🥇A Detailed COBRA KING F7 Review 2021

The cobra drivers come in several ranges and streams. But it is the same driver with different clubs and courses. The different variety of drivers delivers different flights to the ball.



The previous models of the F drivers like F fly z and king drivers work on the mechanism of flipping of weights to the forward of the body through the sole. This mechanism helps to deliver a higher pace with the perfect management of the spin. The whole process varies the CG. With the F7 drivers, you can adjust the balance with adjustable hosel helps to turn the weight up to 3 degrees.

Although the new F7 drivers use the basic designing of the 3 screws, the older mechanism has been omitted resulting in better management of the head movement. As the sliding mechanism has been removed now so it helps in reducing the overall weight of the body.

Looks and design:

The weight concerned now is 12g instead of the particular 10g. The 2g weight is distributed on the front side with 10g in the rear side of the body. The weight is adjusted according to the high and back end of the body. The whole product may don’t look handy from the picture mode but it does deliver in the field.

KING F7 Review

King F7 has 3 setting options in terms of ball trajectory. With the different types of adjustment, you can get varying results. The blue color weight itself is the forecast of the driver to be put on the first side so as to achieve maximum results. Below are mentioned some different scoring rates when tried with individual weights to be adjusted according to the field measurement.


The high launch is combined with the best visual flight and could move 10g with an approx speed of the 98mph. There are different types of setting involves varying weights. The more you move the weight the finer the setting you achieve. The change in the loft delivers high-quality speed and distance although when tested I don’t get that distance. But when the loft is to be adjusted then it would demand a higher change in the distance of the ball and its speed.


There is a cobra connect GPS system with the built-in technology that comes with a king F7 driver. This driver and its technology are very much similar to that of the arccos driver sensor.

COBRA KING F7 Review 2020

It basically measures the distance from the phone that is in your pocket and the grip to the hitting is through the driver. It gives you the total positioning of the ball distance. With time, of course, it will suggest you and shows the particular videos of the players as an innovative technique. The players thus involved may be on Rickie fowler.

The smart pad is attached to the sole of the driver with the bundling form. It is well pivoted on the base. the surface of the loft is kept squarer which is a very unique and classified process.


The crown is made from the carbon fiber under the Textreme brand. The extreme is 20% lighter than the usual titanium product.