Callaway Rogue Irons Specs Review : Expert Review 2021

callaway rogue irons

Thinking about converting big drives to birdies?

To match that big driver in your bag you need to have an iron game. This can be only done when you find the irons that can be capable of this feat.

Our review results for Callaway Rogue Irons we have discovered such a set of irons that are best suitable for the task.

Callaway has always been a pioneer in pursuing their passion for golf. Be it the invention of an oversized 190 cc head in 1991 of big bertha or the introduction of an even larger 290cc in the year 1997. They have proved their unparalleled zeal for the game from time to time.

Keeping up with the traditions of introducing quality golf equipment Callaway in 2018 released the rogue line which included Rogue pro irons, rogue Irons, and Rogue X irons.

In spite of the same name and also many similar features, every set has its unique and imbibes a different persona which would attract golfers distinctly.

Callaway Rogue Irons Review

callaway rogue irons review

callaway rogue irons


When designing the Callaway Rogue Iron the makers used VFT and ‘face cup’ technology. The technology which uses a flexible and shallow rim across the edge of the face is known as Face up.

While as per Callaway VFT even on the off-center hits improves the ball speed. It also helps in forgiveness overall.

The crux of the matter is across the game improvement category these irons are comparatively longer.

callaway rogue irons


The Callaway for providing amazing forgiveness uses the ‘Tungsten Weighting’ technology. This tungsten usage allows them to create a precise center of gravity in every long iron.  The rogues are the most forgiving irons in the game improvement class.

callaway rogue irons


When it comes to appearance all the Callaway Rogue Iron models are somewhat similar. This can be compared with the non-blade irons of Callaway, which it used for a substantial time. Look wise it is ok and quite decent, but cannot be labeled as the best-looking golf irons.

The 3 main feature of this rogue iron are:

The VFT and 360 face cup: It is a combination that achieves fastball speed. The combination of VFT or variable face thickness and 360 face cup technology expands the clubface area and hence the better ball speed. The face cup uses a shallow and flexible rim across the face’s edge, which allows flexing of the face which on release impact enhances the speed of the ball. The VFT also helps in the flexing of the face, the VFT creates good ball speed by making the clubface more forgiving even in off-center hits. This combination results in the enhanced distance and improved forgiveness.

Tungsten Weighting: This technology allows the Callaway to place the center of gravity precisely for every long iron. The tungsten is double in density when compared with steel. This quality allows it to place quite a weight in a relatively intricately and small shaped place. This design delivers better control and optimum launch angles for every club.

Urethane Microspheres for superior feel and sound: A thin clubface is effective in increasing distance and ball speed. It has a drawback as it produces much vibration which results in a bad feel and sound on contact.

Urethane is used by many manufacturers to reduce the vibration, but this can also greatly reduce the ability to flex for clubface. Which results in reduced ball distance and speed.

Callaway has found a solution to this problem by creating a badge made of elastic urethane microspheres. It retains the feel and sound gains of the urethane without ever compromising on the forgiveness and distance.


  • Value for money.

  • Longer club than most.

  • Highly forgiving.


  • Non to mention.

callaway rogue

Callaway Rogue Pro Irons Review

callaway rogue x irons

callaway rogue irons


The distance is what makes this iron stand out than the rest. In spite being a players iron it competes easily for the game improvement irons distance.

callaway rogue irons


This version is more compact than the X version and standard versions. This is due to the shallower capacity and thinner topline. The Callaway Rogue Pro definitely has the smallest head in the Rogue models. When it comes to forgiveness these irons are awesome. It contains an exponential amount of forgiveness for a player’s iron. These irons consist of huge game improvement traits.

callaway rogue irons


As an adult we are aware of the fact that tradeoffs are everything. The positive aspect of these irons in possessing the features of a game improvement iron, is not there when it comes to workability. When it comes to workability these are just ok, are not in level with the irons that come in the better player’s iron list.

These irons possess the same technology as the standard one, which are VFT and 360 face cup, urethane microspheres and tungsten weighting.

These Irons Come With Little Extra:

The Performance Package of The Rogue Pro:

The Callaway Rogue pro irons are a redesigned model to add an extra zing. They have a thinner topline, a more compact head, a thinner sole, less offset, and a shallower cavity than the normal rogue irons.


  • A true players club iron and workable.

  • Good reviews.

