How To Calculate The Golf Handicap : Easy Golf Handicap Calculator

how to calculate golf handicap for 9 holes

A Brief Look Back at Golf Handicaps

A golf scoreboard handicap is the calculation of the golfer’s score or we can say it is a tabular form of the game in which the details of the scoring system are provided. 

This system or tabular format helps to attain the golfer with many different abilities involving various golfing techniques. As the name suggests handicap dictates the handpicked points that are more advantageous. 

In short, lesser is your handicap better the player you go. 

Players with lesser handicaps are better performers. Handicap rules vary from one federation to others. Different systems derive different handicap formulas with scoring techniques.

How do you figure out your golf handicap index?

The Golf handicap index calculation is no rocket science. USGA provides the most followed handicap index calculation. Scoring is so simple that even a poor mathematician can also calculate the index.

Adjusted gross score calculation is the first step towards the calculative index. The Adjusted gross score is the player’s performance, including conceded strokes, unfinished or non-calculative holes, and equitable stroke control. Amongst all equitable stroke is the most important adjustment.

Golf Handicap Index Chart

how to figure golf handicap


For handicapping methods, a player has to gain the maximum number to put down the holes depending on the course of handicapping tee combination of different playing styles. The above tabular format shows scoring for both adjusted and gross score.

The handicap differential system can be determined by subtracting the rated course from the adjusted gross handicap score. Now we are required to multiply the given result by 113 and then divide the resulting rating of the slope. In the final calculation round of the digit to the next tenth. Here 113 is the standard difficulty rating.

How to Calculate Course Handicap

Course handicap is somehow equivalent to the scratch golfer. It involves the number of strokes played equivalent to the level of the scratch golfer. In short, the course can be dictated as a particular set of tees. Course handicap is a whole number nearest to the perfect digit.

There are many different courses calculating calculators available in the market right now. Among which USGA is the most accurate and highly used one. For calculating the course handicap through the available calculators in the market, you need your handicap index and slope rating involved.

Slope Rating: 

The slope rating ranges from 55 to 155 and here comes the 113 digit which is the average of these numbers also stated as the defined difficulty digit. With a 113 slope rating, the course rating will be lower than the course handicap as compared to the handicap index. 

Improving The Handicap:

There are different strokes on the golf through which you can improve your handicap in many ways.  With spring arriving in the picture, it is the perfect time to improve your stability and convert your performance to multiple stokes. In the new season, you can get an abundant opportunity for newer techniques. The majority of golf strokes revolve within 100 yards of the circuit. Time management is the key to success in this short stroke circulation. 

how to determine golf handicap

For improving your handicap you need various techniques to be followed punctually. First of all, you need to be very healthy throughout the tour. Health is the success of perfection. You need to be relaxed and calm before the game which directly affects your strokes. One needs to play with grit in achieving great results. For gaining the highest quality professional training one needs to be active in different circuits around the country and be aware of the tournament with extreme difficulty levels. This course will definitely improve your performance and help you to challenge yourself by providing better results.

What You’ll Need For The Golf Handicap Formula:

Calculating the handicap index involves various stepwise instructions. First of all to set a tabular format you need your processed data according to the specified dictation involved in the game of golf.

1. Adjusted Golf Score:

For setting the handicap you need a minimum of five golf scores. Adjust the gross score with 18 holes or 9 ten-hole scores of five readings. For adjusted golf score add a number of the golf round and set it for maximum golf score according to the USGA rule.

2. Handicap Differential:

Once you get your adjusted score it helps you to find out your handicap differential.

Handicap differential =  adjusted gross score – course rating*113/ slope rating

golf handicap formula

3. Calculating the handicap index:

Handicap index = sum of differentials/ no. of differentials * .96 

There are different ways of calculating the handicap potentials but these are the most preferable and accurate ones.

Hope you have now understood how to calculate the golf handicap and various steps involved in it!