Looking for a Good Golf Push Cart? When you go round the green for a few rounds of golf, you will find yourself paying a number of different fees. These are beside the tee fees, most of these are pretty significant and they are mainly for the rental of golfing equipment. This might not seem like much but, if you are a regular golfer these fees can soon mount up and in the long run, you could have purchased the equipment twice over that you have been renting. If you are one of these regular golfers than a golf push cart is definitely a good thing to own for you.


CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart

The CaddyTek Superlite is from an extremely well-known brand within the golf industry which is known for its cheap yet high-quality golf carts. This model has a heavy-duty construction helping with long term use. The steel frame which is oddly lightweight coming in at less than 12.2 pounds is ideal for any golfer and any terrain. The cart also has a wide body and a heavily padded handle which has four levels of adjustment making it great for any size golfer.

Best Brand Golf Carts – A Comparison

Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart
Sale CaddyTek CaddyLite 11.5 V3 Deluxe Golf Push Cart
Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart

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Best Golf Hand Walking Carts – Detailed Reviews

Our Pick

1. Clicgear 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart

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★ Compact

★ Lightweight & Durable

★ Extra Storage

★ Parking Hand Brake

★ Accessories

The Clicgear push cart is the newer version of its predecessor the 3.0 which turned out to be a huge success. The way they have managed to improve the cart is by giving some major improvements to the mobility on the course. The cart is produced by one of the most well-known companies in the golf industry, with the 3.0 model doing so well the 3.5+ needed to ensure it has similar success and it has surpassed expectations. The design is similar to the previous model however, it does feel a lot more comfortable and easier thanks to the features which have been added and improvements that have been made.

Features Of Clicgear 3.5+ Golf Cart

Size & Weight

The overall weight of the Clicgear model 3.5+ is around 19.5 pounds (this is at the time as testing), with the weight being increased by 0.5 pounds since the previous version. The cart is one of the heaviest we have tested but this is due to the increased amount of features added since the previous model. With the new model having an inch shaved off the height. Saying this, the cart still doesn’t seem to fold into a perfect block. Those who are used to a smaller cart will find it difficult to get this in the trunk of your car, with many people having to place it in their back seat.

Ease Of Setup

When it came to unfolding the clicgear it wasn’t as straight forward as we would have liked. Unlike other companies clicgear have made a folding and unfolding video which is viewable on their website. This helps to explain more about why their folding and unfolding technique isn’t great! Clicgear has set about highlighting the critical knobs in bright colors, but although they have done this it still requires a good amount of thinking to get the cart folded.

On Course Impressions

When using the clicgear on the course we found that it moved great on different terrains and surfaces. The handle height on the cart can be adjusted easily which will allow for a more comfortable use whilst pushing the cart around the course. The overall stability of the cart whilst using it on the course was great, this is down to the tube technology and solid design which gives a wide wheelbase.

Storage & Accessories

When it comes to clicgear 3.5+ there are a number of storage spaces and accessories available. These are:

The elastic band which is found attached to the top of the valuables tray, its main purpose is to hold a scorecard whilst you are going around the course, but whilst we were using the cart we found it to be more useful at holding down a mobile phone. This was ideal whilst the phone was running a GPS golf app.

There is a valuable tray which is very spacious and has a magnetic lid. We found that it was great for storage and we managed to store, 2 golf balls, our mobile phone, keys, wallet, and a GPS device. The storage box is there to hold 3 golf balls and there is no other container on the clicgear5+ to store golf balls.

There is a storage net which is around 80% bigger than on the previous generation, this makes it great for holding head covers whilst you are taking your shot. There are a number of other things that this can be used for. Such as holding snacks or holding any other items you don’t want in your way whilst you are playing.

There are 3 storage holes for tees.

There is another elastic band which is attached to the lid of the valuables tray, this is mainly for holding the pencil, but we found it to be too tight to enable quick and easy access.

An umbrella holder is also a great feature to have as it will help to provide with the much-needed shelter when it starts to rain. Clicgear has said that they have improved the bracket which holds the umbrella, due to many people complaining about it in the previous model.


