Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Club Set Reviews (12-18 Pcs)

Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set (18-piece)

Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate (18 Piece) is first set on our list is brought to us by Callaway, one of the best-known brands In the Golfing world.

They specialize in Golf equipment and have done a brilliant job of keeping up with customer’s needs and always offer their products at a competitive price tag.

This 18-piece Golf Set does not drop in standards and is one of the best golf clubs for the money that you can purchase.

There is also a 12 piece version of this collection available should you want to save yourself a bit of cash, or simply don’t think you’ll need all 18 Clubs! Although we would recommend getting the 18 piece version simply because you never know when the spare clubs may come in handy.

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Callaway Strata Golf Bag – What’s In The Bag?

  • Driver- This collection comes with the 460cc Titanium Driver, you’ll be able to make some sweet shots at the start of your game with this Club. Although there are better drivers out there this is a great starting point for anybody who is new to the sport.
  • Fairway Woods- You will receive two different kinds of woods in this bag, these are the 3-Wood and the 5-Wood. Both have durable Steelheads that should stay in good condition for a long time; each club also has a rather large face which means you will be able to find the perfect hitting spot for you and blast the ball down the Green. This is a great way to improve your accuracy as you have to learn which part of the face will deliver you with the greatest shot!
  • Putter The Callaway Men’s Strata comes with the Strata Putter (if that comes as a surprise). This has a nice feel and should give beginners confidence whilst they’re trying to line up that all-important shot. Callaway has done a great job of balancing the weight on this Club as well which can only benefit the user.
  • Irons- You get your fair share of Irons in this 18-piece bag. There are 5 in total (plus one Sand Wedge). These go from the 6 iron all the way to the Pitching Wedge and are probably classed as the most important part of the collection seen as they will be the most used Clubs. Again Callaway has done an amazing job of making these clubs perfect for beginners. They have done this by making sure the ‘sweet spot’ on each club is bigger so that you can, therefore, get a more accurate shot each time. Although Wedges are classed as Irons they are a completely different component to your game and we are happy to see that Callaway has included a Sand Wedge.
  • Hybrids- Many people underestimate just how good a Hybrid club can actually be; there are two included in this 18-piece set. Both of these are great replacements for the Irons which were missed out (3-5). You will be able to get a nice and accurate shot off of the fairway and rough with ease and should feel happy when going for a shot with either of these best Hybrid clubs. is your golf equipment super store!


  • One of if not the best value for money set out there. It will be difficult for you to find a better quality, 18-piece set at this price.
  • Some of the clubs have been specifically tailored for newcomers to the sport. This ensured that beginners will have the best possible experience when using this collection.
  • The Clubs themselves are really impressive, The driver has a massive sweet spot, the woods have a large face and Callaway seem to have done everything in their power to make this Club accessible for new players.
  • The irons are also great and we are happy to see that Callaway included a sand Wedge as many beginners struggle when trying to get the ball out of a Bunker.


  • We actually found it quite difficult to find anything wrong with this bag; especially when you consider the price tag. There are a couple of options that include more accessories and maybe slightly comfier but that’s about it. Callaway has done a great job of producing a high-quality great value-for-money Beginners bag.

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If you are a newcomer to Golf, have no equipment, and want to have the ability to play a full game with all of your own pieces then the Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Golf Set could be perfect for you. There is no doubt that this fantastic collection is one of the best on the market, especially if you’re on a smaller budget! We hope you have found this review helpful but make sure you read some of the other reviews before making a final decision, there might be something that catches your eye.

Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate 18-piece Golf Club Set

Callaway Strata 12-Piece Complete Set : Most Affordable Golf Set

Another amazing Set that is again brought to us by Callaway, as you saw earlier the 18-piece set is one of the best golf club brands you will be able to find on the market today and shouldn’t be underestimated. However, the 12-piece set is also a great Bag and is perfect for anybody who is just getting into Golf. Although we would always recommend that you purchase the 18-piece set the 12-piece is definitely a good alternative and still gives you more value for your money than buying individual Clubs.

