The Seven Most Common Sports Injuries [Infographic]

Sport is indeed a great exercise and it helps the mind and the body equally. However, it also is a fact that sporting activities often come with injuries. It would be interesting to have some idea about common sports injuries. Being aware of them will ensure that you avoid them or know how to treat them should it happen.

Most Common Sports Injuries

  • Ankle Sprain

Most outdoor sports activities require being on your feet for many hours. Hence quite a bit of strain and stress is borne by the ankles of your feet. Further it is possible that some physically close sports could lead to accidental hits on the feet which could cause ankle sprains.

  • Groin Pull

Groin pull is another common injury which sports persons should be acquainted with. It could be because of extra stretch and also dehydration and other such factors could have a role to play.

  • Hamstring Strain

This is one of the most common injuries for sports person and they must know hot live with it and overcome it. It could be because of many reasons. Footballers, runners, athletes, cricket players are all prone to hamstring strain. Rest, painkillers and rehabilitation are the way forward.

  • Knee Injury

This is another common but potentially career threatening injury as far as sports persons are concerned. It is common amongst those sports persons who put lot of pressure on their knees. Weight lifters, wrestlers, body builders and others are prone to knee injuries. Weight lifters in particular should be very careful about this form of injury because it could seriously jeopardize their career and even bring it to an abrupt end.

  • Shin Splints

Shin splints are also known as MTSS or Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome. It basically is a strange pain along the shinbone or tibial bone. The pain is pronounced along the inner edge of the shinbone. It is usually caused by repeated trauma which the connective muscle tissue of the area surrounding the tibia is subjected to.

  • Tennis Elbow

As the term itself suggests, tennis elbow is most common amongst those who engage in sports like tennis where the elbow joints, muscles and tissues are subjected to lot of pressure and wear and tear. It could be painful if not treated properly.

  • Pulled Muscle

Finally pulled muscle is a common problem amongst sports persons. This happens because of lack of adequate warm up, lack of flexibility and even dehydration can cause this problem.

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