Taylormade M6 Driver Review

taylormade m6 driver

A golf driver that stands unprecedented ever! Have you seen such one, in case no is your answer….

Then we are glad to present you the TaylorMade M6 driver with an all-inclusive review.

You must be wondering, what’s so special about it?

Don’t compare it with a superpower like that of Avengers or Justice League….but this can be guaranteed that it is a complete game-changer.

Do you know? This is the same brand that Tiger used to win the masters, and if in search of a little more forgiveness or the exact model leveraged by Dustin….Go for a test drive with the TaylorMade M6 Driver (460cc).

We actually appreciate its Aerodynamic Carbon-Sole Design with the Inertia-Generator in combination with its speed injected twist face.

Do these characteristics improve your game?

Of course, these are designed to offer optimum forgiveness and speed along with precision.

You get the fastest swing speed too in addition.

Nonetheless of your handicap, the M6 can be used by many of the users without any issues.

The TaylorMade M6 Driver has also got the award on – The 2019 Golf Digest Hot List.

We have included everything below to give you a holistic picture of the golf driver and the reasons why you should buy it?

Taylormade M6 Driver Review - The Real Game Changer

Taylormade M6 Driver

TaylorMade M6 Driver (460cc)

Top Reasons To Invest In This – A Deep Dive Review For You.

A Five Star Rated Product In Terms Of:

  • Build quality
  • Control and performance
  • Appearance and design
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Allows higher swing speed.

Features a forgiving build.

Driver has a liberal sweet spot.

An ideal one for beginners.

Various types of mishits are corrected due to its design.

Every shot gets a good distance.

Possesses a firm grip.


A bit higher priced, could be unaffordable for some.

Could be confusing for amateurs.

Aiding features could be confusing.

Taylormade M6 Driver Reviewed In Detailed Below

We have experienced some real great wins with the TaylorMade M6 Driver.

The Secret Is Here!!

This could all be possible with this incredible driver which comes with a perfect combination of skills. Stability, power, and accuracy are felt while you use the M6 Driver.

Key Features

Once you through the product review which I am writing here, will make you comfortable for evaluating the product in a proper manner.

Let us indulge in the features of the driver one by one:

Several Options Available

This comes in numerous variants, which leaves you with adequate convenience to choose the one for you. You can select between the right-hand and left variant.

You get various shaft material too:

  1. Regular shaft material

  2. Senior material

  3. Stiff and extra-stiff material

Are you thinking about the degree of the shaft?

This has three varied shaft variants which comprise: 10.5°, 9°, and 12°. You can also choose the mid-option with the 10.5° one.

This is one of the best qualities of this driver that it offers so many different types of variants. You need not worry to go for the other one.

Maximizes Speed

The driver’s head is created in a manner that maximizes speed. This particular shape supplements the golf ball shape.

Almost all the force is conveyed is the ball swing.

Every head of M6 is individually tested for speed and for optimizing COR, injected with tuning resin across the entire face.

The initial velocity of the golf ball becomes much bigger than the average swing with efficient technology. The traveling distance of the ball is vastly increased this way.

Angled Face Curvature

In the game of golf, a mistook swing, refers to your ball going off course, thereby becoming difficult to recover. The driver is made with a new “Twist Face” technology that makes you commit the least errors.

This new “Twist Face” technology ensures that the ball angles are just right and any mishits usually made are taken into account. You get more accurate shots whenever you hit.

Linear Trajectory

The M6 features a revolutionary new face curvature with a corrective face angle on off-center hits, engineered to reduce side spin and deliver straighter shots.

The “Twist Face” also helps you to play the shots again with ease. The off-shoots are generally difficult to deal with, however, while using this golf driver you get the assured that the shots are linear as much as possible.

Aerodynamic Design

Its aerodynamic carbon sole sleek design with “Inertia Generator” offers increased clubhead speed for more distance.

The club is made to have as little drag as possible. The swing is streamlined to possess optimum momentum while its strikes.

As mentioned above, the sole itself is made with carbon, which is quite light, reaches high velocities yet sits hard. This hardness helps in transmitting force in a much better way as compared to the softer surface. These types of surfaces have the ability to absorb the momentum.

