Callaway Epic Flash Driver Review: How AI Can Help You Drop Bombs

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If you are searching for a new driver, then there is no match for Callaway Epic Flash Driver.

Every year every hotshot in golf reveals their latest, greatest and newest equipment. But this does not necessarily mean that there would be some drastic benefit or change for a regular golfer. Rather the wedges remain the same, irons do change a bit, but the majority of golfers are always keen on replacing the driver.

Besides everyone wants a little more distance off the tee.

A new and improved driver can transform you as a golfer. Who doesn’t want that extra 10, 15, or even 20 yards that too overnight?

Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver
  • Weight: 1.3 Pounds (Shipping)
  • Size: 4.9 x 4.9 x 48 Inches (Adjustable Perimeter Weighting)
  • Shaft Length: Graphite
  • Loft: 10.5 Degree
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Well if you believe that it is practically impossible, then you may be wrong.

With Callaway Epic Flash Driver this can be possible. This can be supported by the fact that the Golf Digest Hot list in its 2019 edition gave 20 out of 20 stars to the Callaway’s new series.

Just keep on reading my reviews about Callaway Epic Flash Driver and you would understand how Callaway broke its mold and created magic with the latest driver.

callaway epic flash

Callaway Epic Flash Driver

Like I had stated earlier the drivers don’t change much from their predecessor each year. Of course, little bit modifications are there like some new shaft, but not many changes dramatically.

It was in 2019 shifted from this generalization and introduced the Flash sub-zero and Callaway Epic Flash drivers.

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What is The Story of Flash Driver’s Creation?

When you think of developing new golf equipment, you would always imagine engineers working on developing something new, but in the case of flash drivers, it was completely different.

In the case of Callaway, it was Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (Yep that’s correct AI for Golf) to develop a face. The result was a face that delivers the fastest ball speed that any driver.

Nearly 5 million pounds was spent by Callaway to develop a supercomputer that would produce such an epic face for the flash diver’s series.

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epic flash driver

Benefits And Features of Callaway Epic Flash Drivers:

Faster Ball speed with Flash Face technology:

All thanks to machine learning and AI, the face of the Callaway Epic flash diver is faster than any other driver in the market. This would enhance your carry distance and ball speed almost instantly. - Huge selection of new and used golf equipment

Jailbreak Technology:

Jailbreak technology by Callaway epic flash drivers also help in getting you more ball speed. In this technology, the jailbreak bars make the crown of the club stiff to make it deliver more ball speed. 

Adjustable Slider and Weights:

The Callaway Epic would help you to hit straight, draw, or fade. Its 16-gram sliding weight gives you the power to avoid big misses of the tee and power to shape your shots.

callaway epic flash driver

The Callaway Epic Flash Drivers Design:

Along with the best features every golfer loves to have a great looking weapon of choice. The Callaway epic flash drivers steal the show here with one of the clean and amazing designs of 2019.

On the crown of the club, it includes T2C Triaxial carbon, which makes it lighter and helps in lowering the CG of the club.

This driver comes with 3 standard Shafts:

Mitsubishi Tensui IV blue: This shaft is a mid-high spin rate and launch rate. It is best suitable for intermediate golfers who struggle to get height on the ball.

Project X HZRDUS: This is matching green, yellow, and black themes. It comes in 60 and 70 grams weight, which is awesome. This is considered to be the lowest spin and lowest spin stock shaft.

Project X Even flows green: This shaft gives the highest spin and highest launch. This one is very beneficial for amateur golfers, who struggle in getting the height of the ball.

The Callaway includes the Golf pride aligns grip with every stock shaft it produces. It helps you with the hand alignment. In Callaway drivers both the adjustable rings spin which ensures that the grip of the green line is under your command.

callaway epic flash sub zero

Epic Flash Subzero v/s Callaway Epic Flash

In Callaway also like others, many models are available for the golfers. It offers Epic flash subzero and the standard Epic flash.

So what exactly is the difference? - huge selection of new and used golf clubs

The epic flash Subzero has a ton of forgiveness but is still is considered more as a players club. It is fitted with a smaller head which enhances a few mph speed to the swing by your cub but still, it has a smaller sweet spot. If excess spin is causing you to lose distance and are unable to launch it high, then this is the best choice.

callaway epic

Alternatives to Callaway Epic Flash SubZero And Epic Flash:

As mentioned already in my posts, there are many options available today for drivers. Here are some of the best alternatives according to your budget:

Cobra F9 Driver: All thanks to Ricky Fowler who has made the Cobra F9 so popular. It is the latest model from the King Cobra. The CNC Precision Milled face is what makes the Cobra F9’s face the hottest of the year. The Dual Roll Technology which the Cobra F9 uses minimizes the effect of low and high misses on the face of the club and adds distance.

Taylormade M5 Driver: This driver is made to maximize the distance and the ball speed. This driver comes with Twistface technology which reduces side spins and corrects off-center hits which help in delivering straight shots. As I have tried I know that this does not match the distance of the Epic flash subzero or Epic flash, yet overall it is a great club.

callaway epic flash review

Titleist TS3 or TS2 Driver:

The Titleist TS3 or TS2 Driver is another great alternative to the Callaway Epic flash SubZero and Epic flash. These two are the latest from Titleist and are as good as the legendary 917 with advanced technology which helps it hit further and straighter.

The Top Questions Asked about Callaway Epic Flash?

What is the difference between Callaway Epic Flash Subzero and Epic Flash?

There is basically only one difference that the Epic Flash model has a slightly bigger head. This makes the Epic Flash subzero model less forgiving. It also enhanced workability which benefits the lower handicap golfers.

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What are the Stock Shaft Options?

3 Custom stock options are there, with each of them being great but give different end results depending upon your swing. To get the right weight and shaft flex for your game, you should ensure that you get custom fit or hit into a monitor.

What are the accessories that come with the Callaway Epic Flash driver?

The Callaway Epic Flash driver comes with a white, yellow, and green headcover to protect your precious investment. Adjustable tools are included with the option of adding extra weight. The default stock weight is 3 grams but can be increased up to 16 grams by buying to customize your club and to lower the CG.

epic flash sub zero

Concluding Thought on Callaway Epic Flash Driver:

If you are interested in getting distance and ball speed then the Callaway Epic Flash driver series is the perfect added member to your golf bag. With artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, they have indeed delivered something special.

There is no doubt that the Rogue, Callaway Epic, and GBB were great drivers but the Callaway Epic Flash driver is something else. Inserted with so much technology in one single club this is indeed a masterpiece, this is the reason that it got 20/20 from Golf Digest Hot list and keeps on getting ravishing reviews online.

If you are aiming to get tons of forgiveness and huge distances on your misses, then please click here to get the latest Callaway Epic flash driver today.

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