Ping i500 Review – How Do They Stack Up?

Ping has a savior for the Players distance category, the product which would never disappoint the player in getting more yards.

The i500 ping is designed to make an iron that flies high, goes far, and feels great, not only this it also offers shape, size, and an overall excellent profile that is perfect for better players.

The Ping wanted to make the experience that golfers had with the G700 that is increased distance and high launch, and present it in the player’s package that would be more functional.

Ping didn’t want to create another distance iron that flies low, goes far, and can’t even hold a green. The company wanted the players’ distance to bear a good performance advantage.

Ping wanted to create something that would distance players that would appeal to better players.

ping i500 review

Many companies have burned their hands trying to develop this product but only a few have been able to successfully do that, ping is among those selected few.  

Small Iron Big Performance

It is a well-known fact that the bigger clubs give more distance than the smaller ones. It is really a shocker when someone contradicts this reality. The i500 is that shocker.

The i500 has the same face size as that of i210 which is similar to i200 and its blade length is longer. It boasts to have the ping’s most centric design. Which is the iBlade?

I500 is that iron should never be mistaken for a club for game improvement, though it is not in the absolute most combat category.

Similar to G700 the i500 also has a hollow body construction. The most accurate performance characteristics, which is the excellent ball speed and high launch of the i500, is all due to the steel face that is made with C300 maraging steel, which is welded into the frame through robotic technology.

ping i500

Ping uses this same technique in hybrid faces and fairway wood. Marty Jertson of Ping describes this as the diving board effect. The rebounding and flexing of the face give significant launch and also higher balls speeds, which is strikingly more than the traditional iron designs.

All this with a lesser spin of +/- 700 RPM at 7 iron.

Goo-Filled vs Hollow Body- A Quick Aside

The construction of i500 is completely different and the irons which have a similar construction design can be split and made into two categories.

The TaylorMade and PXG often use backing/ filler materials like SpeedFoam and COR2 to make a more improved feel and responsive face.

The companies which are the hollow- body category are Ping, Mizuno, and the latest titleist 718 ap3 irons . These companies use the design philosophy that anything that is directly behind the face is not wanted, which would impede its ability to rebound and flex.

Which is the better design? You may ask. Well, it all depends on who you ask.

ping i500 irons

A Club Longer

We are using the i210 which is a great traditional design as a comparison iron for i500.

The i500 offers an additional at least 15 yards additional distance to high swing players when we compare the two irons.

As for the average players with normal speed, they also can see 7 to 8 yards increase in distance with the i500.

The number would vary from player to player depending upon the ability of the player, but the distance would surely increase for the player.

The amazing aspect of this is that the distance gains are noticeable with launch angles that are identical. This is despite the i500 loft being 2.5° degree stronger than i210.

Different dynamic variables contribute together to the flight of the golf ball.

The ping’s i500 is a complete iron that gives launch that is higher than any other competitor in the category. Especially at the long iron length.

According to Jertson, the tour caliber players can identify a change of 2%to3% in height while average golfers can identify a 4%- 5% increase.

As per ping the height of i500 irons is almost 10% higher than what the competitors are offering. The 10% more height is a great number when it comes to golf, and would be instantly noticeable to anyone using the club.


This height increase helps in steepening the angle of landing, which would result in soft landing at the greens and would definitely make up for the decrease in a spin.

This results in an iron that is longer than the traditional designs. This would result in getting hit with an 8 iron where earlier you would have hit 7.

The Ping iron is designed as an iron that flies higher, the 8 iron is ½ inch shorter than 7, which means you would get a club that would be easier to control and get a straight hit.

This is an absolute performance advantage.

What About Workability?

Workability is one area where the i500 lacks some caliber. For every better player, iron release claims of increased workability are stapled but with i500 it is not the case.

The sole design, size, and limited offset allows the better players to control dynamic loft, face to path relationship, and attack angle.

The players must be able to give the flight to the ball at different windows, but due to the lower spin made by the design, the ton of curve is hard to make.

Pinging the ball however would fly straight, which would definitely be an advantage for most players including the best ones.

The i500 at its core is made to give the golfer the ability to hit the ball with lots and lots of speed.

The tour players with long iron often need help, that is not the case with club golfers who can get the benefit from the i500 for the entire bag.

The i500 gives the best alternative to the crossover as an iron replacement making it best for golfers who play the bent sets.

This list has the likes of Marty Jertson who was a 2018 PGA championship qualifier, and he was using ping i500 irons that were paired with iBlade.

ping i500 specs

Aesthetic Consideration

The ping i500 as discussed earlier was designed to increase the distance without a better player losing connection.

This would mean the design should be clean. The i500 offers a chamfered topline in addition to minimal offset, which makes it look narrower than what it actually is.

Its sole is wider than the iBlade but from i210 it is narrower.

To make the face as clean as possible the iron numbers have been removed.

The new hydropearl 2.0 finish makes it less flat and less bright than the original one. One look at it and you can tell that the i500 is shiner, smaller G700.

3 Loft Options

i 500

Keeping in line with the latest iron offerings, the i500 is offering the PowerSpec. It makes it 1to 1.5° stronger in the set.

This makes it an excellent option for the players with high spin and to players who are searching for greater distance in the long iron.

Pinging with the release of i210 and i500 is offering RetroSpec.

RetroSpec lofts like the PowerSpec are 1-1.5° weaker than the normal spec. It is also an option for low spin golfers who seek increased spin and for players that carry 3 wedges.

We would recommend you always check your preoccupations at the door, and with strong determination decide on which specifications would work for your game.

ping i500 lofts

Stock Shaft

The DynamicGold DG 105 is used to make the shaft of the i500. The DG 105 flex makes it play softer than DG120 and the standard Dynamic Gold.

The ping has leveraged the shaft to increase on launch. If you are not a fan of DG105, then Ping has a catalog for the shaft which has KBS, Dynamic Gold, and Nippon.

Hand On

If you compare the i500 and i210 on power and precision then the i500 and definitely the winner in the power option.

The i500 gets the downrange faster than every other iron. The consistency and distance are very impressive for i500. When you compare the i210 and i500 the latter always gets a better edge.

ping i500 reviews

While the i210 is more on the traditional side the i500 is better in the high launch, better spin, and is more workable than the i210. Plus the i500 is longer than the i210.

Using i500 is a completely new experience that is traditionally not being ping. The i500 is extremely fun to hit speed iron.

It is a lower on spin and is low in workability too which may not suit everyone’s taste, but the amazing distance you get would definitely give you some adrenaline rush.

Price And Availability

The ping i500 is available online as well as offline and is fairly priced at $175 per iron steel and $190 per iron graphite.

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