Hammerhead Sole

The new hammerhead 2.0 is more flexible and works in conjunction with speed injected twist face for producing a larger sweet spot which preserves ball-speed on off-center strikes.

This is probably the best shape which offers maximum launch speed and errors. The sole features a flexible slot. This flexibility offers launch that is sprig-like and hence increases the speed.

The “sweet-spot” is maximized by the slot and you need not worry about any bad swing.


This comes with a customizable hosel which allows the fitters and players to reduce or increment the expressed space in an upward direction – 2 degrees. Space modification is permitted by a 4-degree Loft-Sleeve along with the face edge of the M6/M6 D-Type drivers.

All these features provide a whole lot of forgiveness to the M6 driver.

Confines to Legal Limits

You may be wondering whether with all these numerous features is it allowed in tournaments or not.

One positive thing to mention here is that the distance and ball speed achieved by the M6 is a bit below the legal limit.

Henceforth, it is absolutely legal to carry this in tournaments. Of course, this leaves you with great convenience when you can carry the same driver which you had been using in the club for your regular practice sessions.


The nearest competitor to M6 is the M5 Driver.

At the first sight, M6 and M65 may appear similar to you. Especially the phase. On a minute observation, you can see that there are tuning ports that are located in the twisted face of the M6. More speed can be injected into the ball with this and this allows you to hit the ball farther also.

If looking for more adjustability then M5 is a better choice. Multiple variants are provided by the M6 and the balance can be brought out this way. Selecting the right variant from the beginning will omit the need to adjust often.

Higher forgiveness is not provided by the M5 as you need to go through a wide learning curve while using this. On the other hand, M6 offers amazing forgiveness and you can use it with ease.

When the comparison is about the spin, the M6 offers less of it and allows the hitting of straighter shots with the utmost ease.

When you want to hit the ball farthest, then no one can override the M6 driver Taylormade.

The M6 fulfills the requirement completely when you want a driver that can stand the test of time as its high-carbon content keeps it more favorable.

Bottom Line:

After the in-depth comparison, it is pretty clear that M5 only offers more adjustability but the clear Winner is M6 as on all the parameters it stands out over the M5.

A thumbs up… for TaylorMade M6 driver.

Final thoughts

Finally, if you ask about the M6 Driver then we would like to vote for it with all our appreciation.

Though preference and playing style always rule the player’s decision, but M6 driver is something one can’t miss out to look at and use.

All the golfers who prefer optimum swing speed and shot forgiveness should use the M6 driver as it is designed so.

The Aerodynamic Carbon Sole, with Twist Face technology, and Inertia Generator can actually be a – GAME WINNER!!

It is really a pride to own and keep the M6 Driver in our golf bag…..this is totally worth it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Much Maximum Distance Of Any Shot Can Be Made Using The M6 Driver?

Ans1. Even the most inexperienced golf players can easily manage a shot beyond 300 meters using the M6 driver. In the case of seasoned golfers, they will be able to fair out the 400 marks with ease.

Q2. How Do Their Shafts Differ From Each Other?

Ans2. Majorly there are 2 different shaft types that are included with this:

  1. The orange shafts

  2. The black shafts

Both of these are lighter and the distinguishing quality lies in the angle. In comparison to the black shaft, the orange shaft shoots at a higher angle.

Q3. Does It Include A Head Cover?

Ans3. Yes, when you buy the TaylorMade M6, this includes a short headcover.

Q4. What Is The Product Warranty?

Ans4. A warranty description of 2-years comes with the TaylorMade M6.

Q5. What Is The Orientation Of This Product?

Ans5. The M6 is designed to be right hand. Though with repeated use and practice even the left-handed players get habitual and complaint to use this driver. This has modification settings that accommodate left-handed people equally.

Q6. Is The Taylormade M6 Driver Bulky?

Ans6. The answer is no, as this driver is not at all bulky and comes with a carbon-content that keeps it light yet powerful. Even the aerodynamic design ensures that it is light, not bulky. Its wind resistance is on the lower side and swinging through the air becomes convenient like never before.

Q7. For Whom Is The Taylormade Driver Designed?

Ans7. This can easily be used by:

  1. Starter-level golfers to cover-up commonest mistakes in the swing.

  2. Experienced-golfers can use it for reaching long distances and optimizing accuracy.

  3. A good choice for mini-golfers.