  • Excellent feel and sound.

  • Value for money.


  • It is not made for the average golfer.

callaway rogue

Callaway Rogue X irons review

rogue iron game

callaway rogue irons


These irons are designed to provide the maximum distance. The 6 iron X Rogue model set adds about 5 yards to the high standards in long distance set by Rogue.

callaway rogue irons


The Rogue X has a larger club head which makes contact easy. Also the deep CG weight area has been worked to give excellent launch angles, even in stronger lofts. The only demerit is that as it has a longer shaft some players find it a little harder to hit.

callaway rogue irons


The X lines come with strengthened lofts due to this the cavity peaks out 1 club soon than pro line and standard ones.

As far as the features are concerned, the Rogue has the similar feature to standard Rogue irons like VFT and 360 face cup, Urethane Microspheres and Tungsten weighting.

The factor that sets the X one apart is:

The Radical Distance tech package: To enhance the factor of distance, the company lowered the weight, added longer shafts, and strengthened the lofts to the Rogue standard irons.

They also placed the center of gravity deep and low and widened the sole. This was done to make out for the decrease in the loft.

As per Callaway, this gave rise to the set of irons that launch easily and high, with more carry.


  • Exponential distance and carry, more than epic and rogue standard.

  • Forgiveness equal to standard rogue iron.

  • Great feel and sound.

  • Value for money.


  • Stronger lofts decrease accuracy.

callaway rogue

rogue x irons

Comparison of Rogue Irons With Other Callaway Irons?

The best comparison would be between the rogue irons and game improvement irons like Epic line and Great Big Bertha. As all of them use the tungsten weighing and face cup technology for improved launch and forgiveness.

Although for the Rogue, Callaway had changed Exo-cage which was featured on Epics and GBBs, with the new VFT. In Big Bertha, the progressed center of gravity is used which as claimed by Callaway improves control in the longer ones.

The rogues are a good match for Big Berthas and Epic in categories that matter most to the buyer that is price and performance.

callaway rogue pro irons

Performance of Rogue Irons Against The Other Irons in The Market?

With so many good players in the market who offer game improvement irons which have almost similar features, it is often a buyer’s nightmare to select the best club for them.

When choosing for ball flight, distance, and forgiveness, the rogue X, the Rogue gives a tough fight to TaylorMade M4s and M3s.

When it comes to the game improvement line then Ping is also a credible name. The Ping G series is among the best in-game improvement irons. The Ping G400 game improvement model and G700 super game improvement model consists of sound dampening and face-flex technology.

The company which gives the Callaway Rogue Pro, Rogue and Rogue x a run for their money is the Titleist. Their models Titleist AP1, 2, and 3 are exponential.

With their King F8 line, even Cobra introduced an interesting concept. The concept is ‘One length shafts’, which means that the length of the club shaft equals the length of 7 irons. The standard rogue can be compared to Cobra King F8 Iron in the game improvement section.

The rogue models offer excellent skill levels and are amazing that is why they are the perfect choice for best game improvement iron.

callaway rogue vs rogue x

Which Rogue Iron Would Be Best Suited For Me?

For high handicappers and occasional players, the rogue irons are perfect. As they offer the best combination for forgiveness, distance, and feel.

For players who can efficiently work the ball and are in no need for any advice or in other words are pro, need the Rogue Pro Irons.

For players who have low and mid-swing speeds and need assistance in distance the longer shafts and strong lofts of the Rogue x would work wonders for them.

callaway rogue irons specs

Concluding thoughts:

Callaway has from time to time proved that they are one of the best when it comes to golf. They are masters of this trade and know the skill of not only making good clubs but they also know who to make it for.

Every golfer who knows his or her game would admire the Rogue. It is a game-improvement iron but behaves and swings like a players club. If anyone knows their game can easily know the enhancement in feel, distance, and forgiveness from their previous self while using the standard rogue.

If you are a professional golfer then you would definitely enjoy the Rogue pro and love it for its exceptional distance, playability, and forgiveness. It is indeed a tour-level iron that has the features of game improvement.

If your aim is to achieve extreme distance then Rogue X is the one for you. The feel may not match the standard Rogue, but the extra distance it provides makes it worth it.

In all the Rogue pro, Rogue and Rogue X are great and give you extraordinary performance and that too at an attractive price, with Callaway’s name as a bonus.