Ping i210 Irons Review And Photos: [Updated 2021]

The Ping i210 irons have the look of iBlade with forgiveness of i200. It impresses with the amount of forgiveness that can be packed into a compact iron.

The long irons provide great distance and are very forgiving while the mid to short irons are more controlled giving you the perfect, balanced set.

ping i210

Ping i210 Irons Introduction

The player who wants a classic looking iron but still needs some forgiveness, no OEM is as good as PING over the past many years. PING continues to raise the bar with i210 irons for the amount of forgiveness they can put into a traditional looking club. To make it better the i210 provides an improved feel.

A larger, softer elastomer insert in the compact head activates at impact for unprecedented feel while a machined face and grooves provide the impact consistency and distance precision needed for scoring. Hot, forgiving long irons and precise, controlled mid and short irons make a high-performing set.

Ping does not allow an add to basket button on the hardware.

ping i210 irons

Specifications Ping i210 Irons

ping i210 review

Ping i210 Irons Looks

In the previous models, there was a difference that was very clear between PING’s Tour iron, the S56, and iBlade, etc, and there I series iron. With the i210 now it is not existing.

Keeping i210 next to the iBlade, you can pick out some small differences but on their own, they could easily be mistaken for one another.

The Ping i210 has a thin top line, compact blade length, and modest offset. All these traits give great appeal to good and aspiring players.

In the i210 and i500 look, they are very similar at the address and they can be easily paired in a combo set.

Premium Look and Quality

A refined, more compact shape and look combined with the minimum, progressive offset convey the high-end appeal of the set.

Ping i210 Irons Sound And Feel

The best feeling of ping iron is the i210. It is soft, buttery, and extremely satisfying. The impact is very quiet, even with a range ball, nothing more than a soft thud.

As the i210 is so quiet, there is very little to hear on mis-hits. The hands get a good sense of achieving a pure strike.

Buttery Feel

The activated elastomer insert is bigger in volume and 50% softer, creating 25% more face contact, providing a pure feel at impact while returning more energy to the ball.


Ping i210 Irons Performance

The PING i210 has forgiveness. By a fair margin, you can miss the sweet spot, and still, you can hit greens in reg. These irons are consistent, giving a repeatable swing.

You will see the same shot shape and distance again and again. The i210 irons are longer in the middle. For quality ball-strikers, they may be as long as some distance irons.

The i210 irons released along with the i500 the question is – what separates these two? The i210 has weaker lofts and shorter shafts in the 3 – 6 irons.

The i210  is slightly less forgiving and does not make the ball speed as the i500. The i500 is a bit longer than i210 and the bigger gap is in the forgiveness.

ping i210 lofts

Ping i210 Irons Precision Grooves

Mirroring the Glide 2.0 specs, a sharp edge radius and tight groove spacing in the pitching wedge and U-wedge gives greater precision and prevents fliers on shots where control matters most.

For players who are looking to buy the irons, then many players will be happy to give up a little forgiveness to get the feel of i210.

ping i15 iron specs

Ping i210 Irons More Face Contact

The additional volume of the custom tuning port, which increases perimeter weighting and gives swing weight finetuning, allows for a 30% larger insert and creates 25% more face contact, resulting in activation of the elastomer to provide a soft, pleasing feel.

ping i210 irons review

Ping i210 Irons Smooth Through Turf

The lead edge and sole profile improve turf interaction for distance precision with workability. A HydroPearl Chrome 2.0 finish provides repelled water to improve consistency from the rough and wet conditions.

The i210 follows the pattern that Ping has set with its I series irons for the last few decades, which is more forgiving and consistent in a small-looking package.

The iron is not designed for maximum distance, this is where it varies from the i500. The iron is for the player who wants a small looking club that provides a good amount of forgiveness on mishits, but who does not need to gain distance with their irons.

ping i210 iron review


If you have never tried a PING i-series iron, then now is the right time. The i210 is successful at every level. It looks great, feels great, and has that much forgiveness that you can expect from a player’s iron.

Recently introduced. The Ping i210 and i500 irons are different from each other in a lot of ways, and each caters to a different type of player.

The i500 is designed to help a better hit one less club into the green, while the i210 is designed for the better player who wants more control over their ball flight and who does not need to gain distance.