Skytrak Vs GC2 – What Is The Difference?

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Launch monitors and becoming very popular and both products have an unavoidable comparison to impart information about them so that you are able to find out, which is more suitable for your needs and requirements.

In this article, we will talk about the comparison between the two launch monitors the SkyTrak and the Foresight sport GC2, and which is the most and the best-suited launch monitor.

In order to bring the differences in the limelight, we will focus on few categories namely accuracy, features, price, and experience of the user.

Foresight GC2:

This is a photometric launch monitor that uses a stereoscopic camera to lock the golf ball’s dimple pattern, which is very simple and perfect to setup.

For information about the ball flight and (HMT) Head Measurement Technology upgrading, the basic GC2 is appropriate. Through club head analysis you get an exact date on swing and its impact on the golf ball.

The critical information about the speed of the clubhead, club path (horizontal), smash, loft, and lie dynamics, and impact location, the HMT provides instant feedback.

This launch monitor is extremely popular because of its robustness, accuracy, and utility both outdoors and indoors.

The self-leveling technology of GC2 makes it more accessible to any surface with accurate measurements.

gc2 launch monitor

The package for the foresight GC2 FSX software can be divided into two categories and is available at an additional price. The category includes:-

  • Club Fitting:- This feature is perfect for all pros. It can track and store data very easily.

  • Golf simulation:- More than 80 Golf course performance simulations.

  • Creative Golf 3D:- More than 50 courses and 19 practice areas.

Ball Data Measured:

  • Speed of the ball.

  • Launch angle horizontally.

  • Launch angle vertically.

  • Spin sideways.

  • Carry distance.

The New GC2 Is Provided With:

  • One year warranty.

  • Cable and power cord.

  • USB cord.

Special Features Of GC2:

  • It weighs 3.8 pounds with a NiMH rechargeable battery.

  • It is 5.5 inches wide, 10 inches deep, and 3 inches high in dimensions.

  • It uses stereoscopic high speed technology with 10,000 frames per second camera option.

  • It’s compatible to Android and iOS, with Bluetooth and USB – Data Interface.

Merits Of GC2:

  • It provides instant feedback on your ball contact and swing.

  • It is a battery-operated, robust monitor.

  • You can connect it to USB and Bluetooth.

  • It is perfect and accurate for outdoor and club fittings.

Demerits Of GC2:

  • For most golfers, it is a bit costly affair.

  • Not suitable for right and left-hand golfers for swapping.

  • To position HMT on the clubface, senson markers are required.

Sky Trak:

This photometric launch monitor provides an accurate solution to capture ball data while playing indoors. Sky Trak was the first launch monitor used by recreational golfers that could fight or compete with other launch monitor systems like trainers or professionals.

This affordable launcher offers various features. Its setup and usage are quite simple. Once it is set on a flat surface, you can keep your ball projected from the launcher on the red dot, swing, and hit the ball.

To improvise your swing and hitting, the launch monitor provides all the information data for analysis, after hitting the ball.

This launch monitor measures the speed of the ball, angle of the launch, and spinning rate, the impact of the clubface, and the ball at the time and after striking.

Sky Trak launch monitor software calculates the ball flight and other data of the ball. This calculation includes the speed of the club head, ball descending angle, distance carried, rolling, total distance covered by the ball from a straight line.

SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor

This is a versatile launch monitor because of its vast collection of software at an additional price.

Software Plans Of Sky Trak:

  • The Basic Practice Range Plan:- This software package is compatible with PC’s and iPad including no annual subscription fees, but a companion app, launch monitor, Shot Tracer 3D Practice Range, Data of Ball Performance, a Replay of a Shot, USB Cord, Activation of Warranty, with registration and updates makes it more useful.

  • Game Improvement Plan:- This software package has one-year subscription fees and is very compatible with iPad and PCs. It also includes the basic practice range, protective case, competition for longest drive, contest for closest to the pin, target practice, evaluation of skills, customization of weather and course condition, views with 5 cameras, club mapping, Sky Golf 360 mobile app for monitoring progress.

