🏌️ How To Swing A Golf Club Step by Step – Improve Your Golf Swing 2021

how to swing a golf club

You are just one correct swing away in making your game perfect and go the long way.

We can consider the swing of the Golf Club as the first thing we prepare and learn as a beginner. After some learning and practising on the golf course we may do some wrong swing mechanics. Your golf handicap can be improved greatly and injuries can also be prevented if you play the swing the right way. Even in the long run the detailed swings will be able to help you improvise and rise above the golfers’ block too. We have tried to make you earn more ways to get better and confident on the golf course.

Great Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing

You can improve your golf swing by following some key points that will help you to have the optimum control on the club movements you make.

how to hold a golf club

➽  Before you take the golf swing your feet should be firm on the course and while you sway back and forth this will have a great impact on your swing in an adverse manner. For keeping yourself in a standstill position you should practice on a hard surface and on flat ground so that you don’t lose your balance. Your balance can be polished if you are in a curb and ensure that you are using the right clubs. Some of us tend to buy a second-hand set of clubs, even for that the correct swing weight should be known before.

how to swing golf club

➽ The strength of an individual and the weight distribution of the club should match as this is a potent factor.

➽ The ball launching should be never made to go straight up or forward and the tilted circle around you should be the golf swing’s trajectory. An angle of 0-90 degrees will be made while you launch your ball from the ground. The extremes are never made with this kind of launch.

➽ The entire upper body is being used while you swing in the game of golf and the focus should be on the arm and waist movement. You will surely have a sweet spot of your club this way and your arms will be the (center of radius) with which the club moves. Slight movements but in a measurable amount is also good for the swing to draw the required power, so you should rotate your body properly and your hips, legs, and arms should be made to move too.

➽ A person’s mind can play a dual role while you play, the negative and the positive side. Any kind of probabilities or calculations should not affect your brain in an adverse manner while you play on the golf course. Hands may get sweaty and you might lose control of your clubs. So, staying calm is the best thing to be followed and that will help in keeping you balanced and focussed while you aim your shot. Furthermore, the concentration should not be hampered in any way. Any of the new golfers are excused of any small amount of incorrections in their swing.

golf swing fundamental

➽ You may be urged many times to go for aggressive shots while on course. But there is a big no attached to this, as the shot should be powerful and not aggressive. Even your body also responds and gives the correct delivery of swings if you play in a balanced way. For the correct angle of the ball flight, sweet spot hits, and controlled distance try to be consistent with your calm attitude.

➽ The alignment of your body should be correct and the form should be correct while you take the swing. Correct positioning of arms, legs, hips, and hands should be there at every step and move you make. While practicing the game may be slow, but gradually you will get use to it and will be able to deliver more confidently and naturally.

The Steps To Follow- How To Swing Your Golf Club?

1. Address

Stand by maintaining some distance between your feet and keep your limbs loose and the shoulder should be kept at proper width and the feet should point straight. The feet should be kept at the same posture and you should lean towards the ball. Keep your spine curved and the hips should be extended, slight bend in the knees to be done. Toe line and the tee and ball should be at a distance and the latter should be ahead of it. After that, in your toe line’s front, the clubhead should be slightly behind.

This way, your swings will be more stable and the center of gravity will be maintained well by you, when the clubhead remains at the midpoint (of distance between your feet). Don’t twitch or let your feet shuffle after attaining this position. The boy should be made to lower on the right while you grip your clubs with your hands (below-left hand with the right).

how to swing a golf club for beginners

2. Grip

There are different types of grips while you hold your golf club. You should be comfortable with whatever type of grip you practice. The Vardon grip is quite popular and the last finger (tailing hand) goes between the middle and index finger (leading hand). The leading and trailing hands can be kept close without touching if you face some initial issues and this is referred to as the ten-finger grip.

3. The Golf-swing Trajectory

A circular path is followed by a golf swing as stated and the angle to the horizontal side. The ball gives consistent results when the circle is tilted. Aiming high and upward may lead to ball scooping and only a short distance will be covered by the ball.

4. Backswing

how to swing a golf club step by step

Before starting the swing, you should shake yourself a bit. After setting your balance the feet position shouldn’t change and while you waggle, that makes you remain active. The target line and the clubhead should move parallel when the swing goes backward first, denoting towards a correct club path. Similarly, the ground and the clubhead should also be parallel while you swing. The weight of the golfer’s body is transferred to the side that is dominant when the club is halfway near the top. The right-handed will have an inclination accordingly and the left-handed player also. Its better that the left arm is extended and you keep the right side close.

5. Complete Backswing

how to swing a golf club correctly

The half swing completes when you make your golf club reach to the back-arc’s top. For reaching there the left side should be used by you to swing, and the hips must rotate in action. Make the left knee turn inward (helping hip), while the rotation angle is half to that of arms.

6. Halfway Downswing

The golf ball is hit and it is cardinal in a downswing. The right knee should lean inwards, left knee to turn back when the golf swing is brought down by you. Ensure to position your head straight, and again a parallel situation is there with the ground when the club makes the path in a back position. Keep your estimation correct as you did it earlier. Gravity should not be the only ruling factor for your movements that are steady. A parallel club position helps your leads to the momentum control of the club when the lag occurs. The decision is yours here whether you hit a shot that is long and momentum to be lowered for covering a short distance.

7. At Impact

how do you hold a golf club

The right knee along with the leg should be bent when having the maximum impact position and also to lean towards the left knee, and the balancing should be on toes. While being at this juncture if the right leg isn’t turned properly, then the efficient transferring of power doesn’t take place and there are chances of you to get a physical jolt this way in upper body parts.

8. Follow-Through

In this kind of action both your arms remain completely engaged. The extension happens fully when your right shoulder points towards the ground and the arms (both) swing forward.

9. Conclusion Of The Swing

The shoulders tend to swivel, the arms stay extended and rotate around the head as the energy flows. 

The golf ball is directed correctly when you control the club in the right way. The above mentioned are the general guidelines that can make you improve your swing and game of golf. Slight changes may be noticed by you in the entire process as you master your game of golf.

The Conclusion

An action of precise moments is what a golf swing is and this is the way it appears. Some of the golfers may end up performing swings like a gorilla with their handicaps while they pay for it. Though the distance and angle are judged correctly by them a good shot isn’t translated by them. Gradually, the ball will follow your instincts, if initially, the game is slower, more practice will lead to the best results.

You need to have a consistent contact with your golf ball, after you swing it. The distances and their correlation and your shot patterns will be clear to you this way, and these steps are simple and strike a chord this way. All these words of wisdom, detailing and compilation will surely prove of great benefit to the amateur golfers. I hope you all liked our article that was specially written after a lot of research and for your game enhancement. You can leave your comments and we have more articles on golf and golf gear that will make you explore your favorite game more.