With many other manufacturers making a massive effort in order to make their cart designs look great, but the clicgear 3.5+ is still the good-looking golf cart which is available on the market. There is a kind of low profile stance and great color combination that we love to see.


Beautiful sleek yet aggressive styling.

Extremely stable on all types of terrain.

Huge amount of accessories available.


Extremely complex folding and unfolding process.

Seems to be bulkier when folded up compared with the previous model.


To conclude, the clicgear 3.5+ helps to bring together a large range of qualities which a lot of golfers loved in the previous generation. Clicgear have taken these and made some great improvements to the brake system and storage available. This is a great purchase for any golfer.

Good Value

2. CaddyTek EZ Fold Wheel Compact Golf Cart

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★ Strong aluminum frame

★ Patented One-Click button

★ Patented press to brake, press again to release foot brake

★ EVA maintenance-free wheels

★ Umbrella holder and storage rack included

The Caddytek EZ Fold has been designed to be perfect for the average golfer who likes to walk a lot. Caddytek is the one who makes the best golf cart. This model has been created so that golfers can move gear from hole to hole with a small amount of energy. The cart has a wide wheel base which helps to be smooth and be stable on any type of surface. Having a one-click brake system helps to keep things more convenient for the player.

Features Of CaddyTek EZ Fold Wheel Golf Push

Size & Weight

The golf cart weighs in at 16.5 pounds at the time of testing and is around average comparing it with all the other types of carts we have tested. When the cart is folded down it is nice and compact measuring in at 15.5 inches in height, meaning that it can be easily stored in your cars trunk.

Ease Of Setup

When it comes to a golf cart, you want to be sure that you can use it without having to follow a huge amount of steps to achieve a simple task. As with many carts on the market, the CaddyTek does require some initial assembly. The instructions are in a great amount of detail and the entire process should only take around 2 minutes to complete. The unfolding of the cart is definitely where the CaddyTek shines, there are two steps to complete the unfolding process and then you are done. Simply pull the front wheel out and move it 90 degrees you will hear it click into position. The next step is to pull on the cart and extend until you hear the second click into place.

On Course Impressions

Taking the CaddyTek onto the course it will help you easily get your gear around the course. It does require a little more effort than other carts, this is down to the EVA plastic wheels which don’t cut through rough patches easily. This means that you have to give a little bit of extra power to get through it. The great thing about this cart is that it has a low center of gravity and wide wheel base which helps to keep the cart stable through tough conditions.

Storage & Accessories

There is a range of storage spaces and accessories for the CaddyTek, this include:

There is a small valuables tray which has a magnetic lid, however, there isn’t a great amount of storage. When we tested it out we were able to fit 2 golf balls, a small GPS device, a mobile device, keys and a wallet. With these items inside we were not able to close the lid correctly but found that removing the GPS device helped to get the lid closed.

You can find a plastic clip attached to the valuables tray lid which is meant to be used to hold your pencil and scorecard whilst going around the course.

There is an umbrella mount which helps to hold an umbrella upright to provide shelter both in the rain and in hot weather conditions. The umbrella has a quick and easy install, by simply screwing into a hole in the handle.

Five holes to hold tees.

A fairly decent size cup/bottle holder which has the ability to hold most bottles.


When we first got the CaddyTek out of the box we were a little shocked at the looks. The reason we were so shocked is down to us thinking that the low center of gravity would give a less aggressive stance but that isn’t the case. The red trim found on the wheels and handle match the silver on the model we tested.


Folds into a flat and compact space.

Easy to fold and unfold, no complex techniques needed.

Great pricing, with some colors available from as low as $109.


There is a limited amount of storage space available.

The EVA Plastic wheels are poor when pushing through tough terrain.

The foot brake is a little awkward to operate.


Overall, the CaddyTek EZ Fold has been designed in a way that is simple and effective. Taking up a small amount of space when folded up and taking only a matter of seconds to fold/unfold the cart. There are a few problems with the EVA plastic wheels but other than this it is a great cart for any average golfer.

