Best Golf Cart Heaters


Playing golf is something that most people think of only during the warmer months, but the truth is that many people would love to participate in this sport all year long. If you are one of these people, there is good news. There are now heaters made for your golf cart that keep your cart nice and warm so that you can play even in lower temperatures. Many can be placed right in the cup holder in your cart, and they also come in both propane and electric options.

Propane Golf Cart Heater

Stansport Deluxe Golf/Marine Infrared Propane Heater


  • 👉 Operates up to 8 hours on a 16.4 oz.
  • 👉 Supplies 3,500 BTU’s of heat
  • 👉 Whisper quiet operation for golf or marine enviroments
  • 👉 Matchless electronic ignition
  • 👉 Durable heat reflector


  • Very powerful and effective
  • A great value for the money
  • Easy to use and operate


  • Some complaints about strong winds putting out the heating coils
  • Some problems starting the device
  • Some problems with staying lit while on the golf course

With 3,500 BTUs of heat, the Stansport Deluxe infrared propane heater golf cart is whisper quiet whether you’re on the golf course or out on the water. On one 16.4-ounce propane cylinder, which is disposable, it can operate up to eight hours long, which should keep you nice and toasty for a day on the water or the golf course. It has a durable heat reflector and an electronic ignition that can be started without a match, making it easy to use every time.

Just because the Stansport golf cart heater is small doesn’t mean it isn’t efficient. Indeed, it is a very powerful little heater for the size, and it is both very reliable and user friendly. In fact, if you want to start playing golf in the winter time, this is a very handy device to have with you before you head out to the course. It simply makes playing golf a lot more comfortable when it’s chilly outside! Make sure you also check our guide to the golf clubs.

Heater For Golf Cart

Mr. Heater MH4GC - Golf Cart Propane Heater Reviews


  • 👉 One button push ignition/on function
  • 👉 4,000 BTU wind resistant burner and pilot system
  • 👉 Cup holder adapter
  • 👉 Automatic low oxygen shut-off system
  • 👉 Connects directly to a 1lb. disposable cylinder
  • 👉 90 degree tip-over safety switch


  • Easy and fast to ignite
  • Very user friendly and simple to use
  • Extremely efficient and a great value


  • Some complaints about the length of time it works
  • Some complaints about the “start” button being difficult to work
  • Some complaints about it working incorrectly in windy weather

The Mr. Heater MH4GC golf cart heater offers over five hours of operating time and produces 4,000 BTUs of heat. It has a tip-over switch and an oxygen depletion system, making it both very convenient and safe, and it even comes with a carrying handle that is ergonomically designed. It also has a protective screen that is wind resistant, meaning it will keep working even if you’re experiencing strong winds on the golf course.

Because this heater is so effective, many people use them in their tent when they go camping or in their UTV as they’re riding, and it has a large, but very quiet, fan so that the heat is circulated well. Many people get up to eight hours of heating time with this product, and it is both easy to use and heats up very quickly, so you don’t have to wait a long time to get comfortable once you’re seated in your golf cart. Don’t forget to check our handy guide to some coolest golf accessories like this.

Golf Heater

Heater Craft G200x - Golf Cart Portable Heaters


  • 👉 Ideal for use on the golf course or in the field
  • 👉 Doesn’t drain your cart’s batteries
  • 👉 And you won’t lose access to your cup holde
  • 👉 36vDC – 48vDC – Heating Element
  • 👉 Inrush Amperage 30A at start up
  • 👉 Uses no fossil fuels


  • Saves money
  • Consistent, even heat
  • Extremely efficient and long lasting


  • Some complaints about the heat output being low
  • May be a bit pricey for some people
  • Some complaints about it not lasting very long

The Heater Craft G200x is great for playing golf during the fall and winter months, and it is lightweight and portable at a weight of barely three pounds. It produces 4,500 BTUs of heat and has a flush mount faceplate or an under-dash design with a universal mounting bracket. It is small, but very powerful, and it is an golf cart electric heater that requires some drilling and installation for it to work correctly. In other words, you do not simply plug it in and go; however, that is a feature some golfers actually prefer.

Designed to work with a 48-volt electric golf cart, this golf cart warmer is powered by the batteries within the golf cart. Because it is electric, the heater provides for very consistent heat, and it is also very safe and inexpensive to operate. In fact, it can save you a lot of money because you won’t have to replace canisters of propane gas on a regular basis. Find more great products like this by checking out our guide to the golf drivers.

