GX7 Driver Reviews

Before we delve into GX7 Driver Review, I’d want share a few interesting stats to set the tone.

A beginner or an average golfer is set to lose up to 30 Yards due factors such as lower ball speed and too much backspin which can decrease a tremendous 22 yards carry and about 5 yards of roll from each drive that’s where most of the losing golfers concede to their rivals. A fact which often gets overshadowed by the will to succeed through trainings, tweaking grips or by improving your backswing. But your shots are going to remain short and crooked till you find more control, accuracy and distance; and that’s where GX7 X Metal Driver delivers by helping to work with your swing against trying to make your swing work with your driver.

Let’s discuss it in some more detail:

Most beginners have a clubhead speed slower than 100 MPH, and the pros consistently achieve a swing speed of 115 mph.

Hence, you suffer from some or all of these misfortunes:

You hit it from the center and have weaker drives.

Your shots land in the rough, trees, water hazards too frequently.

Frustrating slices, embarrassing pop-ups and pitiful worm-burners.

Deplorable variations in distance while hitting from one hole to the other.

Bad Results in spite of Good swings and hitting through center.

It’s natural to get dejected and considering quitting the game, but not anymore.

“My driver couldn’t be the problem? It's being used by top pros”

While it’s a very valid query but can you imagine a professional playing with a driver designed for amateurs, likewise its hold equally good for amateurs as well. You shouldn’t be struggling with a game just because the pros

That’s exactly what you’re doing. And it’s killing your game.

Things that GX-7 will Help You With:

It helps to improve your driving distance consistency.
Improved accuracy and enhanced control to hit right from the center
It can even convert your mishits in decent shorts.
You don’t have to struggle with dynamics of separate swings, hit the GX-7 just like your iron
Help you gain confidence against better players with faster swing and lowers your scores.

Help Your Game move to next Level With GX7 Driver

Loft: 14°: Helps you get the perfect launch trajectory keeping the slice minimized. Its loft angle is slightly more than a regular driver and lesser than a typical 3-wood.

Clubhead volume: 267cc (cubic centimeters) : A slightly fuller clubhead than a wood and a degree less than driver, offers a better hitting off the tee and is only going to get better with a little bit of practice.

Length: 43”: Just like a typical fairway wood, the notion of having a longest driver for speed and distance often work against you as it tend to make it difficult to hit with a square clubface, increasing the likelihood of a slice and cutting down on distance instead. Historically the drivers have been a 43” long, to further help strengthen the belief that you can work wonders with this length.


Will it be right for me?

If you have a swing speed lower than 100 mph and you regularly average 250+ yards off the tee, and you have a slice problem, then it’s definitely good for you.

How can the GX-7 help with my slice?

Open clubface is the reason why golfers take a slice and its often tough for beginner golfers square up at impact.

The GX-7 makes it easy with its multi-functional face progression that helps hit it square. Extra Loft, low & back center of gravity and shorter shaft are other slice-reducing factors.

What shots can I play with the GX-7?

GX7 is versatile once learn to hit it off the deck after some practice. You can aim for any shot requiring maximum distance and accuracy.
One can easily hit all par 4s and 5s – even in tough landing areas.
You can take Tee shots on par 3s as well.
Recover through the rough, bare ground, run-up shots or fairway bunkers.
You can hit a draw with your GX-7 driver.

Is it Legal to use GX-7 ?

Yes, 100%, very much against the big claims of 300 Yards+ distance due to the length of the driver, GX7 offers great carry distance while still being in the legal limits of golf rules pertaining to the length of the driver.