Stiff VS Regular Flex: Everything You’ve Heard is Wrong [Truth Revealed]

Everybody wants to hit the golf ball long enough with high accuracy. For achieving such a fleet, you should choose one of the best golf clubs. The question arises:

Here is how to select the golf club?

How can we differentiate one from another?

What are the different qualities of the golf club?

To get the answer to all these questions, you need to go to the professional golf shop.

Mainly there are two types of shaft available in all of the professional stores, and they are regular or stiff shafts. The professional golf store is not the only option for choosing the golf club. You can also visit your country club store as these stores also carry some good equipment.

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If you are planning to buy a golf club from any retail shop or online platform, you should know the exact specifications and patterns. To get the update, you should try to reach out for the model at any nearby store and have a glance for a while.

After the research on your selected model, you can freely opt for the same through any online channel. It is very important to understand that the shaft differs for the iron and the driver.

Iron and driver carry different shaft operations. The main difference is that driver prefers wide arc, whereas iron swings with a shallow range. This is the main reason behind the quality of shots for which a driver can hit a better shot than iron, or iron can hit better than a driver.

stiff vs regular flex

Difference between Stiff and Regular Flex

The regular flex club is more flexible as compared to the stiff club. At the time of shot-making, the stiff club is less flexible, and at the same time, regular club act with more flexibility producing a high angle for the shot.

The selection of the flex club ultimately depends on the quality and type of game. If you have a slow swing as compared to a regular player, then you should probably choose the regular flex club, as this club will provide you additional flex converting more accuracy and pace.

On the other hand, if you have a game of high hit, then it is better to opt for the stiff flex as you don’t need an additional pace.

There is a better control alignment with the stiff flex club. Choosing the right flex for your game is one of the major challenges for a golf player. No matter you have a strong and smooth swing, without proper flex, you can’t play your best game on the field.

You should be mentally stable while choosing your right flex. It is very necessary to opt for a proper flex club, which purely depends on the type of game you have. With right flex into your bag, you will feel more confident about making high swings.

To choose a right iron, hybrid or wood, you should opt for the right swing speed, exact driver distance, and the club by which you are making a hit from 150yards are the three main components you need to understand before you opt for any professional golf equipment.

regular vs stiff shaft driver distance

Factors Involved:

Swing Speed:

swing speed depicts the exact flex type for your club. While swing speed is unable to clear the choice, you can still opt for the remaining two options. There are different types of apps on the online surface, which lends you enough knowledge for choosing the right flex. The default swing speed varies from:

80-95 MpH

90-105 MpH

Driver Distance:

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Driver distance is the usual distance covered by the driver and the ball when you hit the ball in full swing. The distance covered is from the initial point to the driver lending point. Your partner can help you measure this distance, or you can use swing analyzers for this.

210 to 240 yards.

240-260 yards.

One Hundred Fifty Yards Club:

This method is very helpful in finding the right club. There should be a good rhythm swing while opting for this method. Finding the measurement through the range is the best technique.


6-7 iron

Distance And Accuracy:

Hitting the ball hard enough so that it travels a long distance is certainly a good point, but without the proper direction, this distance is of no use. Hitting with a right swing and right distance is the perfect deal. For example, if you are hitting a ball with a regular flex to a long distance, but in the wrong direction, then you might need to change your flex to stiffer one. There is more control in stiff flex shafts. Moreover, they don’t require faster swings. With the right club, your performance becomes double.

regular vs stiff shaft driver distance

Materials: Graphite v/s Steel:

Shaft material is a very important factor at this level of play. Professional players are very concerned regarding the material. Even the smallest drop in the flexibility of weight can cost you a game. Steel shafts are on a bit heavier side.

The most preferred material for the shaft is graphite and titanium. There is no doubt that graphite is the most famous and highly used material for golf clubs. These have high swing speed and lighter in weight providing high accuracy.

stiff vs regular flex driver

For example, a driver can hit a drive with a steel driver measuring 240 yards. On the other hand, he uses the graphite driver and hit with the same flow, which measures up to 250 yards as graphite’s clubhead speed is very high as compared to the steel driver.

Always make sure that you use the right shaft material matching your club on the course. It is advantageous to use the right club, which you use to make any decision while measuring the driving distance.

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How To Pick The Right Shaft For Your Driver?

There are many different types of drivers, and each one requires a specific type of shaft. There are a lot of different factors that go into picking the perfect and flexible shaft. Have a look.



Weight is a crucial factor in determining which shaft will be best suited for you and your swing. A lighter shaft will provide more clubhead speed but less control and distance than a heavier one. Heavier drivers are better suited to players with slower swings who want maximum distance off the tee or from fairway shots. Lighter drivers are better for faster swing speeds that require more control over their trajectory and ball flight to avoid hooks or slices.


A longer shaft will give you more distance on drives but may not be as accurate as tee shots due to increased loft. A shorter shaft will help with accuracy but won’t provide as much power or distance on drives. It all depends on what kind of golfer you are!


Flex is an essential factor in choosing your driver. It’s how much bend or “give” there is in the shaft when the golf ball strikes it. A lower-flexing shaft will provide more stability and control, while a higher-flexing one will offer more power. The best way to find out which flex is right for you is to try them both.

Kick Point:

The kick point is where the clubhead and shaft meet. A low-kick point design will produce a higher launch angle with more spin but less distance than a high-kick point design. High-kick point designs are best suited for players who need more control on their shots or want to hit lower trajectory shots from rough terrain. Low-kick point drivers are better for golfers who want maximum distance off the tee and prefer straighter ball flight over increased spin rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is There A Big Difference Between Regular And Stiff Flex?

Ans: What’s the variation between a typical shaft and one that’s stiff? A stiff shaft is tougher and more difficult to bend than a conventional shaft, and as a result, they’re usually heavier. The goal of the game is to match your swing to the proper shaft flex in order to maximize distance and control.

Q2. Is It More Common For Pros To Utilize Stiff Or Regular Shafts?

Ans: The majority of PGA Tour professionals utilize stiff or x-stiff shafts. Stiff-shaft irons can assist you to manage your swings better, get the best results from a fast-paced swing, and improve your short game, based on your swing style.

Q3. Does Tiger Woods Use A Regular Or Stiff Shaft?

Ans: Stiff shafts are recommended for distances more than 250 yards. Tiger Woods, for example, uses a Regular shaft in his driver and frequently hits shots farther than 300 yards.

Q4. What Happens If The Shaft Isn’t Sufficiently Stiff?

Ans: Because the flex kicks the head back sharply through the ball, a shaft that is too soft may miss left. A stiffer shaft will not provide you with more distance. It might even cost you some money. A shaft that is too stiff for you will result in a variety of misses, ranging from high and correct to low and left to whatever.

Q5. When To Switch From Stiff To The Regular Shaft?

Ans: When you have a slower swing motion, you’ll want to opt for normal shafted clubs because the extra flex will give you a little more power and precision. The tight flex will be more managed as you swing harder, giving you the punch you require to hit greater shots.


While opting for any next equipment, it is very beneficial to select the right club for your game. With the exact stats and information in the above article, you should be able to choose the right club for your game.

If you follow the pattern step by step for choosing the right shaft, you don’t need to go to any professional store for the same. There is sufficient knowledge that differentiates the regular flex from the stiff flex.

Moreover, if you still feel like going for a look and choice, there are no fees for the matching process. You can easily try it out depending on your swing. These free services will also help you to become a better golf player by allowing you to choose the right product.

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