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Foreword: What Shoes do Pro Golfers wear? Every active golfing mind often try to find out what their favorite golfer wear on their feet. Well, the choice depends on a no. of factors from comfort to traction and ability to withstand elements on the course. Unlike the past, golf shoes today come with a high level of customization.

For instance, a lot of effort goes into analyzing the golf swings to understand where the most traction is required to develop traction patterns accordingly. A shoe can have a varying firmness to support the feet where required. The below list unfurl all such elements along with some other cool features you can find in your next pair.

Thomas Spears

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The most useful and beneficial way of maintaining health while playing golf is by walking the golf course. Roaming in your preferred field allows you to explore the scenic beauty and stunning views around the plane. Walking 18 holes in a single term is quite a big thing. It is similar to strolling down the town for almost four hours. For things with meaningful purpose, you will need some good pairs of shoes with a comfortable posture.

Many golf brands have come up with user-friendly golf shoes that allow you to explore the larger areas with much ease.

We have covered up some of the hottest commodities in the market, depending on the area of use. Nevertheless, they provide enough support and a great feel. This covers Spikeless, leather, mesh, and waterproof shoes carrying specialized souls.

Top 5 Most Comfortable Golf Shoes 200

The 5 Most Comfortable Shoes Mens 2021

★ Best Overall ★

FootJoy Flex

FootJoy Men's FJ Flex Previous Season Style Golf Shoes Blue 9 M, Navy, US
3,126 Reviews

This model is one of the best overall golf shoes in the market, but the fact is that it doesn’t even showcase itself as a golf shoe. The FJ logo on the right side of the shoes counts for the cause; otherwise, it is as good as a casual shoe.

The product excels in breathability, comfort, and even the price tag at this level. It is extremely versatile and portable to carry. It is very hard to pick a product other than this for the same cause. The FootJoy has a large traction zone, which helps you to feel soft on your way to the green course. There is an additional EVA cushion support on the midsole. The mesh uppers carry a cool and refreshing feel with comfort fit during the hot days.

best golf shoes 2019

This FootJoy product is a complete mixture of style and athletic feel. It doesn’t have a spike, so you can freely go onto the course wherever you want. I don’t personally suggest you have only this shoe into your golf kit. These pairs don’t consist of waterproof material, so consider taking your measures accordingly. In reverse, it is the best and only choice when it comes to performance, looks, and feel.



Athletic and breathable feel.

It provides versatility as it is Spikeless.



The product is not waterproof.

Traction is on the lesser side as that of Spike shoes.

★ Close Runner Up ★

Addidas tour 360 XT-SL

adidas Men's TOUR360 XT Spikeless Golf Shoe, Footwear White/Collegiate Navy/Gold Metallic, 7.5 W US
2,128 Reviews
adidas Men's TOUR360 XT Spikeless Golf Shoe, Footwear White/Collegiate Navy/Gold Metallic, 7.5 W US
  • Leather and microfiber synthetic upper
  • Spikeless Puremotion outsole for enhanced flexibility and grip with X-Traxion primary lugs for grip...
  • Torsion X stability bar from ground up and INSITE Sockliner for fit and balance

The Addidas 360 XT-SL is a bit different from that of the FJ. It may lag in the comfort, but It is more versatile and smooth as compared to the FJ flex. I personally choose to opt for this one for the running purpose, but you can easily give it go for all-season shoes as it is a waterproof shoe.

Although the company discontinues this product, you can still find it on some online sites, including Amazon. It will completely give you an airy and mesh feel. The name 360 suggests that it is an all-rounder and gives you stability. The power of the swing through the soul comes the right way from the midsole. These pairs will help you to handle your weight balance, hence increasing your chances of a good swing.

Climastorm present in the shoe material is responsible for saving you from the water. The XT-SL is highly stretchable with a traditional orthodox look. If you are a die-hard golfer, then you will be going to prefer this one over the FJ flex.

most comfortable shoes mens


The shoe is waterproof.

It is very stable.

The look is simple and traditional.

Classic build.


The shoe is expensive as compared to the FJ flex and other available models.

★ Professionals’s Pick ★

Addidas Tech Response

adidas Men's Tech Response Golf Shoe, Black, 10 M US
23,070 Reviews

This Addidas shoe is often referred to as the best value shoe in the market. There is no doubt that when it comes to walking, the company excels in all the sectors with their best golf shoes. This might be due to the history of the company and presence in other sports where comfort fit is the main priority. You will feel great in these high-end shoes from Addidas.

These shoes are popular for long treks among many golf professionals. The price of the shoes is also not an issue and will suit your pocket according to the demand. This Spikeless product will give your golf a boost as it offers certain traction providing enough support.