Golf Cart Heater Electric

Mr. Heater Little Buddy - Most Portable Golf Cart Heater


  • 👉 Powerful, yet portable, propane heater
  • 👉 CSA certified for indoor use
  • 👉 Push button ignition
  • 👉 Oxygen depletion sensor
  • 👉 Auto shutoff for accidental tip-over
  • 👉 3800 BTUs of heating power


  • Never has a heavy or unpleasant odor
  • Works extremely well, even in cold temperatures
  • It sometimes gets too warm, which isn’t a problem in most cases


  • Isn’t specifically made for golf carts
  • Some complaints about not heating up well
  • Some complaints about internal leaks

Although not designed for golf carts or motorized vehicles, the Mr. Heater Little Buddy propane heater is often used for this purpose nonetheless. The ignition button is easy to use and provides a one-touch way of turning on the heater, and it can heat up to 100 square feet. It has a safety shut-off valve that keeps it safe even if it tips over, and it will also shut off automatically when the oxygen level gets too low.

Because this heater works so efficiently, many people use it in tents or cabins when camping or hunting, where it sometimes works so well that the tent or cabin may get a little too hot. Even in low temperatures, such as those below 20ᵒF, the heater works extremely well, and it can even heat up to 200 square feet in some instances. To feel even more comfortable while golf, make sure you pick one of the best gadgets of golf game.

Best Golf Cart Heaters Propane

Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B Little Buddy 3800-BTU Indoor Safe Propane Heater, Medium Size


  • 👉 Two heat settings: 4,000 & 9,000 BTU/HR
  • 👉 Fold-down handle reduces storage space
  • 👉 High temperature wire guard
  • 👉 Low/High heat settings
  • 👉 Low-oxygen safety shut-off
  • 👉 Swivel regulator for easy LP cylinder


  • Perfect for smaller areas such as tents and sheds
  • Heats up an area very quickly
  • Great value for the money


  • Some complaints about it being difficult to start
  • Some complaints about it breaking soon after purchase
  • Some complaints about it not staying lit for very long

The Mr. Heater F215100 propane heater is made for areas up to 95 square feet, so it isn’t specifically made for golf carts or motorized vehicles. It is odor free and has a 45-degree heating angle, which makes it easy to use and versatile. It provides 3,800 BTUs of heat and is designed to run a little over five hours. There is a sensor for low oxygen levels and a special switch that cuts off if it is accidentally tipped over, and it is good for smaller areas such as tents, patios and decks, garages, jobsites, campers, and sheds and barns, among others.

This heater is not intended for elevations above 7,000 feet, nor should you use other types of accessories not specifically made for the heater. For hunting, camping, or weekend getaways, however, it is the perfect little heater, and it is very efficient and inexpensive to use. Love golf? Check out our review of the golf cart bag for out top picks.

Portable Golf Cart Heater

3G Portable Propane Heater for Golf Carts


  • 👉 Lasts up to seven hours on one 16.4-oz.
  • 👉 3,000 B.T.U. ceramic heater element
  • 👉 Piezo matchless electronic ignition
  • 👉 Sturdy base, includes one cup holder
  • 👉 Includes (1) Propane Heater
  • 👉 Stainless steel regulator with safety grid


  • Very user friendly
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Very reasonably priced


  • Some complaints about having to re-light it often.
  • Some complaints about the noise it makes.
  • Some complaints about the wind causing it to go out.

Made by 3G, this golf cart heater will last up to seven hours on one 16.4-ounce propane cylinder. It provides up to 3,000 BTUs of heat, and it has a stainless-steel regulator with a safety grid. It starts easily without a match, and it also comes with an automatic shut-off valve for extra safety. The heating element is made out of ceramic, so it is a well-made heater that is built to last for a very long time.

For people who love to play golf all year long, this is the perfect golf cart heater because it puts out a lot of heat and is easy to use, regardless of how mechanically inclined you are. It is small, but powerful, and it is very reliable and durable as well.

Stansport Golf Cart Heater

Propane Golf/Marine Heater with Cup Holder


  • 👉 Golf/Marine Propane Heater with Cup Holder.
  • 👉 Durable stainless steel burner.
  • 👉 Aluminum reflector with safety guard.
  • 👉 Steel carrying handle.
  • 👉 Durable heat reflector.
  • 👉 Auto off valve shuts off fuel if flame goes out.


  • Keeps you very warm for a long time
  • Very inexpensive
  • Very easy to start and to utilize


  • Some complaints about it being difficult to start.
  • Some complaints about it not staying lit.
  • Some complaints about the wind turning it off.

Made by Best Turf West-RH, this heater is perfect for your time either on the golf course or on the water. It has an easy-to-use, push-button starter that makes it super fast to turn on, as well as a high/low button, a cup holder stand, and a stand to use on either the floor or a table. This makes it a very versatile golf cart heater, and it provides up to 5,000 BTUs of heat every time you use it.

It is also a very lightweight and portable heater, weighing less than three pounds, and it is efficient and inexpensive. If you’re wanting to keep your hands warm in between golf shots, this heater does the trick every time, and it even stays lit when you’re driving your cart over rough terrain or large bumps. In fact, this is a great overall heater for your golf cart or boat, making it the perfect item to have when you’re golfing or boating.

