Project X LZ Iron Shaft Review – Is This Popular Shaft Worth A Try?

Selecting a perfect iron shaft for yourself is such a daunting task….even much more than matching-up your swing speed to a particular weight or flex. You also need to be vigilant about the following factors while selecting the best shaft for yourself:

  • Swing dynamics

  • Desired shot shape

  • Overall versatility

If your focus is to get a perfect shaft with optimum performance and without any harsh or massive feel then Project X LZ is the right one to get. It is simply a pleasure to hit with the Project X LZ especially for the slow swing speed golfers and smooth swingers.

The X LZ also makes an ideal choice for the wedges too, for players who are habitual of using Project X LZ standard-shafts in their irons.

Detailed Review – Project X LZ Iron Shaft

Key Features

  • Utmost stability is offered by the reinforced tip and butt sections
  • Thin mid-section facilitates the golfer to launch more conveniently with a signature smooth feel
  • Tour-level performance is received by the player at varied swing speeds due to the less demanding profile of LZ
  • Loading Zone Technology provides high launch with low spin for the iron & wedges which go further landing softly
  • Spines are marked for improved performance/consistency, when aligned at assembly

Latest Technology & Design

As mentioned above also brand Project X has been unbelievably successful in creating iron shafts for very strong swingers and the best players of golf.

As per their own acknowledgement the standard Project X iron & wedge shaft is not the best idea for amateur golfers. All the playing advantages of the standard shaft are maintained by Project X LZ and at slower swing speeds the players get easier launch with improved feel.

project x lz iron shaft set

All those golfers out there who loved the performance yet had some real tough time playing with the Project X consistently will surely appreciate this newest option – Project X LZ.

Utmost stability and signature smooth feel is provided by the shaft as the Loading Zone Technology of Project X LZ redistributes the shaft weight perfectly.

Even I have used the Project X shafts in my irons and simply appreciate the performance advantages of its design. The players who want similar performance and do not possess tour-level swing speeds then the LZ shaft works great for them.

When I used the 7th iron I just loved its feel and got immediately comfortable with the LZ shafts. Be it the age or diminishing swing speeds, I am sure I won’t be facing any troubles when changing into this unbelievable engineering accomplishment.

If we talk about the materials then the LZ comprises of high-quality materials in its brand new design. This quality has given Project X LZ the capability to brace responsiveness & feel into a super stable iron shaft. So, the ones seeking a smooth feel are going to love the Project X LZ.

The LZ makes the best suited option for the golfers who want to change their wedge shafts into anything that’s a bit softer.

Performance & Feel

This is designed to be a mid-launch iron shaft and performs well against the design platform. Aside from the smooth feel the LZ iron shaft technology interprets into enhanced playability & performance.

This will permit you to shape your shots better along with more control thereby broadening the shot selection which you can call upon varied situations.

With a great impact you will get additional kick that will keep the ball trajectory low without any loss of distance.

The X LZ shaft flaunts of a uniform stiffness profile creating a consistent and sturdy feel throughput the entire shaft.

Stable and firm feel is retained by the backswing of the standard version. The biggest difference can be felt in the downswing. In comparison to the PX shafts the LZ offer a precise kick and snap. LZ is the shaft for you as you can feel the smoothness and soft feel like none other.

project x lz iron shaft test


You get Project X LZ shafts in 4 models. Each model features a distinctive weight plus a flex profile. The Project X – flex system makes use of the number that refers optimum stiffness.

If you are looking for the lightest weight and soft flex LZ shafts then they come in 110-gms and 5.0 or regular flex.

Furthermore, for the stiff flex – 5.5 LZ shafts weigh 115-gms. The stiff plus and extra stiff models are provided in weights of 120 & 125-gms respectively with flexes of 6.0 and 6.5.


