🥇 Callaway Epic GBB Driver Review : GAME CHANGING TECHNOLOGY

callaway epic driver review

Callaway is a well-known brand in golf. The products introduced back in the times when there were no titanium head or irons are involved. 

To review the brand like Callaway is always a big thing. Therefore when the word epic is considered with the brand then it has to be the top of all products involved.

It is good to see nowadays that companies are taking much interest in branding their products and launching portfolios around the globe with much desire to take over the market. 

The big bertha epic driver is no other thing. It is launched with a bang and franchise is much keen to maintain the pace as it lends the company a major stock roll in the due course. Callaway has always ruled the market in terms of fast drivers but since 2003 when the core rules were implemented ERC and GBB. This all is possible thanks to the new technology from jailbreak.

callaway gbb epic driver

Callaway Epic Driver : Tech, Looks And feel


The jailbreak technology has already solved the problem of crown and diverging. The face of the driver gets stretched and loses all of its energy resulting in a better generation of pace towards the ball. 2 titanium bars are intacted towards the core to connect the crown and sole. The company has stiffened the structure towards the head for better flexibility which in reverse increases the speed of the ball.

callaway epic review


More than a double portion of the body is turned into exoskeleton triaxial but the carbon is attached to the inner body forming a single piece. The doc hoc designed so formed gives an advantage of a 16% thinner body than the Callaway XR driver which helps to improve the ball speed. The body weight is achieved by reducing the thinner part around .43mm. The infinity ridge is the perfect architecture of the dragonfly design crown making the driver further smooth. The driver is round the corners and very smooth as compared to the previous G models and looks pretty cool in the forefront.

callaway epic driver


The doc-hoc design combined with the thinner XR driver helps to attain maximum speed for the driver.

Thee working is tested at the launch with the invitational guest who is none other than the European tour longest hitter leader Sebastien Gros. He not only demonstrates the product but also enhances its specialty shelf. He gained approx a rise of 3mph on switching the driver with the same loft and shaft.

callaway gbb epic driver review

Callaway boldly claims a gain of 2mph or 8 yards for amateur players. With the higher launch and less spin, I also achieved a 7-yard pitch.  It provides a much lower spin than XR. The hosel arrangement is also provided as the same in the XR16 but you will hardly need that.

The spin can be varied up to 450rpm  with a correction of 17 yards.

epic driver review

The mechanism is used to lower the CG. The driver does provide a blushy shape and size.

The head is enhanced with a 3D printed SpeedStep. The sound of the Epic driver is not that melodious as of the titanium one, but it does amaze you while used with high techniques. The weight shifting is adjusted with high-quality screwing and altogether is a bundled package.