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Foreword:This article is to help budding golfers understand what high handicaper drivers are, who are they right fit for and how can they be able to match right driver that can enhance their game. Also find my personal reviews of the most desirable drivers to aid your weekeness on the driving range.

Our Most Popular Forgiving Driver For High Handicapper

Of course, GOLF a worthwhile sport, but it may not always be easy. Hitting a 300 yarder from the very first day is just like a dream and the chances of this are not so high.

Your best bet is with a top-quality driver and an ideal driver is one of the extremely important tool for a golfer. Those brilliant long-distance shots that are needed to reach the green are possible with a good driver.

When you are starting out, how to figure which is the best one?

The different factors need to be considered before selecting the best driver for beginners that ensure a comfortable and convenient fit while you are on a long game. Each driver comes with its own benefits and the weight, accuracy, material, and power may vary. Still confused!! Don’t be as you are reading right and have come to the perfect place.

3 Most Forgiving Driver For High Handicapper

Top Drivers for High Handicappers Ever Made - Reviewed & Tested


1. Callaway Men’s Big Bertha – Most Forgiving, Long Distance & Accuracy

Callaway is famously associated with the launch of the first and original Big Bertha golf driver in as early as 1991. The V Series tends to be the third or the fourth driver in this recent iteration of Big Bertha. This driver is bigger in size and a lot more forgiving than many of its peers in the market, see how a genuine user views this driver after one month of the buying experience.

The head of the club is quite large and holds a cartoon of the physicist Isaac Newton thus alluding to the fact that there is plenty of physics going in this driver’s favor. The letter V in this V Series is one that stands for the term velocity.

The makers of the driver have made considerable efforts in trying to increase the velocity of this driver by bringing about a reduction in its weight. This features an Optifit hosel that is capable of changing the loft angle by a few degrees either way.

This Callaway long distance golf driver has also made use of a highly forged composite head in order to keep things as light as possible while also still sporting one 460 cc clubhead on this Big Bertha V Series driver at the same time.


  • A true bomber which can easily beat all its competitors easily.

  • The extra forgiveness can boost your confidence levels greatly and can also help you to take some aggressive swings.

  • Adjustable hosel serves as a good highlighting feature.

  • Characterized by a shiny black finish that adds plenty of style to it, it comes across as an improvement of the original Big Bertha series.


  • The impact sound tends to be quite muted and dull, making this a driver that is boring to use.

  • The Isaac Newton cartoon has a cheeky appearance to it and can turn off certain golfers.


2. PGX Offset - Budget Driver for Beginners With a Slice

This is a hugely forgiving best value golf club that is characterized by a number of important features that could aid all your golf shots. You can expect to achieve the maximum amount of distance with the help of this driver largely due to the fact that it produces an extremely low spin amount at the time of striking the ball. Click here to learn more about its anti-slice technology.

The Pinemeadow Golf is one of the pioneers in manufacturing Golf equipment in the United States, and PGX Offset golf driver is also their creation. This is light in weight which makes swinging easy and minimizes any sort of setbacks that a heavy club might include.

The perfect combo of colors white, green, and matte black give this driver a stylish appearance also with an affordable price.

This executes anti-slice technology and this helps in minimizing the ball curl. A straight drive is ensured by its square face and any missing targets should not be worried about.

The clubhead is 460cc and a large sweet spot is possessed by this driver. This allows a lot of forgiveness to the user. Made of graphite material this weighs 200g and comes with two different stiffness options.

This is easy to hold and carry and gives a balanced feel. When you purchase this PGX, you also get a free head cover along with the other benefits to this piece of kit.

Its handy features and a price tag which is quiet impressive makes this one of the best-selling drivers in the US. And Pinemeadow golf brand, due to its features is the best-selling brand too.


  • The anti-slice technology prevents the ball form curling away.

  • High forgiveness.

  • Larger sweet spots.

  • Offers square face on impact and straightens drives.

  • If you are on a budget this is a great option.


  • Some find the shaft shorter.


3. Wilson Staff D7 - Exceptional Distance & Speed

Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7 Driver is manufactured with a focus on it having the right weight rather than simply getting the driver to be lightweight which seems to be a wise decision, as lightweight alone cannot guarantee a good performance out on the course.

