Taylormade M5 Vs M6 : What’s the Difference?

Taylormade M5 Vs M6

Taylormade, a brand that is into consistent manufacturing of some of the top-notch drivers worldwide.

If your search is for a great driver with good value, then the M5 vs M6 are probably the most suited options made in perfect combination with the newest technology with an affordable price tag.

Both the M5 and M6 are built upon the successes of their popular predecessors M3 and M4.

A lot is similar between both these when the discussion is about exceptional performance with faster ball speed.

But M5 or M6 which is the right one for your game?

Though both the M5 and M6 may appear similar at address, but are designed to fit varied swing -types and player profiles.

So, before you start your tournament golf session, read a bit more to know about the best M driver by Taylormade for your golf bag.

TaylorMade M5-Designed for the ones who want a high-performing driver with tons of adjustability. Ideal driver for low-mid handicappers.

TaylorMade M6-Loaded with forgiveness, this comes with higher spin option which is suitable for any handicap player.

TaylorMade M5 Vs M6 Comparison

TaylorMade M5 Vs M6: One-on-One Comparison

  • Technology Used:-

    Similar to their antecedents, both M5 and M6 comprise of Twist Face Technology on their club face. This technology was introduced for the first time in M3 & M4 drivers. The face loft on the heel and toe has the needed changes for thwarting common misses resulting in lesser draws and hooks.

    Furthermore, both these drivers incorporate the Speed Injected Technology that brings these clubs at a platform which is between the legal and illegal speed. These also comprise of:

    1. Multi-Material Carbon Sole

    2. Matte Black Carbon Crown

    M5 and M6 also have a hammerhead 2.0 Slot that results in larger sweet spots along with more ball speed.

    They come with a loft option that’s adjustable and offers the loft changes by up to 2 degrees.

  • M5’s Exclusive Technology:-

    As mentioned above, similar technology is what these drivers feature for delivering better ball flight with faster ball speeds. But M5 comes with a feature that’s probably missing with the M6 and that is the Adjustable Inverted T-Track which provides you with more customization with adjustability for producing different launch angles and spin rates.

    The Inverted T-Track in the M5 comes with 2-different movable weights, where each one weighs 10-g. these weights can be moved easily along the T-Track for producing different MOI or a fade or draw.

    For the club-tinkerers or beginners this is a perfect one as by using 2-weight and many positions you can put them in.

    All the customizable and adjustable settings of the TaylorMade M5, are best suited for the advanced golfers.

  • M6’s Exclusive Technology:-

    This does not come with any extra stability and has a bent towards more forgiveness. The Unique Inertia generator along with mass of 46g that works to lower the club’s center of gravity thereby increasing its MOI.

    Higher launch with low spin is the outcome of the more weight in the club.

  • Forgiveness:-

    Both the M6 and M5 offer great forgiveness on off-center hits that helps amateur golfers to search a fairway on frequent basis.

    M6 includes more technology for forgiveness than the M5 and the lower center of gravity along with the Inertia Generator in M6 helps to maximize ball flight more easily than the M5.

    If your search is for more forgiveness, then M6 is an ideal choice.

  • Distance:-

    Stormy distance across the Tee is offered by both these drivers. Though M5 delivers a bit higher and better distance. Longest of the drivers ever made and with no surprise Rory Mcilroy and Tiger Woods used it to dominate the previous season-2019.

    No hunch on distance though if it’s M6. At the same swing speed 6-7 more yards of carry off the tee and 3-5 more yards are delivered by the M5.

    Check out these two popular and longest Drivers available:

  • Sound:-

    In comparison to the previous M3 and M4 drivers there is a huge improvement in the M5 and M6 sound feature. At impact the M3 and M4 had a higher pitched metallic sound, whereas the M5 and M6 has a more wood-y sound-technically.

    Amazing sound off the face is what you can experience when you hit it on the sweet spot.

  • Looks:-

    Standing over each of these drivers will make you witness similar ones. A confident inspiring head shape with a sleek black finish is what both the drivers exhibit.

    The metallic silver-face appears clean and the Twist Face feature is something I really appreciate. A powerful statement is made by the speed injection points which features two screws.

    Overall, both these look fabulous and make a smart addition to one’s golf bag.

  • Price:-

    Both the M5 and M6 are made with the newest technology and priced between $400-500 ranges.

    Since, one year older these both are $100-200 less than the initial sticker price. Among both these M5 is a slightly higher-priced one.

M5 and M6 Vs the M3 and M4 – Rated on Performance Parameters


  • M5 is the next generation of M3

  • M6 is the next generation club of M4.

As far as the hammerhead technology is concerned, both the M5 and M6 are an improved version of M3 and M4. This new technology harmoniously amalgamates with the Inverted-Cone technology.

As compared to the M3 Y track the M5 is a bit more forgiving and straighter mishits are produced by the M5 as the T track comes inverted which moves the center of gravity back.

The M6 allows longer carry off the tee as it has a much better launch angle as compared to the M4.

Overall, you get an increased ball speed by about 2 MPH on both clubs over their antecedents.

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TaylorMade M5 Driver is ideal for-

Whosoever wants to maximize their driver through trial and error the M5 driver is the answer. You get more adjustability though a bit less forgiveness when you buy the M5, so that you can tinker as you like for a perfect swing.

A slightly longer carry the M5 possesses than the M6 and with fast-moving ball speeds.

If you want to experience adjustability with switching over to settings then certainly M5 is the ideal one. Hence, the M5 is perfectly made for you if you want to save some money in comparison to the 2020 SIM drivers with a lot more performance still.

Spec Details M5 Driver Specs
Loft Options 9°, 10.5°, 12°
Hand Available RH/LH
Lie 56°-60°
Volume 460CC
Length 45.75″
Swing Weight D4
Shaft Options Project X Hzrdus Smoke (70g Low Launch Low Spin)
Mitsubishi Tensei CK Orange (60g Mid Launch Low Spin)

TaylorMade M6 Driver is ideal for-

A golfer who wishes to have optimum forgiveness off the tee then M6 is the one to own. Though a little less adjustable the M6 provides +/-2 degree loft changes which works well to change trajectory off the clubface.

The center of gravity are lowered by the Inertia Generator thereby improving the MOI and making M6 ultra forgiving. These designed weights in combination with the Twist Face results in more frequent fairways.

A slightly more spin off the face than the M5, the M6 stays pretty workable and offers good response to shot shaping. If your choice is forgiveness over customization then M6 is the right decision.

Spec Details M6 Driver Specs
Loft Options 9°, 10.5°, 12°
Hand Available RH/LH
Lie 56°-60°
Volume 460CC
Length 45.75″
Swing Weight D3
Shaft Options Fujikura Atmos Orange 5 (54g, Mid-High Launch, Mid-High Spin)
Fujikura Atmos Black 6 (65g Mid Launch Low-Mid Spin)

Full and Final

Created with the latest technology in combination with brilliant engineering, though being last year clubs, both M5 and M6 are a great choice for golfers of all handicaps.

Whereas for the golf community scientists who are seeking optimum adjustability with varying weight settings M5 is perhaps the best one to own.

Neither of them is a bad choice…. Just go for the one which satisfies you in terms of your liking and preferences. Though my personal recommendation is for M6 as you can just set it and forget it.

So, choose the one that will adorn your golf bag! M5 or M6… The final decision is yours.

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