🥇 First Look – Speedzone V/s Speedzone Xtreme – Cobra Golf Drivers Reviewed

Cobra looks to improve the performance in its speed zone family with the release of all-new Cobra Speedzone Drivers. Over recent years, Cobra has been a leading innovator in improvising golf driver’s technology, the reason why their drivers have a huge fan following among professionals golfers to adorn their golf club sets with the latest products from cobra, here is a discussion on more features by professionals.

Huge power, light-weight, high strength, aerodynamic, low CG, and more stability are the major advantages of the latest speed zone drivers. This new design by Cobra has removed the human element to add more efficiency and precision to its design. See its unboxing here.

Here’s the detailed cobra speedzone xtreme driver reviews and the technology used in this latest designed equipment.

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  • CNC Milled Infinity Face-The Power Zone-The face is the engine of the driver and foundation for speed.
  • Titanium Speed Chassis-The Strength Zone-A Newly designed T-Bar Speed Chassis is lighter and stronger to withstand high speed collisions and deliver excellent stability and feel.
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Extending The Limits to Infinity Cobra Speedzone Driver Reviews

This recent Cobra speedzone driver is offering 95 percent more face milling which is completely different from all the other drivers. That’s why Cobra calls it ‘CNC Infinity Milled face’, click to know more about this technology.

They have removed the unwanted titanium to enlarge the sweet spot to make the ball speed faster. You can see an infinity symbol at the center of the face that itself defines the limitless speed of the latest speedzone driver.


You will get numerous benefits from Cobra speedzone drivers. Let’s have a look:

Better Ball Speed

Yes, you heard it right. Cobra says that there is an extended speed zone in the driver’s world with its latest model of the driver which is already glancing from its name.

This Cobra’s driver has faster speed and longer run. This latest version has a 95 percent larger face milled area than the previous models. It has extended the milled area that helps it to raise the ball at a greater percentage that increases the speed of the ball.

It is aided by CT pads in lower and upper central parts of the primary edge and sole in the toe and heel. 50 percent of its head is created with lighter weight carbon fiber to make it more flexible.

Enhanced Aerodynamics

Cobra stated that the milling marks called ‘Micro Flow Energizersalong the topline give it an aerodynamic boost. The leading edge lines in milling works as aerodynamic trips that would help to preserve the speed and reduce the drag while swinging.

The players would be able to see the face angle on the leading edge that is overall more aerodynamic.

Remember that you won’t be able to see any benefit from this aerodynamic, if you swing very low i.e. less than 100 MPH.

cobra exhaust

More Consistency

Milling is less accurate than hand polishing. Polishing looks more precise and accurate than grinding and this better describes the process used to provide finishing to any driver’s face. Cobra states that they are able to deliver the complete product by milling its driver’s faces with the unique design specs that no one has until now.

Cobra has brought the product that all golfers would appreciate to have and would feel the difference of the consistency with its parts having flawless finishing. Also, they have great control over CT tolerances.

drivers edge

Cobra is now able to narrow the manufacturing tolerances by having a larger portion of the face under controlled. Cobra milled infinity face is all about ensuring that every head is as fast as rules allow that leaves the factory.

Renovated T-bar Chassis

Everyone wants a T-top back in a day. Right? This speedzone driver has T-bar chassis by taking inspiration from Joe Dirt’s Trans Am. This latest driver has a unique new design that had never seen before in any drivers available in the market.

Cobra has basically changed the head shape and has extended the use of composite material in the driver. The purpose of using carbon fiber is to pull the unnecessary weight so that it could provide the benefit of repositioning when required.

callaway pre owned

Variety in Models

The last F9 speedback model was available in one sort only. But this time Cobra is introducing two models and though it has flipped the naming conventions and performance properties.

cobra driver

Let’s have a look new cobra driver:

sexy golf


The 9° and 10.5° Cobra speedzone driver is near to the Plus model and features the movable flip zone weighting. It provides a penetrating track by placing the heavier weight in front that will lower launch and spin.

The 9° model weighs 5-gram steel and 10.5° weighs 7.2-gram tungsten. To optimize the performance of athletes, it is a little distinction intended to squeeze the mass properties, here’s its complete working video.