  • Features loading zone technology which gives 7% more energy transfer for longer shots
  • Control and precision is retained by the reinforced tip and butt section of standard Project X shafts
  • Without minimizing performance the thin midsection offers LZ shafts to feel smooth
  • The low demand profile of the shaft make it more user friendly


  • For the high swing speed players, Project X LZ shaft may launch the ball too high
  • If you want something extra light then a model below 110 gms. Isn’t there with LZ
  • Some golfers find it expensive due to its heavy cost

Project X LZ Steel - Golf Shafts - (Flex 5.5) (Length 40")

Project X LZ Steel - Golf Shafts - (Flex 6.0) (Length 37.5")

Some Good Alternative Models You Can Try

Project X Rifle Steel Iron Shafts

Project X is a reliable brand and genuine to invest in. The top pro golfers who need a low penetrating ball flight (ideal for high swing-speed) also use these shafts with confidence.

You get 8 shafts and the Rifle comprises of different constant taper per-inch which results in more energy transfer to the ball. The ball tends to get-up quicker and flattens out for a good penetrating trajectory.

The Rifle X was in the process of development for complete 2 – years and offers the newest and advanced steel shaft technology available in present times.

Nippon N.S. Pro Modus Wedge Shafts

Nippon’s Modus 3 is considered to be one of the most complete shaft line-up of golf. This makes use of bend profiles and weight offering 3 different ranges of golf shafts created for every style of the golf swing.

Improved control over distance, direction, and trajectory is offered by the modus wedge shafts.

The 3 prime areas focussed by Nippon for offering excellence:

  • Desired trajectory

  • Accurate distance

  • Tight dispersion

A high tip rigidity design makes it possible that steadies the tip. This is possible with the impact that minimizes unwanted spin, low butt rigidity (for improved tempo and a smooth feeling at impact) and low mid-section rigidity (for controlling shaft flex at any swing-speed).

The wedge shafts come in varied weights:

The wedge shafts come in varied weights and flex options:

  • Weights – 105gms, 120gms, 125gms, and 130gms.

  • Flex options – R, S, X, TX

All the shafts measure between: 37 and 41 inches in length

Tip diameter: 0.355 inches

Butt diameter: 0.600 inches

KBS Tour - Iron Shafts

KBS is another trustworthy brand which offers a variety of weight options and the KBS tour is one of them.

This is best suited for golfers that need high launch trajectory and shot versatility. As compared to the Project X LZ, trajectory is quite higher.

Shafts come in a huge variety of flex weights. The tip diameter choices come in either 0.355 or 0.370. You get a butt & tip trimmed as per your length requirements in the .370 Parallel Shaft (single-length). This completely changes how the shaft plays.

If you want maximized responsiveness with a signature soft feel while you play then KBS Tour is certainly the smoothest shafts for wedges and irons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Project X Lz A Good Shaft To Buy?

Ans: Out of the entire Project X line-up, the Project X LZ entry is considered to be ‘one size fits all’. We have discussed above also about its soft and smooth feel.

The wonderful mid-shaft kick offered by LZ is sure to offer a nice penetrating mid-trajectory flight.

Q2. What Flex Will I Get With The Project X Lz 5.5 Shaft?

Ans: When you buy the Project X LZ shaft you get 4 varied weights and flexes:

  • 5.0 (R flex) at 110gms

  • 5.5 (R+ flex) at 115gms

  • 6.0 (S flex) at 120gms

  • 6.5 (S+ flex) at 125gms

Q3. Is X Lz Shaft Stiff Or Regular?

Ans: The softest and the lightest Project X LZ is available in 110gms and 5.0 or a regular flex. The stiff plus and extra stiff models are offered in weights of 120 & 125-gms respectively with flexes of 6.0 and 6.5.

Q4. How Are Project X And Project X Lz Different?

Ans: After an honest comparison of the data this can be concluded that Project X LZ iron shafts are slightly harder as compared to the Project X of similar rank.

For example: If you compare Project X 6.0 with the Project X LZ 5.5, then it will be as stiff as the latter. But note that it will be slightly lighter.

Final Views:

With the new Project X LZ comes more feel and increased responsiveness than the existing Project X.

So, all the players on the golf course looking out for a smooth feel with maximum stability can get the Project X LZ. Some inconvenience is said to be felt by the users of standard Project X high performance shafts is its firm feel.

The LZ created with the newest technology removes this disappointment and delivers a golf shaft which is made to be an ideal fit for almost all types of golfers.

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