No wonder, it’s been a hugely anticipated product as rightly evident from it surging sales figures. The weight distribution is one that needs to be extremely well balanced in all the correct places if you are to get the maximum distance in your swings.

The Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7 Driver is perfect for a beginner with all the extra weight being shaved off to increase the shaft length.

An adjustable hosel has been added to the driver making it a club that is far more versatile in comparison with its peers with the loft range being situated between 8 and 14 degrees. Interested in Wilson? Make sure to check all of our Wilson Club Set reviews>>>


  • The lightweight golf club is one that is quite easy to swing.

  • Flanked by a reactive face technology, it improves ball speed an adds distance to shots.

  • High forgiveness levels on shots and even mishits tend to fly very long and high.

  • Has a sophisticated old school look that is certain to go down well with most golfers.


  • Not the best of options, in case you are looking to add distance specifically.

  • The sound of the impact, the feel as well as feedback are all below average.


4. Cobra Golf Men's King F8 – Maximum Control & Balance

A well known forgiving driver on the market today is the Cobra King F8 Driver that greatly helps you to bring about an improvement in your golfing game and that too without you having to do anything about it.

The weight is transferred from the crown of the golf head and then repositioned lower towards the club head’s back thus affecting the gravity center, check how famous golf expert Rickie and Claude discuss more features of the products here.

This is a driver that also has what is known as an E9 zone face structure that takes the weight away from certain areas of the driver allowing plenty of speed on hits off from center.

The MyFly8 adjustability feature gives you the option of tweaking the loft angle from nine to twelve. The SmartPad technology feature of this driver is capable of delivering a square face at the point of contact irrespective of the loft setting.

The Cobra King F8 Driver is one that comes with plenty of adjustments giving you many different ways of maneuvering the driver and improving your shots with it. You can tweak the driver to suit your advantage when out on the golf course depending on your skills and level of expertise.


  • Comes with an interesting Speed Channel Face.

  • Great Smart Pad technology.

  • Forged E9 Zone structure of the clubface.

  • Efficient weighing technology.


  • The screws that hold the weights together have a tendency to snap off or come off from time to time.

  • There are potential logistical issues that can arise when using the club. At times the club is delivered without a proper wrench while at other times the wrench can be missing altogether.


5. Taylormade Aeroburner – Outstanding Driver for High Handicappers

The TaylorMade AeroBurner is the easiest driver to hit and it has a significantly long history of its own going back to the very first metal drivers that were created by the TaylorMade Company.

The name has been resurrected quite a few times over the years and the latest version of this driver bettered than what the original metal version was. Here is a quick video review by an Expert Golfer

This mini driver is characterized by a striking white-colored cover that has red alignment aids and it is a product that has been designed with the clear intention of it standing out in a golf course.

The clubhead is one that is quite wide and the driver has a very deep speed pocket as well. It is one of the most recommended golf drivers that you as a high handicapper could use in order to improve your game.

Most of the adjustable features that are found in other drivers can be seen to be missing in the TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver. This is a good thing as the adjustable features are never really needed by high handicappers and beginner level golfers anyway.

The adjustable features can, in fact, be quite a nuisance and are even capable of slowing down your game, so a driver that doesn’t have such features is certainly one that is worth making use of. This is a driver that is available in lofts that range from 10.5 degrees to 14 degrees.


  • One can expect a high level of accuracy capable of turning slices, hooks, and mishits into fairly decent shots.

  • The feedback and the feel on impact are quite hot, thus making this driver one that is quite fun to hit.

  • If you want your shots to stay as high as possible then this could be one of the best bets around.

  • The White paint job makes it quite striking to behold.


  • Lacks all adjustable features.

  • The spin of this driver is one that tends to be a bit too high for some golfers.


6. TaylorMade Men's RBZ Black – Distance, Strength & Durability

The TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver is one of the best known forgiving drivers out there that enables you to reduce the spin on your shots while increasing the size of the sweet spot at the same time & enables you to establish a good connection with the ball. A few other great reasons, why RBZ Black is a favorite among golfers.

This is the best driver for distance that makes use of a newly optimized metal woods technology which expands the sweet spot of the club, with the thick casting pushing the gravity center lower and in a more forward direction. The driver is also characterized by a loft sleeve which provides maximum adjustability.

A front track system also constitutes an important feature of this driver which increases the sweet spot size and reduces the speed of the spin. There are a number of sliding split weights as well that add some fine-tuning abilities to the top flight.

