⛳ Draw vs Fade: Which Is Better And What’s The Difference?

If you’ve played golf for a significant time, you know no one can hit the ball straight every time. Whether it’s a beginner or advanced player, both either play with a draw or fade.

The truth is, the ability to hit both the shots or one at a condition is vital for improving the game. Now the question arises Draw or Fade which one is better for the game.

draw vs fade

For a right-handed player, a draw is a shot that moves from right to left. On the other hand, the fade will move from left to right. 

Generally, if the ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate are equal, both draw and fade will give you the same distance. 

In this guide, we will go through the difference between a draw and a fade and which one is more suitable for you. 

Which is Better? – Draw VS Fade

The draw and fade both are equally good shots. The thing that you should focus on is what works for your game. For some golfers, the draw is their natural ball flight, while others tend to fade more.

That is why it’s essential to focus on something that you’re comfortable playing with. Just because someone thinks draw is better won’t necessarily be better for their game. It would help if you concentrated on playing shots that come to you more naturally.

how to hit a draw

How to Hit a Draw?

When it comes to hitting a draw, you can try performing the movement a handball player uses to curve the ball from right to left. For a draw, your right hand will play a more crucial role.

Turn away your right hand to hide the knuckles instead of rotating it towards the left. You have to place the ball opposite your left shoulder and your stance to a close position. This should be adequate to create the path that you’re trying to achieve.

With this arrangement, your wrist will roll over to produce the draw you’re looking for.

how to draw a golf ball

Pros of Hitting a Draw :

The incredible benefit of a draw is that when you hit it, you’re more likely to get more distance than you would with a fade.

The draw usually has a lower trajectory and more topspin that will give you more distance and rollout. 

This shot is very desirable because it’s very consistent. The player knows this shot will curve, so it is relatively easy to control. 

Most draws have less backspin than the fade of similar distance that means the wind wouldn’t cause any problem while hitting a draw. 

golf draw vs fade

How to Hit a Fade?

Hitting a fade is no more difficult than hitting a draw. Just keep in mind that for a fade, the clubface should be open at impact. You can start by pointing your body just left to your target.

For gripping, you can grip the club naturally, but it should be strengthened on your left hand. A firm grip on the left hand will prevent your wrist from rolling over, resulting in a draw.

Now take your clubface and try to aim it exactly where you want your ball to land. The next step is to swing as you would with any other shot. 

Some golfers try to achieve a fade by manipulating the swing and bringing the clubface from outside to inside. This could work but just complicates the process more and where things can go wrong. 

how to hit a fade

Pros of Hitting a Fade :

If you hit a controlled fade, it creates a backspin in the ball; hence, the ball is easier to control. 

A fade can offer a more soft landing. 

A fade tends to sacrifice a bit of distance but gives you better control to improve your game. 

how to hit a draw with a driver

Should Beginner Golfers Play Draw And Fade?

If you’re a beginner, we would advise you to learn how to hit a ball both ways, and then you can make your decision.

This is because if you practice well, you’ll see you naturally hit the ball, either a draw or fade.

It’s best to stick with what comes naturally within you. For example, you may find you’re hitting 75 % of the times a fade and rest 25 % times a draw. You don’t have to take stress to make this a 50 -50 ratio. 

It’s always good to find your comfort shot but have the other skill in your basket. You may want to play your least favorite option in extreme conditions; that’s why it’s essential to learn both.

how to hit a draw in golf

Final Verdict

To conclude, which is better, Draw, or Fade? We’d say one that is best for you and one that you can easily control. Your natural shot is drawn very well; it fades no issue; you can work both the ways.

It would be best if you didn’t worry until your natural shot is a hook or slice. We advise you not to get obsessed with one shot and start focusing on other things that might improve your game. Try to go with the natural ability and try to play shots you can easily repeat.

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