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Thomas Spears

Foreword: Sports have never been impacted by Technology as much as it is today. The use of apps, smartphones, and digital gadgets to record, analyze stats to come to conclusive actionable is increasing day by day. Golf is no different either, golfers are using advanced devices to help them lower their scores by using technology to their advantage.

Golf Launch monitors are one such device, and today I’m gonna review Flightscope Mevo, a launch monitor that can help a golfer judge the distance right after hitting the shot.

Thomas Spears

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FlightScope Mevo Personal Launch Monitor
  • PRACTICE WITH PURPOSE with this LIGHTWEIGHT and PORTABLE 3D Doppler radar-based launch monitor.
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All the people who play golf are searching for improvement on their swing, but only a few can do this on their own. You have to access the data to appreciate the swing dynamics and there is no other way to do this, then to use a launch monitor.

In this review of flightscope Mevo, we will discuss the features and benefits of this device that has helped a lot of players.

flightscope mevo review

A Brief History 

Henry Johnson founded Flightscope in 1989 to track projectiles for the defense industry. Since then they made an impression on a large number of ball sports and other sports that include moving projectiles like golf, tennis, baseball, and even bowling. 

The golfers that have shown curiosity in the launch monitor space, have shown an increase in number since the launch of budget-friendly devices. 


Flightscope Mevo is a 3D Doppler radar launch pocket-sized monitor for indoor and outdoor use and it will benefit golfers in their game improvement. It is light in dimensions but comes with many features and you can compare it with some more high priced devices available in the market.

The device has a white body with red rubber edges. The swing measurement data is given back to you in real-time, thus helping you to examine your swing data and to find out which areas need improvement.

MEVO Means:

MMeasure your numbers – gives real-time feedback data of the performance

EEvaluate your game – helps you to save, upload and share recorded swing data

VVisualize your improvement – gives feedback on recorded video clips and overlays data.

OOptimize your performance – record video clips and store them for future analysis.

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The Mevo Has Three Modes Available




The chipping mode pertains to shots under 50 yards and in the future versions of the app, it will be renamed to pitching.

flightscope mevo


The Flightscope Mevo is small and measures 3.55 inches x 2.76 inches x 1.18 inches and it weighs at less than half a pound. The weight and size make it convenient and fit in your pocket allowing you to take it out on the Golf Course.


To recharge the battery there is a USB cable and it links via Bluetooth to the Mevo app on your smartphone.

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Setting up Mevo is an easy process because you place the device on the ground. There is a kickstand that folds and you place it 4 feet behind your ball on the target line. See that your phone is close enough to have a clear signal and it is connected to Bluetooth.

It is highly advised to use the video option for the best results. It is recommended by the flightscope that you stick small metallic dots or stickers on your ball for more accuracy in the measurement of backspin. This is applicable to all the three modes offered.

The stickers are available from flightscope, but while practicing at the driving range, this could be unrealistic when you use range balls. If the stickers are used in an indoor environment, it will add value and increase the accuracy of the feedback. - Huge selection of new and used golf equipment


When Mevo is set up, you can adjust the settings for chipping, indoor and outdoor shots like the distance of the tee, altitude, and display the feedback on the screen. Mevo provides audible feedback on a selection of measurements at the end of every shot.

There are many other features in the app that can be changed to match your needs.


How The Flightscope Mevo Works

Having experience with most of the compact launch monitors there is smaller window access to the device so the projected launch height of the ball requires setup on the device to get this on the MI vo you have to select the club that you are going to use.

Once you have selected the club on, app Mevo will pick up movements of the club and start with recording automatically and so free your hands up to concentrate on the swing.

While recording your swing in video mode, Mevo will record the full swing from the start to the completion. This will be started as soon as it detects the movement of the club until the clubhead stops moving.

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Using the basic editing tools, you can mark the key positions which you intend to dissect in your swing. On the completion of a set of shots, the data is collected in the app and you can view the feedback on your smartphone.

This can be for a specific shot or a review of the collection of shots you have just finished.

The five main categories mostly used are ball speed, clubhead speed, launch angle, spin rate and carry distance.

As shown earlier Mevo’s radar depends on the metallic dots for accurate spin rate direction. Although it provides feedback on the spin rate without dots, it will not be accurate for analysis.

flight scope


It is possible to get free-range sessions out of a single charge however it is advisable to charge it after every session. A battery indicator will show you how much battery life is available still.


The data given by the Mevo is more than sufficient for the majority of the golfers. It is not suitable for golf club fitting and the golfers that require more detailed clubhead information like club path, face to path and angle of attack. The Mevo+ provides more information and is more suitable for advanced golfers.