If you require a driver that will increase the size of the sweet spot and help you to gradually reduce your spin on the golf ball, then this would be a good driver for you to own.


  • The driver comes with a 4-degree loft sleeve that allows for greater adjustability.

  • The gravity center is positioned lower and in a more forward direction.

  • The front track feature of the driver reduces the spin and also increases the size of the sweet spot.

  • Comes with sliding split weights.


  • Tends to be much stiffer than most other golf clubs.

  • Tends not to feel good when you end up striking the ball.

  • Does not come with a headcover or a wrench.

Some More You Need To Know

Long-distance golf clubs can be referred to as drivers which are designed for hitting the ball fast and far. This remains a crucial part of the golf as these type of clubs make you get closer to the hole.

For beginners it could be extremely challenging to get the right one in one go. It becomes very important to consider and weigh what you want. Moving on further to the most happening question at this moment…

Better Equiped golfers

How To Pick The Best Driver For Beginners Level?

So to start with, there are many aspects and factors that cannot be left ignored when settling on a driver.

So, let us break down the components of the club type and probe deep inside the details:

Club Head:

  • Beginners need to have a club that is designed to offer more forgiveness and it is the clubhead that decides how high, accurate, and fast the ball will be hit.

  • The more the forgiveness, the more accurate the shots will be and will travel a fair distance even if they are a miss-hit. If you are starting with your golfing journey, then this is the best.

  • It is wise to go for a big clubhead that has a large sweet spot. The area at which the ball is hot on the face of the clubhead is a sweet spot.

best golf drivers for mid handicappers

  • For a beginner smaller sweet spots will be more challenging, and this is a general recommendation though these are available at a bit low prices.

  • Do you know, the clubheads have an adjustable feature and the clubhead loft controls trajectory and effects distance, and you need to consider this too.

  • More skill and experience is associated with lower loft and when the loft sleeve is adjustable then this helps in confirming a firm grip. Higher loft is advised specially for the beginners.


  • What you hold is a shaft, and it is bound to be comfortable as it interacts with the clubhead and different positions can be used by you to affect the impact. Graphite and steel are the different materials that are used to make the shafts.

  • Mid to high handicap players are in favour of graphite whereas the steel tends to be a choice of low handicap players.

  • The shaft flex is another potent aspect of a driver, and come in Stiff, Xtra Stiff, Regular, and Senior. Height is increased on a launch if the shaft is more flexible. Stiff vs Regular Flex Driver : Which Golf Shaft Should You Choose?

best golf drivers for mid handicappers

  • Apart from this the length of the shaft is also required to be considered. Longer shafts help in increasing the distance but while hitting the sweet spots you may end-up struggling with a longer shaft.


All want to look good and cool when on a golf course. Isn’t it!! Not just the looks but the aesthetic design of a golf club matters a lot. While preparing for a shot alignment is very important and this surely helps.

The Price Factor:

When you are beginner golfer we are sure you are not interested in paying a high price for a driver and complicate everything. But simultaneously you don’t need to end up with a low quality golf kit either and see the club fall apart after you finish your game.

Reasonable price tags and many great drivers are available, so the best thing is to check the reviews of the users and weigh and compare all sorts of options thoroughly.

Do consider, what your pocket allows before you choose one.

Which Is The Ideal Beginners Driver?

The perfect driver for a beginner should possess:

  • A large clubhead

  • A big sweet spot

  • A high loft

  • A comfortable and flexible shaft

  • A reasonable price tag

  • Appears cool and stylish

The Summary:

The question on everyone’s mind, finally which is the right choice?

Our choice is the TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black and PGX Offset Golf Driver is our choicest pick. These are an ideal choice for beginners due to their supportive features and design. These are highly forgiving, light in weight, and provide the user with enough confidence.

Larger sweet spots are offered by the PGX Offset Golf Driver and the anti-slice technology doesn’t let the ball curl.

The TaylorMade Men’s RBZ is also another renowned brand that creates high-quality drivers which offer a higher launch, good trajectory, and features a comfortable shaft.

Apart from the above you should also weigh your weaknesses, swing speed, skills, and the budget you have before you order your best driver. For real-time swing data don’t forget to check our ultimate guide to the professional golf swing trackers.

Enjoy your game of golf!!

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