Ideal Long Range

3. CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe – Ultimate Golf Push Cart For The Money

Sale CaddyTek CaddyLite 11.5 V3 Deluxe Golf Push Cart

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★ Umbrella Holder

★ Mesh net on the handle

★ Front wheel alignment mechanism

★ Maintenance free tire

★ Mesh net and beverage holder

The CaddyTek Superlite is from an extremely well-known brand within the golf industry which is known for its cheap yet high-quality golf carts. This model has a heavy duty construction helping with long term use. The steel frame which is oddly lightweight coming in at less than 12.2 pounds is ideal for any golfer and any terrain. The cart also has a wide body and a heavily padded handle which has four levels of adjustment making it great for any size golfer.

Features Of CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe

Size & Weight

The overall size of this golf cart isn’t an issue thanks to its handle being able to be adjusted to four different positions. This means that it can be used by any size golfer without affecting their position. With an overall weight coming in at under 12.2 pounds it is one of the lightest weight models currently on the market. This also means that you won’t be exerting a lot of energy to move your gear around the course.

Ease Of Setup

The cart can be folded up in a matter of seconds, this is mainly down to the one-step folding feature. This means that you can save a huge amount of time when it comes to folding and unfolding the cart. The only parts of the cart which affect the folding mechanism are the handle and the front wheel.

On Course Impressions

When it came to taking the CaddTek Superlight onto the course we found it to be incredibly stable thanks to its wide body and it was a dream going through even tougher terrains. Overall we found that there wasn’t a great amount of energy required to get it around the course and was rather pleasant to use. Once we had finished for the day the quick one step folding system helped us to get in the car in a matter of seconds.

Storage & Accessories

There is an abundance of storage space when it comes to the CaddyTek super light cart, this is mainly for clubs, tees balls, and pencil/scorecard. There are other storage spaces too such as umbrella holder, can holder and a mesh net which is ideal to store your head covers on whilst you are taking a shot.


The black and red colors on the golf cart make it stand out whilst rolling it around the course. With an aggressive stance, it definitely looks the part and is ready to tackle any kind of terrain. The highly padded handle looks great to hold onto and doesn’t look overly strange which is what we usually find with ergonomic handles.


There are no issues when it comes to the folding and unfolding of this cart, this mainly being down to the ability to fold/unfold in one step. The get the feeling that the manufacturer has put a lot of effort into making this simple and easy for anyone to accomplish.

With a lightweight material, it is extremely easy to push around the green which means you can conserve all your energy to put into your shots.

The brake system on this cart is fantastic, it is simple to engage and will hold on any type of terrain.

Overall, the CaddyTek Superlite is definitely smooth and quiet. You will hear hardly any noises whilst you are on the move, both from the cart and from yourself as you will not need to exert yourself.

Great range of 5 to 1300 yards.


The brake system does work incredibly well and whilst we found that it is easy to operate, many people have said that it is hard to operate in certain types of golf shoes. Mainly those with soft soles or those that are easily bent.

The can/bottle holder is a great feature to have, but many people have said that where it is positioned is not ideal and would like it to be moved elsewhere.


In conclusion, the CaddyTek Superlite is the whole package for any golfer and is easily one of the best golf push carts on the market right now. It has a great price and with some of the good features that can be added onto a golf cart. It is incredible easy to get up and running with the one step system for folding/unfolding. This lightweight cart is ideal for those golfers who don’t have a high budget but still want excellent quality.

Best For Money

4. Clicgear 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart


★ Designed to accommodate cart bags

★ Dual front-wheel brake and alignment system

★ Ultra-stable with extra wide and long wheel base

★ Easily folds

★ Built in accessory mounts & umbrella mounts

The clicgear model 8 golf push cart is a highly improved design from the 3.5+ which was hugely successful on its release. Taking a look at the newly designed golf cart it is clear to see several things just from looking at it, the bag and all of the bars are much higher off the ground which will help to improve the movement, making it smoother. Although they have increased the size of the cart, the folding and unfolding technique has remained simple to manage, much like those with three wheels. This cart features one of the largest consoles when compared with all the previous clicgear carts. Take a look over the features below and you will see why we believe that this cart is awesome!