  • The Tee Off (WGT) Plan:- It has a one-year subscription to WGT play and plans for improvement. It is very compatible with the iPad. The software package is provided with (WGT) World Golf Tour to II World-Class Golf Course for full course play, and challenges for WGT for closest to the pin.

Merits Of Sky Trak:

  • Shots hit off artificial mats can be accommodated.

  • For more accurate computations, you can set wind and temperature like factors.

  • It offers a wonderful experience to users on the app.

Demerits Of Sky Trak:

  • It requires that the Golf ball and the launch monitor should remain at the same level.

  • For an accurate calculation, it needs a computer or a tablet.

  • For advanced features, an annual subscription is needed.


gc2 vs skytrak


Sky Trak Vs GC2 Users Experience:

When it comes to evolution for the best User Experience, there is not much to choose between both the launch monitors.

Sky Trak:

  • To avoid “no read” returns, the ball is required to be placed on a separate point by the laser.

  • The launch monitor and an effective data display app can be used together.

  • Sky Trak gives delayed feedback and has more “no read” returns.


  • This launch monitor can detect automatically any ball kept in the strike zone due to a large hitting area.

  • It provides speedy feedback.

  • It does not require any PC or mobile device as it has a built-in ball data display feature.

The Final Word:

In the pricing category, when we compare the number of features the Sky Trak launch monitor wins the race.

Sky Trak Vs GC2 - Cost Difference:

In the real sense, the Sky Trak and GC2 launch monitor are not competitors as both have different prices. Sky Trak, as an advanced launch monitor, stands on the lower end of the market and processes most of the features that are present in pricey launchers..

GC2 is found at the mid-market of launch monitors with all the features that are present in top-end launchers.

The Final Word:

In the pricing category, when we compare the number of features the Sky Trak launch monitor wins the race.

Sky Trak Vs GC2 - Accuracy:

When it comes to accuracy both launch monitors stand at par. Both provide accurate data because of high-speed cameras. The GC2 has a large hitting area, it gives accuracy as all mishits are being notified.

The Final Opinion:

The accuracy of both launch monitors will never disappointed. But, because GC2 has a large hitting area, Sky Trak is comparatively less, and therefore, GC2 stands out to be the winner in this category.

Sky Trak Vs GC2 - Features:

Receptivity:- The most important feature that helps in making difference is the time to return or respond, after hitting a ball. As discussed before, the GC2 provides instant feedback, and the Sky Trak offers delayed feedback.


Sky Trak has a fantastic range of software during the first year. As a part of the base product, it also offers simulator software. Most of the golfers are able to purchase this additional software as it is affordable.

The foresight GC2 provides FSX upgrade with some big courses and games, but the price tag is quite high. Hence, as a final decision, the Sky Trak is a more reasonable software and thus, wins the category race.

  • Ball Speed:- Apart from some small variances, both the launch monitors return similar measurements of ball speed.

  • Club Speed:- Unlike ball speed, there is very little difference in club speed. Some other areas that are found with equal results include the duration of the flight, angle of descending, height factor of smashing, distance carried, total distance covered, and total rolls/spin.

Some Important Features:

  • Accurate data of ball and clubhead.

  • Data’s up to your expectations.

  • Easy setup.

  • Multiple golf simulation, ground and games integration.

  • Sufficient for indoor use.

  • Use of photometric technology for the accurate data of ball and clubhead.

GC2 Features:

  • Easy to use because of its portable dimensions.

  • For entertainment, it easily integrates performance-based golf simulators.

  • Its high-speed stereoscopic camera system can capture 10,000 frames per second.

  • It can be set on uneven surfaces due to the self-leveling feature.

  • Works well indoors and outdoors.


The GC2 is a powerful launch monitor that offers invaluable information on the swing and the ball flight to the golfers. But for club data, purchasing (HMT) Head Measurement Technology unit becomes necessary at additional cost.

The Sky Trak launch monitor offers numerous data at a lower cost and so becomes a winner in this category.

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