innovative wedge has been designed by Autopilot using the newest technology. As mentioned above also this offers more loft and spin, is more forgiving, easy to hit, and features AutoGlide Xtreme sole which helps you to connect with the ball’s lowest part even in the most compresses lie.

This remains most effective from 50-yards or less and the golfers using the C3i tend to land softer and closer to the hole that will leave you with makeable one-putts.