The feedback given by Mevo is :

Carry distance

Clubhead speed

Smash factor

Apex height

Ball speed

Spin rate

Vertical launch angle

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The Mevo App

The Mevo app integrates into a focus band, a brainwave sensing system to train the brain into a calm state, improving your performance.

There is the automatic synchronization of your data with cloud service. All your data and recording will remain in the app for analysis on your mobile. You can download a CSV file from cloud service without being online.

mevo plus


The indoor mode aims at shots that travel less than 40 yards in a hitting cage.

When using a launch monitor indoors for exact results, the use of photometric launch monitors is preferred because they take measurements when the Golf ball and clubhead make contact. ball at impact.

Flightscope Mevo uses Doppler radar technology to measure ball flight requiring upwards of 12 to 15 feet to take accurate measurements for the unit. Flightscope suggests that you have 4-7 feet behind the ball and 8 feet in front of the ball for proper readings.


The outdoor mode aims at shots where the ball flight will not be interrupted by the net or wall.

The extra space available in an outdoor setting will allow the Mevo to produce more accurate information than in a small indoor setting because the launch monitor after impact will be able to track the ball for long distances.

You will not get fully accurate feedback by using driving range balls as they are different from the premium balls that most of the golfers use. The data will be fairly good and you will be able to compare between the shots that you have hit with a specific club.

mevo vs mevo plus

Chipping / Pitching

The chipping mode aims at shots that travel 20 yards or less through the air.

Pros –

Accurate readings both indoors and outdoors

Saves the data

Lightweight and compact

Adapt to all phone sizes

Attaches to all types of golf bags

Works on all ground surfaces

Produces a video for analysis


Cons –

Less accurate than more expensive launch monitors

Inconsistent reading if not using the metallic dots

Flightscope Mevo Alternatives

1. Skytrak

Skytrak is a photometric launch monitor that uses high-speed cameras to calculate ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate accurately and instantaneously upon impact between the clubface and ball.

Ball Flight, carry distance, angle of descent, total distance, roll, and offline deviations are calculated on information gathered by cameras.

It provides feedback in audible form after every shot and the images on your mobile.

mevo golf

The monitor is set up simply on a flat piece of ground and easy to use. Mevo needs a metallic sticker on ball whereas Skytrak needs you to place your ball on red dot given by SkyTrak and swing through the ball.

Skytrak weighs 1.7 pounds and the battery lasts up to 5 hours.

Skytrak can double up as a golf simulator and can be used indoors and outdoors. There are few software options available on inexpensive subscription. The software is compatible only with the PC and an iPad. The software includes game improvement games.

2. Voice Caddie SC200

The Voice Caddie SC 200 uses Doppler radar like the FlightScope Mevo and is similar in size as both compare well in size to iPhone 6.

Feedback through an audible output is given after every swing thus giving you sufficient information and you need not go to the device to see the feedback. You can get feedback on possible distances even from practice swings, so you need not place the ball to get the precise feedback.

flightscope x3

Just like most of the competitors in the category, the Swing Caddie SC200 does not need any external device like a mobile phone to connect with to get the feedback. The data is stored on the device and it can be accessed with the remote control.

It provides feedback on Total distance, club head speed, carry, ball speed, and Smash Factor.

The Random or Target Mode allows you to assess your accuracy for a single club or randomly for different clubs providing a fun exercise while on the driving range.

3. Rapsodo MLM

The Rapsodo R-Motion attaches to the shaft of the club and measures club information such as face angle, clubhead speed, and club path. It does not collect ball related data such as launch angle, ball speed spin, or quality of contact resulting in a loss in the accuracy of the data recorded.

flight scope mevo

It is not only a string analyzer but it can double up as a simulator which has access to 15 virtual courses as a part of the package. The battery lasts for nearly four hours and is rechargeable with the USB interface. It is great value for money if used for enjoyment and fun while still getting valuable feedback.

Final Thoughts

The Mevo is a launch monitor that aims at the mass market and not the commercial market. There are all the features on this launch monitor that are available on the commercial and other more expensive launch monitors.

The Mevo gives you reasonably accurate data that enables you to improve your golf swing to a certain level.

You get variable data related to spin rate and the ball flight, but little data related to what occurs in the impact zone.

The app works well and data can be useful for an analysis of your swing. The data is stored on the app and is always available to you when you want to review your swing, even on dreary winter days when you are stuck in the house.

Mevo can be used indoors if there is enough space available and also outdoors.

Mevo struggles to compete with the commercial launch monitors yet it is great value for money and is worthwhile if you want to improve your swing on a budget.

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