A Few Ways To Encourage Your Child To Be Physically Active [Infographic]

It is a sad fact that only 1 out of 3 children are active and less than 50% of the time is spent on physical exercising. Hence this leads to obesity and other problems. Therefore we must find out ways to encourage children to be active. Here are a few such ways by which this can be done.

Few Ways To Encourage Your Child To Be Physically Active

  • Talk To Your Child’s Doctor

Your doctor talking to your child and explaining about the importance of physical activity will work much better than you trying as parents. Hence, this is an important point which we always must keep in mind.

  • Identify A Fun Activity

Each Child has its own interests, likes and dislikes. Hence, the onus lies on you to find out ways and means by which you can identify the right activity and persuading the child to take it up as a regular physical workout. It should be outdoor activity for sure.

  • Keep The Age In Mind

When choosing such activity, you must keep the age of the child in mind. There are different activities in relation to the age of the child and only those workouts must be chosen. You spend time on the internet, you are certain to get many such activities based on age group and also gender.

  • Planning For Future

While choosing the right activity may not be a difficult task, you must ensure that you create the right infrastructure and environment for the child to be at it on a continuous basis. This requires quite a bit of planning and planning with the future in mind.

  • Create A Safe Environment

It also is important that you create a safe environment for your child as far as these activities are concerned. The site you choose and the equipment and gadgets which you provide must be adequate and of the best quality. There cannot be any compromise on this.

  • Provide Toys Which Make Them Active

The sports activity which you provide to your child is directly related to the toys. Always make sure that you provide toys which make the child move around, runs around and be active. Balls, jump ropes and other such toys are the ones you should aim at.

  • Be A Role Model

As parents you must be a role model and be with the child as it does the physical activity. If you sit in a corner and be busy with your mobile phone, it will not be long before you child also chooses this route.

  • Don’t Overdo It

The onus lies on the parents to ensure that the children are kept within the limits of tolerance as far as these physical activities are concerned. They must not overdo it.

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