🥇Callaway XR Driver Review : Why is it Easy To Hit? [2021 Updated]

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callaway xr driver shaft options

Callaway Men’s XR Driver

Callaway has been a big name in the golf industry for years now, and their newest driver, the XR, is already getting rave reviews.

“The perfect driver for all conditions” is a bold statement to make, but Callaway seems to have backed it up with the new XR.

It’s the first driver ever that can adjust for optimal performance based on what the conditions are, and how the golfer is feeling.

And, thanks to a new type of carbon fiber, this driver is also the lightest Callaway has ever produced.

If you want to improve your speed in golf then Callaway driver is the right choice for you. For playing golf there is an extra opportunity in high gentry class with which comes greater responsibility demanding technology flow. XR driver helps you to improve your golfing techniques and this is in a real sense a most forgiving driver.  

There are many unique qualities in different types of drivers available in the market. The speed of this technique depends on the shaft positioning. XR driver is the new and updated version of the so famous hot driver of X2. Click to see does it come with a headcover or not.

This is the latest technology from Callaway with a lot of potential powered core. There is the absence of gravity core in this Callaway driver which provides outrageous speed. The graphics fixation is also very sporty and race-oriented as the result dictates. Here’s a quick working video of this driver.

callaway xr driver

There is no doubt that driver x2 was the most famous among all pro and even short handicapped players because of its slim and downward approach. This unique and successful portfolio is also followed in the new XR driver with rigorous technological advancements.

The thing which provides super adjustability down the road is its 3degree range across 2 different face angles which enables you to adjust your hosel outfit. Click to know more about this technology.

As the loft selection ensures the movement of 1degree with a 10-degree notch but it doesn’t allow you to go down beyond 10.

The tighter mechanism ensures high-quality tolerance with the amazing speed and maximum ball speed facing.

Before this Callaway driver, you have the R Moto face design in the scenery with the same bertha alpha driver.

They enable higher flexibility with the central ribs used ergonomically between the driver’s body.

This newly enforced technology helps to reduce backspin with 277 rpm and maximize the sweet spot size by a margin of 16 percent and inertia by 9 percent. The internal standing of the wave help to lower the gap which increases the ball speed.

The rigid metal on the core of the R Moto helps to provide extra pace to the ball with lesser effort. There is a new feature added to the elite club with a double ridge which reduces the turbulence by the introduction of the double bridge method.

During the launch of the Callaway product, the briefing is given in terms of speed. The chambers and patterns of the airflow were the main attraction.

The toe is the main area to be noticed while it is the least concentrating one. The company claims its newer product would settle for the extra 2.5 percent faster as compared to the older technology.

This 2.5 percent could easily add up to about 5-10 yards of the course. Callaway’s approach claims for a 300-400 RPM greater than the alpha.

There is no doubt that it definitely beats everyone in the market in terms of looks. The Callaway chevron alignment is the best in the market.

The Callaway impact sound is also phenomenal which gives you immense pleasure on the hit of the neck. It feels so elegant and melodious while hitting on the core of the driver.

The swing of the driver is so light that it doesn’t even give you a jerking feeling while missing the shot. The dark finish provides extra pave the path. Last but not least the headcover with a sporty and darkish theme gives a lavish Italian dessert after dinner.

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callaway xr driver

The model is also available with a lighter 440cc x pro driver but it is the standard that rules the golfers’ mind. It is the most used and favored amongst all sorts of players. This Callaway driver is the real and tough contender for the ping and TaylorMade in the made with competitive price and module. 

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Is the Callaway XR driver adjustable?

The Callaway XR driver is somehow adjustable as its predecessors don’t allow any. The hosel enables the upper loft to move around at an angle of 3degree. It also has two different face angles through which it helps in revolving and moving the loft all around.

How do you adjust the Callaway XR driver?

The Callaway driver is adjusted through the adjustable hosel. It helps you to adjust your XR driver to a rotation of around three degrees enabling you to change the direction and lofting technique.

What loft should my driver be?

The loft is dependent on clubhead speed. Club with head speed around 95 to 104 mph, carries a 10-degree loft while clubhead speed around 105 to 115 carries a 7-degree loft. The difference is based on the variation of the clubhead speed.

What is the best Callaway driver on the market?

The Callaway XR driver is the best driver in the market and there is no doubt in it. It is ergonomically designed and engineered with very high-quality material.

When did the Callaway XR driver come out?

The Callaway XR driver was introduced back in February 2015. It is very specifically designed with high power and tensile material. It has both a low and high handicap range.

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