Cobra King F8 vs F8+ Driver Review: Get the Best One for Your Game!

Last updated on August 19th, 2021 | By: Thomas Spears


Every Golfer craves for one thing and that is straighter and longer tee shots.

Don’t believe this?

Well on a Saturday visit any driving range.

You would see the sight of golfers spending all their (almost) practice time winging their drivers on the driving range.

While some of the players approach differently and try to add a few more yards off the tee.

These are the golfers who want to try the best new driver technology in every 1 or 2 years.

It is one thing to decide on buying a new driver but it is entirely a different ball game when it comes to deciding on

Which new driver to buy…

All Cobra comes to rescue at these situations and offers us two of their latest- The F8+ and F8.

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Cobra King F8 Driver Review

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  • Easy to line up correctly and great look.

  • Improved on distance when compared to closest competitor.

  • Shallow face and fuller profile with elongated body.

  • Excellently forgiving and accurate on mishits.

  • No extra fee for Cobra connect.

  • Value for money.


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  • High number of CG and Loft adjustment may feel unnecessary for some golfers.


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Cobra King F8+ Driver Review

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  • Low launch setting and spin than the F8.

  • Taller face and Traditional profile.

  • Geared towards players with faster swing speeds and low handicappers.

  • Smaller address profile and lower loft range than the F8.

  • Extremely workable due to more penetrating and flatter trajectory.


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  • Not for the average golfer.


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The 12 Features That Make The F8+ and F8 Drivers Great

Although the Cobra F8 and F8+ share much similar technology and features still these are designed for different levels of players. The feature and technology which are somewhat common in both are:

1. CNC Precision Milled face: The CNC milling or computer numerical controlled milling is a technique that Cobra employs in its drivers. The CNC miller gives a more precise and thinner face thickness, which results in the fast speed of the ball off the clubface. The engineers at Cobra designed a driver with killer looks and a larger sweet spot due to this. Ricky Fowler who happens to be an F8 tester and pro golfer also confirms that to get better traction in damp conditions the rougher milled face is helpful.

2. Dual Roll Technology: All the modern drivers have an equal and slight curvature, both vertically and horizontally across the face. This unique shape helps the golfers to hit longer and straighter tee shots. The Dual Roll technology by Cobra puts enhanced vertical curvature at the top of the clubface and lesser on the bottom. This helps in getting the best spin and launch on mishits below or above the middle of the face’s center.

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3. 360 Degree Aero technology: This is located at the sole and crown which is a slightly elevated design that Cobra nominates as ‘Aero trips’. It leads to better distance, better distance, and improved aerodynamics. Cobra does this by reducing the drag and keeping the airflow close as the club swings.

4. Aero Trips: The aero trips on the crown are manufactured with a polymer that is lightweight. On the soles, it is made from titanium. This formula and balance keep the center of gravity in the driver low and at the precise location where it is needed. The downswing drag has been reduced by 17 percent by using this technology as claimed by Cobra.

5. MyFly 8 with smart pads: This consist of 8 adjustable loft settings make the user to decrease or increase in ½ degree increment the launch angles and decrease or increase spin by (+) or(-) 400 rpm. The players can set the F8 to as high as 12degrees to as low as 9 degrees and the draw settings at 11.5, 10.5 and 9.5 degrees. The F8+, on the other hand, can adjust from 11 degrees to 8 degrees in the low, with 10.5, 9.5, and 8.5 draw settings.

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6. A system that can adjust the center of gravity: Both F8+ and F8 have 2 CG weights that are adjustable and that allows players to tweak trajectory and ball spin for getting maximum distance. The F8 + uses front to back placement while the F8 uses the CG weights in the back and heel of the clubhead.

7.  The heavier weight placement in the heel on the F8: Heavier weight placement in the heel on the F8, and on the heel of the F8+ produces slight draw pass and a slight draw bias and a medium launch. Placing the heavyweight at the back produces increased forgiveness and higher launch.

8. TI 8-1-1 Body: Titanium alloy which is known as Ti-8-1-1 is used to make the lightweight club head body improve the ball speed and launch angle off the clubface because it lowers the discretionary weight and concurrence of 2 CG weights.

9. E9 Technology:  After trying and reviewing 25000 different shots Cobra came to the conclusion that nearly 95% of the players made the ball to club connection in an elliptical pattern, from low heel to high toe across the face. By collaborating this knowledge Cobra developers developed a clubface that delivers 30% larger sweet spots.

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10. Cobra Connect: The app from Cobra known as Cobra connect recognizes more than 40 thousand golf courses worldwide, and thus has the capability to inform players to track the distance at every possible drive. It also reviews the driving data to give suggestions on loft setting and CG weight placements for both F8+ and F8. It also records percentages of fairway hits and records dispersion. On top of that this amazing app connects with the Arccos sensors that are installed across the grips of F8+ and F8 both. By this data the Cobra connect app can figure out the weakness and strength of the golfers which helps the players to be more productive and better practice sessions.

