🥇 TaylorMade M4 Driver Review

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taylormade m4 driver review

 Designed To Be More Forgiving Than The M3 – But Is It?

Taylormade M4 driver is the newly launched driver with much wider looks and additional buildup qualities. The non moveable weight makes it unique in the industry. It basically replaces the orthodox m2 version launched back in 2017.

TaylorMade M4 Driver : Twist Face, Technology, Loft Angle And Feel & Sound

taylormade m4 review

Twist Face design:

The latest twist face design resembles the same appeal of its predecessor. The twist face is made with a heavy black and darkish fade.

The bulger driver is the main backbone of this architect. The philosophy is the same reinvention of the twist design. There is a gear connection between the vertical and horizontal face curvature. This version helps in putting the opposite spin. Now with this orthodox design, TaylorMade has revisited the fundamental face of belief with the forecast of 500000 shots.

taylormade m4 driver


To improve the gear shift, TaylorMade has come up with some unique ideas adding them simultaneously in the different stages of the loft. The designers have increased the curvature from high to low heal.

The high shots which usually get a lower spin will be updated from this gear shift resulting in the better launch fo the shots with greater spin. The delofted areas got added up with the circumference of the loft because the armature has been nearly doubled. With the help of this newer technology, the flight of the ball is managed with greater accuracy.

taylormade twist face review

The newer hammerhead produces even greater accuracy. It offers a slight increase in the ball speed with a wider angle of the lofting pace. The hammerhead is 22mm longer in length and 100mm attached to the two bar structure by the MS2017.

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Loft Angle:

This structure provides more rigidity. The central section is made thinner by reducing 8 grams of weight. This is done to deepen the CG of the loft. 

The non-movable loft of the handle has been increased from both angles and made similar to the previous one. This is done with the geocaustic and real time face diet of the hammerhead technology.

taylormade twist face

Feel and Sound:

The newly designed sole of the new TaylorMade driver helps in making the sole much stiffer and the inner ribs of the loft produce the sweeter sound. The sound can be felt with a much larger loft depending on the edge of the hammerhead core. The weight is saved through the sole mass. The D type driver which is also called the M4 driver is positioned towards the heel. This heel tech produces the 20 yards bias more than the older one. 

twist face driver


The height of the newly designed M4 is greater than the M3 version but because the carbon of the newly designed driver is much lower weight and the higher quality it manages the CG accordingly.

The top edge is made silver nowadays. It used to be of the white lining in the past models like that of M2. The produced color is used the first time since it has been used in the SLDR driver.

The head of the new M4 driver is much taller than of the previous M3 driver. The M4 driver manages the head weight at all angles of the loft. The M4 and M3 driver comparison is made on the trackman with M4 clearly beating the older model with a larger pace with a spin of around 9.5-degree head.

taylormade m4 driver review

Most of the top players used to take the M1/M2 drivers but now they opt for the much famous M4 because it is quite adjustable as compared to any of the remaining drivers available in the market. 

Most of the older models can be seen with the newer model with adjusting gears. The M4 is quite cheaper than the M3 with a difference of around $110/$70.

taylormade m3 vs m4

The improved CG of the M4  helps to maintain the forgiveness of the golfers. Overall M4 is a great driver in all aspects of the golfing techniques.

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