Titleist AP2 Reviews – 2021’s Great Iron?

Are the latest set of Titleist irons created only for the talented or gifted? This is actually I wondered. Titleist was always well-known as a player’s club brand. Does the AP2 hold that same tradition or break the mold?

AP2 or the Advanced Performance!! Designed only for the advance golf players…..

All these doubts made me probe deep into the details of the AP2 irons and after much study I am sharing my findings for the same. I am sure many of the users must not be aware that if they are using Titleist AP2 irons then they are playing with a tour iron.

As far as the 716 AP2 model is concerned then it is probably tops the global list of irons. Along with this Titleist has also badged the 718 AP2 iron for the tour category.

While the others 718 MB and 718 CB irons are similarly named as 718 AP1 and 718 AP3.

Titleist AP2 Irons

The first model was introduced in the year 2008, and since then the chassis size remain unchanged. Although, if terminology is to be considered then in the distance section of the 718 range AP1 and AP3 would sit quite similar.

The looks, performance, and the lofts, all appeared similar. The tour players thought that differing was something not related to the AP2….then, what’s new?

The focus lies basically with the more consistent ball speed (across the face), more forgiveness, and believe me the Titleist has done this in a number of ways.

On A First Note:

The SUP10 high strength steel-face is designed to be inserted into the 3 to 7 irons, also come now in a thin form – 0.3mm at 2.1mm. This doesn’t sound much but is sure to enhance the ball speeds, particularly when it is a large face.

Titleist 710 AP2

On A Second Note:

They have also swooped on the high-density tungsten jar again while using the co-forging process. This procedure is used to bind the heel and toe of the head and this eliminates the need of gluing or welding for saving some weight.

Each head has a 57.4g on an average and this is what is required. In comparison to its predecessor this is a couple of grams up. The forged caps are now made using tungsten in pace of steel and this makes to move more mass to the head’s edges.

The CG position is improved by the weight maneuvering. It is quite lower and centred in the long irons and should work well to improve launch.

Resistance to twisting is also improved and this is claimed by the Titleist that a higher MOI is what the 718 AP2 irons boast of over the 714 AP1 game improvement irons.

This appears pretty impressive. Now the set comprises of a pre-worn leading edge which upgrades the turf-interaction and this keeps it great on the course.

A forged 1025 carbon steel body and face is featured by 8 to W and the P wedge at 46 degrees should be switched to specialist blade wedges.

A more muted feel is felt with the shorter irons in comparison to a more bladed forged iron such as the 718 CB. Though it perks up when there are mid to long irons as the cavity comes into play.

An ascending mass shaft which is light in weight than the long irons is the stock shaft – The True Temper AMT Tour White. If you move to the short irons they get heavier and through Titleist custom fitting there are several other options available.

Like before, you get the similar compact head shape at the address. In comparison to the other blades this is long yet compact sized in the big scheme of things.


Only when you compare the AP2 with the AP3, you find it smaller and regard the AP2 as a tour iron. Mid to short irons for most of the golfers provide a combo of forgiveness and feel with which they will remain happy.

You would need an above average ball speed and striking if you actually want some consistent results with the 3 and 4 iron. This is what I developed from the fitting session with the Titleist. As the AP3 was not there earlier, I would have surely thought to AP2 as AP1 was pretty big.

AP3 being used by a great ball striker such as the Adam Scott, then certainly this option can’t be ignored. Plausibly this is the conundrum with the 718 AP2. This is impressively solid and I fail to find any fault in this. Looks great and achieves well too.

All those elite tour players who want good forgiveness with launch then this is the best iron than CB. Similar to 716 AP2, the 718 CB has the same MOI but feels better. And this is where I would like to give the short irons an upper edge.

You get a full set of 718 T-MB now and this is hollow iron-bracketed along with AP1 and AP3 (distance category). Though I am not absolutely sure for this as it appears like a blade, but assuredly goes like a game improvement iron.

Final Thoughts

Hence, this can be understood that the AP2 is squeezed from both sides for good amateur and tour players alike. So, it is not a bad club at all. As a golfer if you like to hit the ball straight and that too with a little control then you will surely love these irons.

If you seriously appreciate AP2 then, you should go for the 718 version as this will do a perfect job for you. Titleist has actually done what the name says – given the golfer an Advanced Performance!!

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