Features Of Clicgear Model 8 Golf Push Cart

Size & Weight

The main thing to note about this cart is that it is a lot heavier than its predecessor coming in at 22 pounds. This is up from the clicgear 3.5+ which weighs only 19.5 pounds. When it comes to the push test this cart is definitely on the heavier side and it is clear when moving around the course.

Ease Of Setup

The one thing that is clearly improved from the clicgear 3.5+ which was a nightmare and definitely took some time to perform. The folding technique for the Clicgear Model 8 is a lot simpler to understand. Simply unlocking the handlebar lock lever and stepping on the piece of plastic which is conveniently labeled “STEP” which will hold one of the front wheels in place. Then lift up the handle slightly and push it back whilst lifting up the back end of the cart which will make the back wheels extend into position. You will hear the frame click into position and you will just need to adjust the handle to the ideal height for you.

On Course Impressions

Whilst we were on the course with the Clicgear model 8 we found that it was much more stable than the previous models, as many of them were found to be extremely unstable. But the frame on the model 8 still has a high level of construction and the addition of the fourth wheel is definitely a bonus when it comes to different terrains. The hand brake which is found under the main cart handle locks the front wheels into place. It is simple to operate and works extremely well when it comes to difficult terrains.

Storage & Accessories

There is a wide range of storage spaces and accessories on the model 8, see below:

We found the console to be very roomy and found the lid to be held down tightly with the magnet within the lid. We managed to store our mobile device, GPS tracker, 2 golf balls, keys and wallet with the lid closing perfectly fine.

There is a long elastic band found on the top of the magnetic lid which is designed to hold the scorecard, although you could use it to hold your mobile device whilst running a GPS app.

There is an umbrella holder and mount which means that heavy rain or heavy sun doesn’t have to affect your play.


The Clicgear model 8 is by far one of the good looking push carts currently available. It has an aggressive stand and doesn’t look like it is going to break easily. This is ideal when it comes to the multiple terrains that are faced on many different golf courses.


Great looking and sturdy design, helps put confidence in the purchase of this cart.

There are a huge range of accessories available on this model 8.


The design was found to be awkward with carry bags.

A lot heavier than any other cart on the market and is still bulky when it is folded.


Looking at the high price tag of this golf cart, it is definitely worth the coin. If you are a regular golfer then you will definitely benefit from all the features which are available on this cart and it would certainly last a long time. If you are looking for a high quality and well-built cart then look no further.

Best Budget

5. Bag Boy Golf Push Cart With Seat

Sale Bag Boy Compact 3 Push Cart, White/Lime

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★ Lightweight

★ Extra-large accessory bag

★ Lightweight, solid foam maintenance free tires

★ Resistant aluminum frame

★ Stand and cart bag

Looking at the bag boy C3, you can tell that some thought has been put into the design which now helps to navigate the course with ease. This three wheeled best golf cart has a great amount of stability and a huge amount of storage space too. It has a great range of features available, these include extra depth storage spaces for both scorecards and your mobile device, as well as can holders and an integrated umbrella. Don’t forget to also check our guide to the golf cart heaters.

Features Of Bag Boy Golf Push Cart

Size & Weight

The overall size of the bag boy c3 is on the smaller size and is ideal for those who don’t want something big and bulky whilst they are walking around the course. With the lightweight frame used on this cart, it is easily pushed around the course without much effort required.

Ease Of Setup

Bagboy has really put some time into designing a beautifully simple three-step fold system which helps to save time when folding and unfolding. This three-step fold allows you to make the cart small enough to store in your trunk in a matter of seconds.

On Course Impressions

When it came to using the the best golf push cart on the course we found that the lightweight frame was extremely helpful with being easy to maneuver. The extra deep storage spaces was definitely a positive when storing our gear. With an extra wide and durable frame, we were able to go across a number of terrains whilst the golf push cart remained stable.

Storage & Accessories

Although many of the golf carts on the market currently have space to hold a scorecard, but none do it like the golf cart bag Boy C3. The storage areas throughout are a lot deeper to make sure that all items remain safe while they are moving.


This is one of the easiest golf carts to maneuver around the green which is mainly down to the pivot of the front wheel.

The adjustable height on the handle makes it ideal for any size golfer.

Deep storage spaces helps to protect valuables whilst on the move.


