6 Full-Body Stretching Exercises [Infographic]

Your body needs stretching because too much inactivity and sedentary life style could lead to contracting of the muscles and cramping. This could lead to a host of problems including bone and joint pain, muscle spasms and so on. Hence it would be advisable to do some full-body stretching exercises. Here are six of them.

  • The Runners Stretch

This is a very good exercise which helps to keep the leg muscles, arms, shoulders and back in good condition. You can do it easily. All you have to is to bend, push you right foot forward as much as you can and then touch the feet with your hands. You must repeat it for the left foot also.

  • The Standing Side Stretch

This is a fantastic exercise which could help stretch your leg, hand and back muscles and also help to stretch your spinal cord too. You must stand with your feet together closely. You have to clasp your hands as you raise your arms 90 degrees. You must inhale while raising and move your arms from one side to another.

  • The Forward Hang

This is another simple exercise. You have to stand with the feet hip distance apart with knees slightly bent. The hands must be interlaced behind your back. You must bend forward and the laced hands must be moved up as much as possible behind. Repeat it around five or six time. This gives exercise to almost the entire lower and upper part of the body.

  • The Low Lunge Arch

This exercise calls for stepping the right foot forward into a lunge. Lower your left knee and bring the arms front near the right leg with thumbs hooked. Sweep your arms up as you breathe in and stretch as far back as you can. Take deep breaths and change sides. This certainly is a fantastic exercise that could help in giving suppleness to your back shoulders, arms and your limbs and the lower extremities.

  • The Seated Back Twist

This is a good exercise for the legs and also the back and arms. Sit on the floor with legs spread straight. Bend the right knee and place it across the spread left leg. Your right hand must be touching the floor. Left elbow has to be bent and should be turned to the right. The arms must be against your right knee. You must inhale as you sit straight and upright.

  • The Bound Angle

This is another squatting exercise and you have to bend your knees and bring your soles of feet together. You must hold your shins, inhale and stretch the chest upward. Exhale as you lunge forward using your hips and place the palms on the ground.

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