11. Carbon Fiber Crown: Made of carbon fiber the ultra-light crown helps in saving a lot of weight at the top. This technology helps in repositioning the maximum of the club head’s weight, towards the back and low which in turn improves the forgiveness and launch.

12. Real Deal Shafts: The F8 model of cobra gives 3 separate after-market shafts in stock options. The 60 gms Aldila 2kNV, the 50 gms Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei Blue in lite and regular flex, and Aldila 2KNv green 65 gms senior flex. In F8+, Cobra offers The 65 gms Aldila 2KNV green in stiff or senior flex, Project X HZRDUS yellow 75 gms in stiff or senior flex, and Aldila 2KNV blue 60 gms in a senior flex.

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The F8 And F8+ Review


The one thing interesting about Cobra is that prior to every launch it asks the players for testing their new products against the balls they are using, by visiting public courses. But they never share the outcome, but this time it was different and they did share the results. The F8 during testing made a gain of 4 yards in 69 drives out of 72 drives. Nearly 70% of the wins were with stock shafts.

In this, some players even saw more than 12 yards averaging 8 yards gain in general. With loft arrangement and setup of CG weights, some seasoned golfers gained even more. In F8+ the test results showed that in the forward position heavier weight was configured, there was a gain of 5 yards than the competition. The testing also showed that the launch was flattened by .5 degrees and the spin was also reduced to as much as 500 RPM.


The intention of Cobra was to produce a driver that never punished hits that are off-centered, and they were successful in that endeavor. The larger sweet spot and the ‘Duel roll’ technology of the F8 makes toe or heel misfits, and low or high misfits perfectly straight that gives a good launch to the ball. The F8 and F8+ both were appreciated by every level golfer and found the forgiveness exceptional.


Both F8 and F8+ score greatly on looks. F8 with shallower face and long profile and F8+ with high face and traditional look provide a confident look. The busy look is given by the polymer trips, carbon fiber tail combined to make the 360 degrees Aero Feature. It is the contrast between the blackface and grey crown which makes an easy task for visual alignment.

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How does the Cobra King F8+ and F8 compare to the earlier Cobra models?

It is for the F8 that the cobra shed its F7’s front weight position and shifted the 2 remaining CG weights to the latest positions in the heel and back of the club. Cobra found that out of all F7 users only 10% were utilizing the front post, and only 5% or so were putting the heavier weight on the heel. The F8+ front /back system of weight as in Fly-Z+ was used by the Cobra. In its latest product range, Cobra introduced the light black Nardo gray colors replacing the old bright crown colors.

How does the Cobra king F8+ and F8 compare to drivers by other companies?

The aerodynamics improvement quest which was initiated by Callaway (Speed Step) and PING (Tabulators) was joined by Cobra when it introduced ‘Aero Trips’. Cobra used the revolutionary polymer for Aero trips which was 90% lighter than the earlier used titanium. The Callaway and PING were using the same carbon fiber or titanium which was used for making their crowns.

The unique thing to Cobra head is that they weigh lower by design, which is much-liked quality among the club manufacturers. The titanium aero trips were also added to the sole, which is missed in Callaway or PING drivers. Cobra also refined the hosel transition area just like the PING G400, this was to lessen the drag at downswing.

The TaylorMade M1 and Mizuno JPX 900 have great customization quick switch loft adaptors and two sliding Cg weights for as they say on the fly adjustments.  The reality is that most golfers are just unaware of how to take the benefit of that much flexibility. In the overall verdict, the F8+ and F8 give a very tough fight to all these clubs in adjustability and distance and fare a bit better. But when it comes to forgiveness they win hands down.

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Which Driver is Best For Me?

If you are a mid to high handicapper then the F8 is best suited for you, as Cobra made it especially keeping them in mind. Cobra even optimized the adjustable loft settings, club head’s face, and the CG weight areas to enhance loft, enhance spin and to maximize the forgiveness and distance for an average golfer.

Professional players would always love reduced spin, workability, and enhanced penetrating F8+’s trajectory.

Concluding Thoughts:

Buying a driver is always a tough choice with so many of the options available. It is really important to refine your choice for a driver before spending your hard-earned dollars on it.  Every golf equipment manufacturer invests heavily in making the best product range.

Even if people often see it as a marketing show off, yet these marketing gimmicks often yield good results. The aerodynamic design combined with lighter materials does improve distance considerably and enhance clubhead speeds. The adjustable shafts and CG weights make the owners customize their clubs that can fit their swings presently and also in the future.

So what makes the latest offspring from Cobra stand out in the crowd? Distance-wise F8+ and F8 are at par with any of their high-end competitors, because of the CNC face milling. The thing that makes Cobra stand out is the Dual Roll technology which provides improved forgiveness.

Another positive aspect is the Cobra Connect system powered by Across.  The F8+ and F8 are also very price efficient and competitive is also a major factor that makes Cobra F8+ and Cobra the best choice.