Many people have mentioned about the bottle holder being in an inaccessible place.

It only has a single break, which can be less efficient on uneven surfaces.

The cart can take a little longer to fold than you would usually find in golf push carts.


The Big Boy C3 is not the fanciest models available on the market right now, but it has a great number of features which help it to get around the green simply and easily. It is very easy to assemble and will definitely be a great aid to your movement around the course.


What Is A Golf Rangefinder?

A golf rangefinder is a tool used in sports such as golf by players to accurately determine distances between specific fixed points in a golf course, also alerting them to various hazards that may exist on the greens. There are different types of golf range finders that exist, namely the golf GPS range finder and the laser rangefinders. An instrument like a golf distance finder is relatively easy to use and can be utilized even by a novice when taking part in a game of golf on a bright summer day. It comes with an extensive shelf life and is not easily prone to wear and tear.

Which Type Of Golf Rangefinder Is Best For You?

GPS RangefindersLaser Range Finders

The GPS rangefinders are software that make use of GPS technology in order help you as a golfer to understand the distance that lies between various fixed points on the golfing greens. It is normally installed in electronic devices like a smart phone or a tablet that features GPS capabilities in it.

Benefits Of Using GPS Range Finders

  • The GPS range finder is a product that you can come across for sale online and elsewhere and is seldom ever out of stock.

  • It can be procured for a moderate price

  • If you are an experienced golfer who has a good idea about distance control, using this range finder can be advantageous as it will help you to know about precise yardages as opposed to traditional and conventional methods that have been used to gauge distance like pacing and yardage charts.

  • The quality of your golfing practice is also something that you can measure when using GPS rangefinders such as your golfing swing for example.

Drawbacks Of Using GPS Range Finders

  • The GPS golfing rangefinders are rather sensitive to dust particles and may cease to function accurately if left exposed to moisture and dust.

  • GPS rangefinders cannot be used without devices like tabs and smart phones.

The laser golfing rangefinders are those that make use of laser beams for determining distances between golfing holes and other objects on the golf course. Time of flight is the principle that such a golfing rangefinder is known to operate on. Laser pulses are flashed towards objects in the form of narrow beams thus measuring the time that is taken for laser pulses to get reflected off targets and then returned to its sender.

Benefits Of Using Laser Range Finders

  • The laser range finders make use of sophisticated technology, are often a hundred percent accurate and are what you can certainly rely on when looking to determine the exact distance between fixed points of any golf course.

  • Laser range finders are not tough to use and are always accompanied by instructions at the time of purchase that tell you how to deploy these devices in the correct way.

  • Laser range finders are not highly sensitive and can withstand a bit of dust and exposure to moisture without going bust

Drawbacks Of Using Laser Range Finders

  • Laser range finders can be expensive to procure and it is usually a one-time investment that you make when you buy such a sporting tool to assist you in your golfing activities.

  • Range errors can occur as the laser beam in spite of being narrow can wander or travel over long distances owing to beam wander effects, scintillation and also owing to the divergence of laser beams.

Golf GPS Rangefinder Vs Laser Rangefinder

When it comes to deciding between a Golf GPS Rangefinder and a Laser Rangefinder of high quality, it would be best to opt for the former. The main reason for this is that you will have to spend less than half of what you would have had to if you had procured a laser rangefinder. While it is true that the Golf GPS Rangefinders can function only in sophisticated devices like tablets and smartphones characterized by GPS capabilities, the price you pay to procure and use such rangefinders is a whole lot less than the price you would need to own and maintain a laser rangefinder.

The History Of Rangefinders In Golf

Golf is a game that has been evolving in a slow and steady manner for the last seven hundred years or so. Yet the innovations and experiments that have taken place in the area of golfing devices in the last fifteen years have been so tremendous that these have ended up transforming the game for good. Golf today is no longer the kind of sport that it used to be about 10 or 15 years ago. Sophisticated devices and elements like golf rangefinders can now be used if you want to enjoy playing this sport in a smooth and hassle-free manner. The rangefinders enable you to locate the distances between golfing ranges on a golf course, thereby enabling you to take the correct shots needed for a victory.