Choosing The Right One – Propane Or Electric Golf Cart Heater?

Best Propane Golf Cart Heater

Just like the name suggests, these heaters work on propane gas, which are usually purchased in cylinders. The power from the heater comes from that cylinder of propane, and one of the disadvantages of using this type of heater is that you will constantly be purchasing propane cylinders, which could become quite costly. However, propane golf cart heaters are also compact and lightweight, making them very simple to use.

In addition, propane heaters usually fit right in your cart’s cup holder, and, therefore, there is no complicated installation involved. If the one you purchase comes with a stand, you can use it in other places as well, and they can even be used along with a cart cover as long as there is adequate ventilation. If you do add one of these covers, it is smart to keep one flap open just to make sure the ventilation is enough to keep you safe.

Propane Golf Cart Heater


  • Very simple to use with no complex installation involved.
  • A very efficient and strong source of heat.
  • Can fit right in your cart’s cup holder, making it very convenient.


  • Can be costly over time.
  • Can sometimes be difficult to find the cylinders.
  • Some users do not like that they are not permanently attached to the cart.

Electric Golf Cart Heater

Electric Golf Cart Heater

Unlike propane golf cart heaters, heaters that are electric are usually permanently attached to the golf cart itself. They are usually mounted on the steering column or the dashboard and they take their power from the cart’s battery. In most cases, once you purchase an electric golf cart heater, you can attach it to any brand of golf cart; however, sometimes this isn’t the case. If you already own a golf cart, you should check to make sure the heater you’re thinking of buying will fit that particular cart. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time and money.

Many electric cart heaters also have temperature controls that are adjustable. Even if these controls consist of only “high” and “low,” it still makes these heaters easier to operate in places where the outdoor temperature tends to fluctuate. You also don’t have to purchase fuel of any type, which means over the course of a lifetime, these types of heaters are likely to cost you less money.


  • Permanent attachment means it will never fall off the cart.
  • No need to buy fuel/cylinders.
  • Some have adjustable temperature controls for convenience.


  • Its use depends on the current power of your cart’s battery.
  • Some users do not like the heater being a permanent part of the cart.
  • Watch out for proprietary brands that may not fit certain golf carts.

How To Select The Right Golf Cart Heaters Propane

Choosing the best golf cart heater for your needs is mostly a matter of considering what your tastes and preferences are. As you can see, there are pros and cons to both electric and propane golf cart heaters, so let’s consider a few things that might help you decide which one to purchase.

First of all, the BTUs provided range from 1,500 to 6,000 BTUs, and most manufacturers will include how big of an area that they will cover. All you have to do is read their detailed descriptions when you’re shopping for your heater. Certain conditions will affect how efficient each product is, and these include the outdoor temperature, the temperature setting when the product offers more than one, and whether you’re using the cart with or without a cover.

For instance, if you are using a cart cover and buy a mid-sized heater, an increase of up to 20 degrees can be expected in average conditions. If you set the temperature setting a bit higher, that number could possibly go up. Covers are safe for both propane and electric golf cart heaters – again, provided you have adequate ventilation. However, you also need to remember that the more ventilation you have (for example, opening and closing the flaps as you play golf), the more heat loss you experience, and in these cases, a model with a higher output might be advisable.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for the perfect golf cart heater:

⛳ Always purchase a heater made by a reputable company so that there is a good warranty and great customer service when you need it.

⛳ For electric heaters, make sure your battery is fully charged and ready to work.

⛳ Thoroughly read the descriptions and benefits of the product so that you fully understand exactly what you’re getting.

⛳ Keep in mind that not all electric heaters fit all electric golf carts, and that not all propane heaters offer the same BTUs, even when they are similar in size.

⛳ If you decide later on to purchase accessories for the heater, check with the company first to determine which, if any, of these accessories are appropriate and available.

⛳ Never go against anything you read in the instruction manual – which you should read from cover to cover – and always follow every single one of the manufacturer’s directions and recommendations.

There is no one answer to the question, “Which type of golf cart heater should I buy?” Different products will work great for different people, so the best thing you can do is learn everything you can about both types and make sure you base your decision on what is best for you.


Golf cart heaters come in both electric and propane types, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The BTU power is an important consideration when you’re trying to decide between one or the other, but if you already own your own golf cart, you should probably just go with the type that your cart can accommodate. Each type of heater provides a large amount of heat, so regardless of the one you choose, you should be quite comfortable while you’re on the golf course.

Playing golf all year around used to be just a dream, but thanks to these wonderful heaters, it is now a reality. All you have to do is consider which type of heater will suit your needs best, and the rest of the process should be simple.