All About Thomas Spears – Golf Trainer

Hey, There! I am Thomas Spears: a zealous pro golfer, blogger, and a travel freak.

This blog is a humble attempt to share my 8 years long golf journey and learnings that I have had in the process of evolving from being an amateur to a pro golfer and how writing happened to me while I was still working on improving my game.

After graduating from Ithaca College, Bachelor of Sports Management Ithaca, NY, there were two voices in my head, and I had to choose one, a golfer or a blogger; I went ahead with my gut feeling and came up with a hybrid plan which was to write blogs on golf! Yes, you heard me well.

You may have heard:” What you seek is seeking you,” stands true for me. I was seeking golf, and it got me! Nothing could have been better than writing about my favorite game; after all, it’s my thing. It’s been 3 years since then; there’s no looking back.


My blogs will take you through the basics of the game’s pro tips, especially the beginners who will truly take delight in the golf tutorials. Besides this, I vouch for my Golf Fitness series and highly recommend the Mental Golf series in addition to it. You might want to explore the equipment guides for golf-kit, training aids, bags, and golf apparel.

A Sneak-Peek into My Work Experiences

  • Took golf lessons at one of the esteemed Golf Academy.
  • Evaluating the performance of players and design strategies accordingly to level up their game.
  • Worked with the Academy Managers to develop Pro-Golfer Programs.
  • Provided online consultation on improving the game and tactics.
  • Created virtual content on maintaining the right posture to tee up the ball, appropriate golf club, correct grip, right strokes, and achieve consistency in the game.

Passionate about Travelling

Other than golf, and writing, I’m passionate about traveling. I love to see different places, understand the native languages, food, and culture. My quest in life was always more than achieving levels 2, 3, 4. To me, these are just the by-products, but the process of learning and evolving is a beautiful journey in itself.

I firmly believe setting goals and achieving them are milestones in the journey, but one can not be obsessed with it. So I choose to travel to secluded places, where I can find myself, disconnect from the world, and come back and connect ultimately. Travelling brings the best in me. That’s all about me and my work.

If you appreciate my work and are inspired by my guides, then please feel free to write to me at:

Your support and words of appreciation will uplift my soul.

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