The first rangefinder that came into existence was in the year 1955 under the name of Bushnell. This was a laser rangefinder that came to transform the game of golf like never before. Callaway and Nikon were some of the rangefinders that were later developed for the benefit of golfers. It is Bushnell that remains till date the largest ever manufacturer of golfing rangefinders with several top names in the sport having made use of these.

Is It Legal To Use A Rangefinder During A Golf Round?

Yes it is legal to use golf distance finders during golfing rounds as long as these rangefinders only measure distance and nothing more. In the year 2006, a new rule 14-3 was introduced by the R& A and the USGA that made the use of any distance measuring device entirely illegal. In 2014 the rule was amended, with the use of distance measuring tools and devices being made legal for all amateur golfing tournaments. All rangefinders that exist in the market are those that are well-reviewed by the USGA to ensure that these are in keeping with golfing rules and regulations.

How Can A Good Golf Rangefinder Help You?

  • Speeds Up Your Play:

Making use of a golf rangefinder can certainly prove to be a good idea if you are looking to improve your golfing game anytime soon. One of the most important reasons to use a golf range finder is that it speeds up your play to a considerable extent. You will no longer have to accurately pace out the distances from the yard makers and club selection is also something that you can give less thought to when using a rangefinder.

  • Increases Your Confidence

If doubts about the selection of golf clubs and the distances between objects on the golf course are completely removed, then you can expect your confidence on the golfing course to increase in leaps and bounds. There will be few uncertainties that run through your head while taking part in a golfing tournament and when you get to know about the average performance that you are capable of using a golfing club you will feel confident enough about being able to reproduce this performance later again.

  • Helps You To Make The Right Decisions

Your decision-making abilities on the golf course shall also get a boost when you are able to measure the exact distance that lies between various objects in the golfing grounds. When you measure distances you can easily avoid hazards that you would otherwise have made yourself vulnerable to in the course of the game. Also by being able to measure the distance that is required for clearing fairway bunkers, you can decide whether it would be worth your while to undertake the risk of making such attempts.

  • Motivates You

Once you are able to track the average distance for your golfing club using a rangefinder then you will be in a position to track improvements that you make during the course of your game, thus knowing exactly where it is in your game that you need to put in all your effort. These are improvements that you may not have noticed or known about by simply taking a look at your final scores at the end of a golfing game.

  • Makes The Calculation Of Slope And Hill Effects Possible

You will be able to calculate the impact and effects of hills and slopes when you make use of a golf rangefinder. This is a feature that is normally found in the more advanced golfing rangefinders available online and elsewhere and enables the calculation of elevations of the place you are aiming at, automatically taking this into account and giving you comparative distances to target.

  • Assists In Data Gathering

If you want to gather distance information on exactly how far you are able to hit with every golf club, then using a golf range finder can be a good idea. By procuring such information, you are certain to have a clear advantage over those who you play against on the golf course. You no longer have to worry about the stiff competition on the golf course and may end up surprising some of your opponents by your skills in golf.

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Features To Look For in Best Golf Range Finders

Good Distance Measurement

The best golf rangefinder is one that should be able to measure distance between objects on a golf course in an accurate manner with the distance range being anything between 400 meters and 900 meters. With such a golf rangefinder in your possession, choosing golf clubs and determining targets on the golf course will be a lot easier than usual.

Small In Size

The size of the golf rangefinder should not be too large as you are going to have to carry it around with you on the golf course. The ideal size of a golf rangefinder should be between small to medium so that it is not heavy to hold and is easily mobile, letting you take it all across the golf course without feeling a sense of burden overcome you.

Weather Resistant

The golf rangefinder is one of a high quality if it is resistant to the ravages of weather and nature in general. Ideally the golf rangefinder which you make use of should not be vulnerable to rain, moisture or even intense sunlight and should be able to function well under such weather conditions.

First Priority Reading

The golf rangefinder that you use should be serviced by the first priority reading feature. Such a feature will make it possible to measure the distance between objects that lie within immediate range of each other. With the help of this feature, improving your golf swings and taking tee shots will become easier than it used to be.

