🥇PING G400 SFT DRIVER Review: Everything You Need To Know

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According to the stats, Ping is the most successful brand in the business of golf drivers. To review the ping brand again forecast on the quality of models, it is launching for a couple of years after the induction of Japanese technology.

There is no doubt that Ping is the market leader in terms of many aspects.

PING G400 Driver Men's
  • In addition to improving the feel, the internal rib structure of the G400 head rewards you with a rich, full sound at impact. Bolder crown turbulators enhance clubhead speed and visual appeal.
  • Streamlined shaping harmonizes with bolder turbulators and Vortec Technology to reduce drag 40% mid-downswing and 15% overall to increase clubhead speed and ball velocity for added distance with stability.
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To lower your CG the weight should be taken out above the upper body. The rounded corners of the driver help to provide extra speed to the ball and also addresses a better look.

The backside of the driver provides a dotted structure for aerodynamic support. This aerodynamic turbulators result in a reduction of air friction and raise head speed performance.

ping g400 reviews

Specifications and Technology

The Ping G400 is chunkier as compared to its ancestors based on the replay wind tunnel images. The images show smoother action and the perfect ball hitting pace.

With this head size, they are even better than G400 hybrid and fairway as the usage of the dragonfly structure is well settled and good architecture.

Smaller heads always provide faster movement and the G400 is not a penny less than the G30. The G 400 provides 445 ccs whereas the G30 a mere 295cc which is a major transformation.

The weight management scenario is done with the use of the titanium face forged around 6percent less thin and 16 more flexible. This results in the improvement of the ball speed around 105 mph, turning about an additional pace of 1.2 mph.

This titanium forged face is named under the banner of ping T9s+.

Looks & Feel:

The G400 is targeted at the deeper CG and thinner crown face. The launch of the driver is more deflecting with the help of the crown face. The trajectory set is used to enhance the ratio of the deflection.

It could easily be achieved with the differentiating position of the loft. Just by arranging the loft to .5 degrees, you can systemize the setting according to your need. The more your symmetrize the loft the more sustainability would be achieved.

ping g400 driver used

The activation of the loft varies according to the lie. The standard version of the lie stands at around 59 degrees, at an increment of 1 degree from the average lie.

Hence changing the lofting automatically changes the lie around 2 degrees. As the loft is made adjustable the change in the lie is depends upon the hossel arrangement.

Usually, the hossel is fit in the straight line. Practically it could be varied depending upon the arrangement as I felt the pace much smoother by lofting above the neutral.

So playing with the standard or initial loft position could be very challenging as a difference of the 0.5 degrees provides different scores without losing forgiveness and enhancing the accuracy.

ping g400 lst

The previous models of the ping require minimal lofting as you go by but in 400 it gives you an additional pace. The head loft is all about accuracy.

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The fittings are made custom as to gain the titanium stability through the gold screw base provides this in systematically advance mode.

This gold weight is made form a 30 percent denser medium as the previous model of sole G. Also results in a better and bolder look.

Like the previous models, this G400 also comes with straight flight technology with more TWT. This technology helps in the better combination of the tungsten movement. The D0 swings help to make the swing fore squarer.

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The SFT technology is introduced back to the G30 models. As this technology was adapted so eagerly and becomes best-selling one does combine with a set of additional adaption through the time.

The G400 also provides the goods in the combination. The tungsten is placed forward around the gold plated weight to decrease the spin around 300 rpm with 8.5 to 10 spin heads.

The loft length is maintained around 45.75 with an additional tour length of 45.25 inches. Many golfer’s choices vary surrounding to their tour course. The wood’s color is more suited and picked one from the golfer’s point of view.

Which One To Choose - Ping G Vs. G400?

Ping G Vs G400 Driver

Which golf club should you buy? The ping g vs. g400 debate has been going on for years. We’ve done the research and are here to help you decide which is best for your game.

Ping G Driver Review
Overview Of Ping G

The Ping G is the newest and most technologically advanced driver in the world. It’s designed to be more forgiving, with a larger head with less spin on off-center hits.

And it’s made from titanium, making it lighter and stronger than any other metal out there. It’s also got an adjustable hosel, so you can change loft and lie angles to get your ball flying just right.

So if you want to hit longer drives or straighter shots, this for you! With its high launch angle and low spin rate, this driver will help you play better golf without breaking the bank.

Overview Of Ping G400

The Ping G400 is an excellent option if you are looking for something more traditional in design but still want all of the performance benefits of modern technology.

ping g400 reviews

Like perimeter weighting and tungsten toe weights that make it easier to control trajectory on both off-center hits as well as mishits around the green.

In addition, this driver features an adjustable hosel so players can adjust loft up or down one degree at a time (10 degrees total) while maintaining their preferred lie angle (-1° through +2°).

Final Wrap Up

The best thing about the ping driver which is worth mentioning is the enhanced sound. This is the main course that Ping has managed since the launch of G5 or G2. The sound performance is managed by the introduction of the same dragonfly tech. The ergonomically designed drivers give you a Dolby rich blast that blazes a player’s heart.

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