Mini Drivers Reviews – The Truth You Should Know

With the introduction of Pittsburgh Persimmon (the original metal wood) in 1979 the golf was changed forever. Huge 40 years and TaylorMade still continues with its heritage of innovation that have game-changing technologies and products that are designed with brilliant engineering to support golfers deliver their best.

Even their Original Mini Driver assimilates the same legacy of innovation along with the newest technologies. Not only this it has a confident inspiring shape that supplies great accuracy, distance, and forgiveness.

Though there was a lot of hype when the Original One Mini Driver came as the TaylorMade had already launched the speed injected M5 and M6 drivers.

Since the M5 and M6 have impressed a lot of people in the golf industry but the Original One was something quite different.

With the years passing by and the modern developments in the technology the Mini is not a replacement for your driver rather designed to offer you more power and distance- power off the tee and control of a fairway wood.

What you reveal when the Original One Mini Driver is put to test… Check out here:

TaylorMade Golf Original One Mini Driver Review

TaylorMade Original One Mini Driver 11.5/Lh R
  • Off the tee, the Original One Mini Driver delivers a combination of excellent distance and accuracy, but with more control and forgiveness than a fairway wood
  • Faster swing speed players can benefit from ease of use off the deck with a combination of face height and CG--this club is designed to be our longest metal wood offering that is still playable from the fairway
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The One Mini Driver feels fasts and delivers an amazing ball speed with distance. All thanks to the high launch angle with the low spin combination.

The brilliant loft adjustability gets a versatile thanks.


Flight off the deck could be a bit difficult for some of the users. This one is less easy to align than the others.

Feels fast and delivers high ball speed and distance thanks to the high launch, low spin combination. Versatile thanks to the loft adjustability.

Key Features

  • The original one mini driver is known to deliver its best, is a perfect combo of excellent distance and accuracy

  • This club is created to be the longest metal wood offering by TaylorMade

  • Faster swing speed players can benefit from ease of use with a combination of face height and CG

  • The driver features Twist Face Technology which provides the ultimate path to straight distance

  • Comes with a revolutionary tri-material body which delivers ultra-low CG for distance and playability

  • Speed pocket is designed for additional flexibility below center face

Let Us Talk More About This In Detail:


The design of the Original One Mini Driver is quite impressive and the sharp and modern look is what is expected out of a TaylorMade product.

But the classic edge of the driver still reminds of the early days of the brand.

In nutshell I can say that the Mini Driver exceeds the visual appeal in every possible way. This TaylorMade driver includes all the technology that a small 275cc head should possess.

You are filled with confidence at the address of this mini driver. This is adequately big in size and so that you can give a great hit, but more control and comfort is offered by a smaller head.

Responsive Feel

A very responsive feel and sound is offered by the One Mini Driver off the tee. The sound is slightly different from the M5 and is not as loud as the driver. I don’t think that any club will be able to beat the sound of that club.

You can feel the shots hit coming out of the toe and heel. Most of the shots tend to come clean out of the middle due the confidence level provided by this club.


Shorter shafts offer lower club speed and these are not as fast as the driver. Though in a 13.5° loft option the low spin with a high launch were in excess of 255 yards.

All this can be fine-tuned through an adjustable loft.

Mini Driver VS Normal Driver

Let us read how a mini driver is different from a normal driver and does the former has a place in a golfer’s bag.

From The Tee

Certainly the Original One is full of power- barely 4-yards behind an M6 driver off-the-tee. The mini is a brilliant shout for the ones who are not fans of the modern driver’s size.

When you hit the shots from the centre virtually nothing is lost in terms of carry distance. Yes, you give up a chunk of ball speed with the extra loft.

The golfers who are not confident from the tee have this as a good option due to its extra forgiving quality.

A drop-off 26 yards (dispersion window 25-yard) was witnessed by our test pro between the on and off-centre hits when they used the M6 driver whereas between the longest and shortest shorts Mini had 36 yards (dispersion window 44-yard). This explains that the Mini is not the most forgiving option.

From The Fairway

All those golfers who appreciate the test pro find that 13.5° loft could be quite daunting to hit when not placed properly.

If you are confident of the loft then also ample of clubhead speed will be needed to form the turf with you Mini to flight shots perfectly.

This depends on your confidence as the fairway wood player who launches from the turf, seriously wanna rinse every last drop of ball speed and carry-distance from a fairway. This could be a good option for them.

Final thoughts

The Original Mini suits whom?

The answer for this is very specific golfers. Most of the modern drives offer a lot of forgiveness and this proves to be a great option for the ones who are sweating over the day’s first tee shot or a tight fairway.

Those golfers who feel that the small head magnifies focus and confidence then the Mini is the call. Those golfers that possess above-average swing speeds and want to give nothing up from the tee and add a fraction more distance along with an extra run out as you get a lower loft and launch from the fairway.

Experts advice: Try one prior you decide buying a Mini driver for your game. This will leave you with the optimal benefit.