Good Readability

It goes without saying that a good golf rangefinder is one that comes with good readability features. High quality golf rangefinders make it easy for you to measure the distance between the various objects on the golf course whether they are near each other or far away from each other. The facts and figures mentioned in the golf rangefinder should be comprehensive and not confuse you.

Easy To Use

The top golf rangefinders in the market are those that are relatively easy to make use of. These golf rangefinders not characterized by complicated features and technology and can be put to use easily by you even if you are a novice and are new to the golfing game entirely.

Scan Mode

The scan mode feature is one that is present in numerous high quality golf rangefinders nowadays. This is a feature that automatically comes into play when you switch the device on and set it down on the golf course, scanning the course and accurately measuring distance for you to help you enhance your golfing skills.


Good quality golf rangefinders are devices that are easy to magnify and use. The magnification feature is one that enables the device to scan the golf course correctly, locating and determining the distance between objects that are quite far removed from one another. It is present in both laser and GPS rangefinders.

Range Tendency

The range tendency of the golf rangefinder should be between 400 yards and 1000 yards at least. Only then shall it be easy for you to figure out the kind of swings that you need to take with your golf club in order to get ahead in your golfing game and secure a win, eventually.


The readings that are shown in a golf rangefinder are those that need to be a 100% accurate if these are to be of any benefit to you. The top notch golf rangefinders are those that generate precise and accurate readings, enabling you to take strategic decisions when taking part in a game of golf.

USGA Approved

The best golf rangefinders in the market are those whose use is fully approved by the USGA. Using a golf rangefinder that is not USGA approved, especially in a golfing tournament, would be an illegal affair and is best avoided if you want to prevent any legal trouble as a result of your golfing activities.

Usage Capability

A quality golf rangefinder by genuine brand lasts long. You should be able to use it for a good two to three years before you get yourself a new one, following a user instruction manual will help you make it last long. To keep the rangefinder safe, its worth mentioning to opt for the right golf bag with dedicated space for rangefinder.

Battery Life

The high quality golf rangefinders that are available for sale in the market are those that come equipped with batteries at the time of purchase. These batteries are characterized by a long shelf life and need to be charged for just an hour or two during the day in order to keep the golf rangefinder functioning for several hours on end. The batteries are capable of lasting for at least three to four years before you have to throw these away and get yourself new ones.


Some of the top golf rangefinders offer multi mode operation to be used in different situations. For instance, the slope switch mode in several golf rangefinders make it possible for you to use the slope technology when using this device, and also to switch back to slope free operations when using the device in a tournament. Its a great functionality which helps greatly especially the amateur golfers.


The finest golf rangefinders in the market are those that are easy to afford and you will be in a position to buy these no matter what your personal budget is for golfing equipment. Prices are usually determined on the basis of the features and technology that the golf rangefinder is characterized by. Those that feature slope switch technology tend to cost more than the rangefinders that don’t boast of this facility.

There is a possibility of procuring golf rangefinders of a high quality for prices that are lower than the market price, if you carry out your purchase online. The product also gets delivered to your home for free when you buy it online, with no shipping charges being levied for this purpose.

First Priority Rangefinders vs Second Priority Rangefinders

The first priority golf rangefinders are those that are used in open golf courses where the views are obscure. By using such a golf rangefinder you are likely to get the most accurate idea of the distance that lies between you and the target area. Most top golf rangefinder brands make use of the first priority feature to facilitate its users in their golfing games. The second priority rangefinders are those that tend to ignore objects that lie immediately before you and move their focus to the most distant objects. While such best hunting rangefinders are normally used for activities like archery and hunting, you can use them on a golf course if you are an experienced golfer setting tough goals for yourself. You may also like to check our guide to the golf GPS watch & golf simulator which gives you great golf ideas

Who Should Or Shouldn’t Use A Golf Range Finder?

A golf rangefinder is great devide for newbies who find it difficult to determine the distance to the flag or target. It helps you to gauge the distance thus bringing about a level of accuracy in your golf swing and the way you set your targets on the golf course. If you wish to improve swings like tee shots for example, then using a golf rangefinder can help you greatly. In this case it would be great to use a second priority golf rangefinders. If taking part in a golfing tournament is what is foremost on your mind, then using a golf rangefinder is something that you should avoid. This is because most golf rangefinders that feature slope technology, are banned in professional golfing tournaments. One should opt for Tournament legal golf rangefinders taking part in a golfing tournament. A look at rules and regulations issued by the USGA and R&A. would help to have a better understanding about usage of such devices.