Speedzone Xtreme

Speedzone Xtreme is perhaps a new name and is the higher MOI of the company integrate to lower spinning standard SZ. It just has a 17-gram weight of tungsten in the sole that increases the stability.

These drivers are available in 9°, 10.5°, and 12°. It could be one of the mildest drivers available in the market due to having MOI around 5500.

xtreme manufacturing

Properties Best Cobra Speedzone driver

Color variety: Yellow and black colors with some red accent have always remained the signature colors for Cobra. But now the company is offering an alternative for those who don’t prefer these colors.

This time the company is offering off-white as primary color following with white and black color combination. They are also offering rose gold or gloss black color for women’s model.

What Else You Want?

Lengths: Cobra is now providing SZ TL drivers. TL is the acronym for tour length. The shaft is 1 inch shorter than the standard model i.e. 44.5”.

Also, to balance the swing weight at lower lengths, weight needs to be added to the head. To maintain the balance, the speedzone TL was made for 18g and 6g weight. The speedzone xtreme TL has 14g weight.

Four shafts: For speedzone lineup, the producers have increased their stock shaft lineups to different multiple launches and spin profiles.

The UST helium fills the high launch spin slot. Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 65 is the mid spin slot. The Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60 is mid/low spin offering whereas a 110 MSI version of the Aldila Rogue Silver 65 is the low spin slot.

If you are eager to try speedzone, this was all that you need to know. Cobra is focusing to create a growing list of highly performing drivers. And now, it has made up the driver with better mass properties.

Pricing: You might have got the reason to buy these latest speed zone drivers by Cobra. Don’t forget to look at the prices too. Cobra speedzone driver has a retail price of $450 which is very low than Titleist, Callaway, and TaylorMade.

These speed zone and speed zone Xtreme drivers would be available online for sale from Jan 2020. It’s time to have a serious look at the Cobra drivers and buy it!


Ans: The face of the driver is the main component or engine that lays the foundation for speed. The design of the infinity edge face widens 95% of the milled area that expands the face area to a legal limit.


Ans: T-bar speed chassis is a new design that is powerful to resist high-speed crashes and offers great feel and stability.


Ans: A 360 carbon wrap crown adds stiffness to chassis and covers 50% of the club body and also saves the weight of around 25g that Cobra shifted low and back to the boundary.


Ans: It has been created to provide huge speed and energy to the ball with 69g of mass positioned to a minimum so as to enjoy when you step on the tee.


Ans: Its leading edges harnesses airflow and gives it a streamlined shape with great accuracy for maximum acceleration power.


Ans: Its weight is positioned like a wide-body car having low and wide weight to enhance its stability such that off-center strikes fly straight and long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Cobra Speedzone Xtreme A Capable Driver?

Ans: Cobra has really provided golfers quality shaft alternatives with the other three stock selections for the King Speedzone Xtreme driver. The King Speedzone Xtreme driver is a solid workhorse when you combine enhanced aerodynamics and the infinite face.

Q2. Is The Cobra Speedzone Xtreme Forgiving?

Ans: The Cobra King Speedzone Xtreme is built for ‘Xtreme Speed,’ as well as range and forgiving. To reach Cobra’s highest ever MOI, it has a bigger form head and a Six-gram replaceable weight on the sole, as well as a fixed Seventeen-gram tungsten weight in the back.

Q3. Is The Cobra Speedzone Xtreme A Variable Device?

Ans: The Speedzone includes variables weights in the front and back to fine-tune launch, whereas the Xtreme only has a weight port in the back. Both models have a new titanium T-Bar Speed Chassis in addition to the Infinity face.

Q4. Should I Get The Cobra Speedzone Or Cobra Speedzone Xtreme?

Ans: The Cobra Speedzone has a more attractive profile while still providing excellent performance, but the Cobra Speedzone Xtreme is the perfect choice for individuals who require a more stable and forgiving driver.

Q5. What Is The Difference Between Cobra Speedzone And Cobra Speedzone Xtreme?

Ans: The 12-degree loft of the Cobra Speedzone Xtreme is added to the mix. The Cobra Speedzone includes variable weights in the front and back to fine-tune launch, whereas the Xtreme only has a weight port in the back. Both versions have a new titanium T-Bar Speed Chassis in addition to the Infinity face.

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