Callaway is a world-renowned Golfing brand and has always prided itself on creating high-quality and affordable Clubs. The Strata Ultimate definitely lives up to this and provides newcomers with more than enough equipment to improve their skills and enjoy the game. All of the clubs included are ideal for beginners and shouldn’t be underestimated. However, we wouldn’t recommend this set to experienced Golf players as they may find it takes some of the challenges away from their game. You may also like to check our guide to the best golf drivers for more great golf ideas.

Strata Golf Clubs – What’s In The Bag?

  • Driver- In this set, you will receive the Callaway 40cc Driver. This is a great club for beginners as it has a large Sweet Spot which therefore gives players a larger area on the Club for the ball to hit. Newcomers may find it difficult to hit the perfect shot down the Green with the 40cc Driver you can effectively improve your accuracy with every shot!
  • Fairway Woods- Another well-picked club that benefits beginners and allows them to improve and gain confidence whilst using it. The 3-Wood Fairway is very easy to use and has an extremely smart aerodynamic head shape. This will give the user the ability to hit long, high shots anywhere on the field.
  • Hybrids- A hybrid is kind of a mixture of two different Golf Clubs. They can be really useful throughout a game of Golf and are a great alternative to buying both Clubs if you’re on a Low Budget. They will give users the ability to test out different shot types and will normally produce amazing results.
  • Irons- You will receive a Stainless Steel Iron that will allow you to confidently make shots with a lot of precision. This is great for when you’re playing near a Lake and don’t want the ball to end up at the bottom! Unfortunately, there are no Wedges with this collection.
  • Putter- Coming with the classic Mallet style putters that always deliver incredible accuracy you won’t be let down with the Strata’s selection of Putters. Each has the T-Style alignment and should be perfect for lining up and placing that perfect shot into the hole.

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  • Incredible value for money, when you take into consideration the quality of all the Clubs in this collection you really are getting more than what you pay for.
  • Definitely, one of the perfect sets for beginners, if you are new to Golf and want to play a couple of games with your own equipment then this could be the perfect product for you.
  • You will also receive some nice additions such as headsets for all of your Clubs. Although it’s not massively important it again shows Callaway is always thinking about the customer.

  • The bag is quite heavy, this can become an inconvenience if you’re going to be hauling it around all day. There are many lighter options out there for anybody who knows that this will become a problem.
  • The materials used on the inside of the bag don’t seem too durable and there are way too many additional pockets that will never even be opened.

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Another great option for anybody that wants to get their own equipment without leaving their wallet empty. Callaway has clearly put a lot of time and effort into deciding which of their Clubs are best for this Bag. They have done an amazing job of picking some which will massively benefit the user and are probably some of the best all-around clubs for beginners. Although there are better kits out there this one is a great alternative if you want to save a bit of money and still enjoy a game of Golf! Precision and accuracy are always key components to a game of Golf and each club does a great job of giving beginners the opportunity to improve on these skills in particular.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Callaway Strata Golf Clubs Any Good?

Ans: It’s commonly regarded as the best set for newcomers to the game, and it’s also one of the most highly ranked sets overall. They do, however, take some time to get used to, but once you do, they’re difficult to put down and extremely forgiving.

Q2. What Comes In The Callaway Strata Set?

Ans: Three woods, one wedge, four irons, one putter, and a stand bag are included in the Callaway Strata Golf Clubs Set. Two headcovers are included in this 12-piece kit to protect your driver and 3-wood from dents.

Q3. What Is The Difference Between Strata Plus And Strata Ultimate?

Ans: In comparison to the Callaway Strata Plus set, the Callaway Strata Ultimate has an extra hybrid club (a 4 hybrid). Callaway included a headcover with the hybrid, which is why it is counted as an extra two pieces. A headcover is good, but counting it as an extra component in the set is a bit absurd.

Q4. Is Strata Owned By Callaway?

Ans: Strata is a Callaway sub-brand, not a real Callaway club. Strata were legally licensed by a firm called Spalding and Top Flight, but the Callaway trademark was retained. There is much to consider than simply whatever brand of clubs to purchase; they must also ensure that they are purchasing clubs that are appropriate for them.

Q5. Does Callaway Strata Come In Tall?

Ans: The Callaway Strata Ultimate full golf set offers tremendous value at a fair price, despite not being expressly built with the extra one-inch length. It has acquired favor among a diverse group of golfers, and it may even free up some funds for shaft extensions.

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