Mistakes To Avoid While Buying A Right Golf Rangefinder

  • Conduct Proper Research

Conducting proper and extensive research is absolutely necessary if you are looking to get hold of a good golf rangefinder to improve your golfing game. You should carry out a background check on the different golf rangefinder models that are available for sale on the internet before you decide to buy one for your personal use.

  • Don’t Neglect Any Golf Rangefinder Review

The golf range finders in the market, both the laser rangefinders and the GPS rangefinders are well-reviewed by experts from time to time. You should read these reviews with considerable care and weigh the pros and cons of every golf rangefinder before you finally end up making a purchase. Neglecting reviews would not be a wise thing to do at all if you want some value for the money that you spend on a golf distance finder. The reviews are often quite reliable and accurate and help you to avoid buying a golf distance finder that will end up being more of a liability than an asset.

  • Opt For Tournament Legal Golf Range Finders

If you are looking to buy something like golf rangefinder for yourself then you should opt for one that can be legally used in golfing tournaments. Such a golf rangefinder should be one whose use is approved by the USGA and the R&A. By doing so, you will be able to avoid legal hassles and trouble that could otherwise have bothered you when taking part in a game of golf using a golf distance finder.

  • Don’t Buy Unauthentic Brands

Avoid buying golf rangefinder brands that are not authentic if you wish to keep yourself from making a bad purchase. Instead, you should opt for a golf rangefinder that has been doing the rounds of the market for the last four to five years at least and which has managed to attract good reviews from golfing experts and professionals.

  • Do I Need A Golf Rangefinder With Slope Mode?

Owning and using a golf rangefinder with a slope mode will cost you more than using one that comes without a slope mode. Using golf rangefinders with a slope mode may not be a good idea in the long run as these cannot be used in golf tournaments. So if you are looking to go pro in a golfing game and take part in golfing competitions, buying a rangefinder finder with slope mode would be a waste of money. You will end up spending a lot of cash on a device that you will not be allowed to use in the first place.

Popular Golf Rangefinder Brands


Bushnell is a company that has been in the business of manufacturing laser golf rangefinders since the year 1955. If you are looking for a sleek, fast as well as accurate golf rangefinder to own and use, then opting for one produced by Bushnell could prove to be a great idea. The Bushnell golf range finders feature slope switch technology. By utilizing this technology you can get some compensated distances around a golf course when you want it and also toggle yourself out of this feature when taking part in a tournament where the use of slope technology is disallowed.

The Callaway golf rangefinders are characters by a sleek appearance and pin pricking precision. Callaway golf rangefinders include rangefinders that operate on laser technology as well as those that work on GPS technology. The Callaway golf rangefinders are usually equipped with both batteries and carry cases at the time of purchase. Callaway is a well renowned golf brand manufacturing different equipment like golf clubs, golf push carts and many other golf accessories

If you are looking to make some very precise distance measurements when engaging in a game of golf, then the Nikon golf rangefinder is something that you should own. The Nikon golf rangefinders are those that combine optical performance with very advanced technology for distance measurement. You will be able to decide whether you can play it safe or simply go ahead and aim for some pin gains when you have such golf rangefinders in your possession. Once you have an accurate understanding of the distance between various objects on the course, you can take the right swings with your golfing club and attack the entire course.


Choosing the best golf rangefinder for your golfing needs is certainly not an easy task and needs to be carried out with much thought and care. Ideally, the best golf distance finder & above-given golf laser rangefinder reviews that you own should be one that helps you to improve your golfing game, enabling you to choose the right golfing clubs and take the right shots after accurate measuring the distance lying between objects on the golf course. Purchasing a golf rangefinder manufactured by a brand of repute like Nikon, Callaway or Bushnell would, therefore, be a good idea if you truly want to benefit from this product and use it to enhance your golfing abilities like never before.