🥇 Square Strike Wedge Review : Does It Work? [ Updated 2021 ]

The game of Golf has different priorities, which vary from player to player. The majority of wedge shot games are very costly; that is why many golfers find it difficult to make through. Now with the newer technology that offers square strike wedge, which is a purely professional outcome stands economical as compared to others.

The question arises what is this wedge, and where does it stand for professional golfing? The answer is straight and justifying it more of a chipper due to the similarity in operation. This model is a hybrid technology that varies between the putter and a standard wedge. The square strike wedge helps to attain much accurate shot-making on the ball by providing a fluent swing. The square shape is always a beneficial model as compared to the offset face.

Chip shot or chipping is one of the most comfortable and confident shots in Golf. There is a short club for the chip shot, which delivers very close to the flag. Sometimes even the comfortable shots may prove to be a difficult and challenging one as many golfers lose their confident shot in the end.

square strike wedge

While you struggle with your shots and making the right direction before the swing, there is a wedge that will completely change your game, proving as one of the best options available in the market. It will gradually reduce your stress level by helping you to gain your confidence in the game with accurate shot-making.

This square wedge pulls you on for every low-fat shot providing accurate angles for lies at different positions. The standard shot is also one of the easy directions for this wedge, but it is certainly not the right wedge for high-fat shots.

square strike wedge review

Below Are The Square Strike Wedge review Points Depending On The Product:


square to square golf

The grip of this model is one inch extra long as compared with the standards grips with green color outings. This extra long gripping is advantageous for the shots which are closer to the hole. The thin grip is not always suitable for the players with different playing styles as it differs from the grip of the other clubs in the bag. The square wedge is similar to that of the putter. As the grip of the putter is the same as the wedge, an additional grip problem does not persist. Experimenting the same on the putter would be no other case.


square strike wedge reviews

The 35-inch long shaft is also quite similar to the putter, which makes the wedge more comfortable to operate. Due to its precision club, it does not demand any increase in the length of covering any additional distance. Wedges stand for precision, not for covering the distance. Golfers use almost 7 to 8 iron chip for getting maximum rolls with shafts ranging from 36.5 to 37. In this case, a golfer can even lose accuracy as expected, which is not the problem with the wedge.


square strike

The square weight is quite heavier as compared to the other wedge shapes. It is almost 330 grams in weight, which is 30 grams heavier than a sand wedge. The COG is at the center of the clubface, which is possible due to weight sharing of the square wedge is distributed uniformly across the club. The MOI is undoubtedly higher than standard wedges due to this uniform load sharing of the wedge.

The opening and closing of the swing are possible due to the move of the clubhead weight. The action is entirely done by the muscle movement, reducing the use of the hand and the wrist action. This club head is beneficial in managing the miss-hits.


The square strike wedge has a vertical lining, low profile clubface, which helps control the alignment and assist the ball direction.


There are shallow grooves on the enormous sole of the square strike wedge. The sole is curved from heel to toe with these grooves, which reduces the friction. This helps the sliding process of the head to the turf removing the fat shots and providing the crisp contact. There is an additional beveled edge in the square strike wedge, which reduces the club dig factor of the turf.


The square wedge helps you to set up the ball with a 68-degree lie angle and 6 degrees upright. These are very similar to that of the majority putters and wedges. These properties and angles make it more challenging to hit a full swing with the square wedge.


Most of the pitching wedges come at a 45-degree loft, and the square strike wedge is no different from this. The advantage of the square wedge is that it is available with different lofts.

Sound and feel:

There is a muted sound at the time of the impact of the square strike wedge. It is tough to identify the miss-hit shots as high weight clubhead reduces the chances of feedback.


It is hard to produce a full swing of the square strike wedge due to the weighted club head. The pitching wedge will miss the distance as that of a similar loft. Within the radius of about 50 yards from the pin, the results will be positive. This super wedge will help you to get a reasonable lip height. With a higher lip height, it is not preferable to use the square strike wedge. Stroking the putter helps to reach new straight stroke form back.


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There is a bulk of positive feedback from a professional golfer about this product. The majority of the golfers stated that it is impossible to hit a fat, high shot with the square strike wedge. This results in the reduction of the fat scores due to the reduced thin and fat shots. It is the ultimate goal for any professional. The pitching wedge couldn’t produce the low shots as achieved by the square strike wedge. The square wedge slides evenly through the grass, making it possible to hit a shot from a variety of lies. The pitching wedge is preferable for the thicker grass play.

Tournament Engagement:

The main question arises is that the square strike wedge qualifies for use in the professional tournament? Absolutely yes, the square strike wedge follows all the standards as laid down by the USGA and R&A regulations. So next time, confidently pack them in your golf kit bag when you head out for any professional tour.


Chip shots and run shot performance is outstanding.

Super square position for impact.

Excellent forgiving quality.

Better results enhance the use of grip along with the putter.

Shorter shots don’t require guessing.


A full shot is not preferable for this model.

Some players might feel it heavy as compared to other models.

Low versatility as that of the other wedges.

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This club is not for the players who are already comfortable with their ongoing wedges for producing different variety of shots. It is impossible to hit a high flop shot with this model.

Those golfers whose shots were not up to the mark with their current wedges and experiencing the different types of results that benefit square strike wedge. The putting stroke with the help of the putter produces some of the chunkier shots through the wedge, and it is highly visible.

Getting fluent with this heavy clubhead is quite tough for some golfers, but many of them will be keen to use it with their style.

Some of the main advantages of using the square strike wedge are as follows:

High level of confidence in shot-making.

Consistency throughout the club selection.

More accuracy with negligible movement.

Less rotation of face.

There are also some negative aspects of the square strike wedge. With extended continuous use of this wedge, you will suddenly get out of practice and negligence for other wedges to drive the range. This process can hamper your aim of becoming a better wedge player. You need to execute a variety of shots for achieving the all-around performance. A local professional can help you out in this. A visit to the store could also be a good step for executing the game in the right direction. This will provide you more satisfaction, which is an essential step for gameplay.