The build quality consists of breathable mesh and a flexible upper layer that fits your leg absolutely smooth and won’t leave you any blisters. The rubber grips present in the outer soul like the spikes will give you enough grip and support on any surface. Most of the professional golf stores have these pairs available with them.

most comfortable golf shoes


These shoes are very affordable in comparison to other similar products with these specifications.

It has a good feel and a perfect look.

Midsole consisting of low EVA.


These shoes are not perfectly waterproof.

The traction is on the lower side.

★ Best in Value for money ★

Puma Grip Sport

PUMA Men's Grip Sport Golf Shoe, Peacoat/Marina, 7 Medium
209 Reviews
PUMA Men's Grip Sport Golf Shoe, Peacoat/Marina, 7 Medium
  • Soft Foam-Dual Density insole provides two unique layers of cushioning for customized comfort, fit...
  • Carbon Rubber-High abrasion resistant rubber that provides excellent grip and long lasting...
  • Grip Comfort Last-Rounder and more volume to fit any foot, ultimate comfort shoe.

The puma grip sport is highly recommended for the budget-friendly option in the market of professional golf shoes. If you have already spent many bucks buying other golf accessories and want to save some money, then this puma Grip sport is the perfect product for you.

These shoes are fabulous as they are extremely lightweight and highly breathable in harsh conditions. They are so smooth that you can’t even conclude that you are wearing your Puma Grip Sport shoes.

The performance of these lightweight sports shoes from puma lacks in comparison to the other models reviewed above. There are rubber spikes on the soul of the shoe to provide a perfect grip around the corners and other critical surfaces. They will lack perfection and grip in wet conditions.

These shoes will keep you away from the course on rainy days as the material is not waterproof. Beyond all the possibilities, the Puma Grip sport model is good to go if you are looking towards your budget.

waterproof golf shoes


These are highly affordable.

The product is lightweight and breathable.

Comfortable fit.


The traction is low.

Material is not waterproof.

★ Best Shoe in for walking with waterproofing ★

FootJoy Pro SL

FootJoy Men's Pro|SL Previous Season Style Golf Shoes, Navy/Light Blue, 7 M US
717 Reviews
FootJoy Men's Pro|SL Previous Season Style Golf Shoes, Navy/Light Blue, 7 M US
  • Exceptional stability - a perimeter weighted outsole allows for extreme stability and added...
  • Laser plus fit - The laser plus last offers a full rounded toe character, standard fit across...
  • Performance Leather - chromoskin leather, developed by Pittards of england, is a supple,...

If you are looking for a shoe which will cover all of your needs, including the rainy weather, then this is the product. The FootJoy Pro SL is the perfect combination for you for the rainy days. The material is highly rigid and flexible at the same time. No doubt why the FootJoy is the best when it comes to golf shoes.

The product provides impact absorption with dual density foot support. It helps you to improve your stability as it has a high ratio of gripping power on any concerned surface. The lateral support is due to the power harness feature resulting in the proper balancing and comfort in the middle part of the foot.

The 2021 collection of the product has been trending the market ever since the introduction of the model. FootJoy is a very trusted brand in the case of golf shoes, and its product always consists of high-end build quality. While you are searching for the waterproof or all-season shoes, then you should definitely go with the FootJoy Pro SL.

best mens golf shoes


Waterproof material.

Highly stable.

A modern and sleek design consists of the latest market trends.


The only downside of the model is that it is quite expensive in comparison to other models.

most comfortable men's walking shoes

Most Comfortable Golf Shoes Buying Guide:

While buying the shoes for walking along the golf course for 18 holes, you should always keep in mind about comfort. If you are comfortable in your shoes and feel great with both the lace-up, then you can go whatever distance you want to. 

Always choose a shoe that suits your foot. Search for lightweight and better mesh quality. 

Waterproof shoes are always a good deal to buy. The breathable shoes help you to go for longer distances without tiring up. It will help you to avoid any blisters. There is always a comparison between the waterproof and breathable shoes at the time of choosing the right shoes for golf. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the season in which you play the most. Both the qualities are alternating, and one shoe can’t accommodate both features. While playing in a rainy season, waterproof shoes are always the best choice. Choose according to the demand of the situation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: There is no doubt that spike shoes are a better option on the ground, but Spikeless models are the perfect option while you were planning to buy a walking shoe in golf.
Ans: If you plan to improve your game and want to gain perfection than you can't just go out in sneakers, you should have a good pair of golf shoes. It will also boost your confidence.
Ans: The 18 holes can occur by anything near 3 to 5 miles. It totally depends on the course length. If you are planning to go a far distance to the course, you should better have a good pair of shoes on your foot.