Cobra F9 Driver Review – The Fastest Driver We’ve Tested

Cobra F9 Driver, one-of-a-kind, a perfect combo of an aerodynamic head and a low center of gravity. More popular Cobra drivers a couple of years back, due to their crazy color schemes and munificent technology, the Cobra King F9 comprises both. This comes with a completely redefined shape and the main thing which Cobra focussed upon is the club head speed.

I wanted to test it to find out whether they achieve the goal or not. The final testing involved a three-tier process:

  • Firstly, on the course

  • At the range

  • Indoors on a foresight GC Quad Launch Monitor

Let us start with the technology aspect…..

Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Men's Speedback Driver (Black/Yellow)
  • Speedback Aero Design-Speedback Technology delivers a highly aerodynamic clubhead design
  • Low CG Speedback Weighting-The addition of a low, multi-material tungsten weight structure creates a low, deep CG
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The Cobra F9 driver features Speedback technology and begins on the re-imagined sole shape.

The sole behind the toe and heel comes a bit raised whereas the club center is flush with the bottom edge of the clubface.

A deep, low CG in line is created with the sweet-spot and this results into stability. The higher swing speeds are also stay included. Similar to that of the F8+ model this comprises of two interchangeable weights like: 2-gram and 10-gram, situated down the center chassis.

This depends on the layout of the weights that help the players to decide which way to manage. Either by placing the heavier weight in the rear-port the golfers can promote more CG, or by placing the heavier weight forward they can lower spin and launch angle.

Last but not the least, the sole comes with an addition of 360 Aero and titanium aero-trips which are placed for directing airflow under the club. This not only reduces the drag but increases the club head speed too.

If you look at its top, this appears pretty similar to its antecedent, but differs on few things too. Carbon fiber crown has 2-literal creases that are made to aid the 360 Aero polymer trips minimizing drag and increasing the club head speed.

The first carbon crown (wraps around edges) was proudly introduced by the Cobra. This saves the optional weight to move deep and low in the club head.

Akin with the King F8 the Cobra F9 possesses a forged E9 face and a CNC milled face with Dual Roll technology. The Cobra reduced the gear effect for eliminating any negative impacts.

The advancements by Cobra can be easily understood.

Cobra F9 Driver For Sale


In comparison to the bottom half, there is more curvature in the top half. This promotes higher launch along with minimized spin on all those shots that are hit above to that of the center line.


To account the amount of toe droop the axis comes tilted at a 7-degree angle and this all happens during a typical swing.


To maximize the loft of each driver head (9.0, 10.5, 12.0 to 12.5 juniors & women) the bottom curvature is speed tuned. For different swing speeds this maximizes launch and spin. This also attacks angles on shots that are hit below the centreline

Testing Time

Me and the testing time experience at the driving range…I used the 9° head and the Project X HZRDUS Smoke 60 6.5 shaft – this is the same shaft which is my present Titleist TS2 gamer.

People may go into a pause after seeing the white and yellow version on the underside. But I am sure, once you flip over then it’s all business.

The driver’s crown is absolute black and carbon fiber and apart from the pleasing Cobra golf logo is put to use as an aid for alignment. Just behind the club face the composite bands is made to sit and the 360 aero polymer strips adapt harmoniously to the carbon fiber.

Used Cobra F9 Driver

Later to my warm-up session I started hitting the driver (picked up right where I left-off the King F8 driver). The ball seemed to float in the air like forever as it came off the face hot. As I had enjoyed using the F8, similarly my excitement of using the F9 was even more regarding finding out the results on the range.

Mainly for a carbon composite crown the sound was full and the feel was smooth. I felt apt that there was no need of over swinging the club for producing higher-end ball speeds.

The F9 continued to deliver majestically. During my test round I hit all 3 fairways and witnessed consistent distances taking into mind as we played in sub-40° temperatures. In the cold temperatures also I have experienced that the drives carry up to 280 yards.

I thought of handing over F9 to my playing partner on the course for a test and did so…. He seemed sheepish and I also found out a dumb found look on his face initially but just in minutes he said, “I feel as if I am using it since years.”

When I tested this on the GC Quad and this proved the Cobra’s claim of ball speed with an increase due to the aerodynamics.

In fact, having tried the Callaway X Hot Irons for a very short time, quite a few golfers have trouble adjusting back to the golf clubs they were previously using.

Why This Is Better Than The Other Brands?

In comparison to the brands such as the Titleist TS2, TaylorMade M5, and Callaway Epic Flash (and Sub Zero), the Cobra King F9 Speed back driver produced about 3-4 mph more ball speed – average 164 mph.

Cobra F9 Driver Shafts

ALL I have to say in the end….

There is a whole lot of mystery regarding the Cobra F9 and this is pretty common like that of the other brands in golf. This is considered to be a young man’s brand, probably the thought of many people when they head out to test new clubs. This should straightforwardly be in your sights.

The CNC- milled face could produce much spin and if you are worried about this, then you put the heavier weight forward and for a low spin, pair-up a low launch shaft with the head. With the F9 driver I was a few hundred RPM’s higher over the other drivers.

Last thing I would like to mention is the price for sure. While the other producers are pushing up the price of drivers the King F9 is reasonably priced. You can also look for an upgrade to an aftermarket shaft which is designed to suitably fit your swing profile with the money you save.

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