Vice Golf Balls Review : Is It Good? 2021 [Updated]

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I have been playing golf for years by now and this commonest question which is the best golf ball, is still a matter of fact for many? ‘No’ definite answer for this, as all golfers have a varied swing along with different needs out of a golf ball.

Still the first name comes is the Titleist ProV1 – these are regarded as the gold standard in the golf balls industry. But which one do I prefer to play with? I use Pro Plus golf ball by Vice and….

The most essential reasons that made me use the distinct Vice golf balls:

  • They are ideal for every level of golf player.
  • Priced lower than the other big names.
  • Premium quality balls.

All these aspects may not be something that’s new!!! As there may be other brands too offering high-quality golf balls at a lower price.

Then what’s the hype for?

A brand that’s creating golf balls with a sense of fun plus swagger….yes VICE GOLF BALLS have that. To add more a company that brings steins, kegs, and logo-shaped pretzels at a golf event.

As I may not be the best judge so I recruited Brian from The DIY golfer to assist me in comparing the various models. Pro, Pro Soft, Pro V1, and others (get to know more as you read below).

Vice Golf Ball Reviewed

1. Vice Pro Plus Balls

I have tried to review this after experiencing its usage on my own.

  • Construction

You can get them in 3 versions: white, red, and green.

If you aren’t satiated with these 3 colorways then you can customize your golf balls by getting a text, logo, or photo imprinted.

Apart from this, the Vice Pro Plus features a 4-piece construction with the cast-urethane cover and the brand’s 336 dimple design.

The Vice Pro Plus flaunts its dual-casing construction that promises extra distance and a lower ball flight.

  • Control & Distance

The major focus is on better players who have medium-high club head speeds. I have experienced that this golf ball is brilliantly engineered for providing amazing distance and top-grade control on the greens. Thanks to the S2TG technology that offers exceptional feel & spin. This perfectly works with the ball’s thoroughly decelerating cast urethane cover.

  • Performance

Lower spin and launch is delivered by the Vice Pro Plus while you use longer drives. For that unmatchable feel + smoothness the Pro Plus features a durable coating which offers amazing adhesion to the green and ample amount of back spin.

One more thing I really appreciate is the ball’s UV resistance is improved by the BJ13 coating resulting in a golf ball which appears to be new even after many rounds.

The dimple design of the Vice Pro Plus keeps the ball straight whilst in the most unfavourable weather conditions too. The KIL (‘Keep in line”) putting line really helps you as it is extra-long and distinctly visible to align the ball perfectly (developed in alliance with experts the tour pros).


  • Appreciable smooth and consistent feel.
  • Good durability than the other urethane balls.
  • Great spin.
  • Brilliant green grabbing control.


  • Customer service isn’t the best according to some users.

2. Vice Pro Soft Balls

  • Construction

The Vice Pro Soft is a 3-piece construction with cast urethane cover that has low-compression for extra-soft and responsive feel. The vibrant matte neon lime finish provides enhanced visibility.

The golf ball is a low-compression one for added softness and responsive feel. The 336 dimple design is highly durable too.

  • Control & Forgiveness

One major thing I take care of in a golf ball is its forgiveness. Since I am not a low-handicap golfer so all forgiveness I get I put to use. One more appreciable quality of the golf balls which I am sure you will also like is these softer balls are great for average players.

This is probably not the most perfect or the most forgiving available but I am still impressed with the amount of forgiveness this gives off-the-tee. This is somewhat similar to the Callaway Chrome Soft but slightly softer.

I like some spin while around the greens as it lets the ball to slow down. Even the control is also good but there could be other balls with more spin, yes of course will cost higher.

  • Distance & Performance

Another thing needs to be considered and I also focus on when looking for a golf ball is its overall performance. Not even I but you also should prefer a ball that’s accurate and forgiving rather than just the distance factor.

The Vice was longer off-the-tee than the Chrome Soft (around 3 yards longer). The launch is also higher and I noticed this distance is the result of the high ball flight. Although it was a nice feature as my ball flight isn’t high always. Overall performance is also great and I was happy with that.


  • 3-piece urethane cover keeps it durable.
  • Respectable distance and forgiveness.
  • Good amount of feedback and feel.
  • Offers improved visibility.


  • I found it more softer than others.
  • Middle of the range.

3. Vice Tour Golf Balls

  • Construction

This is again a 3-piece construction and comes with a 392 aerodynamic dimple design for stability. The soft energy speed core – ESC is there for extra distance and offer smooth feel at impact. A pack of twelve is available in a decent white color.

  • Control & Forgiveness

As mentioned above also these two are the two important things that I consider when it’s about the golf ball.

Getting the maximum distance is not something I care about but control and accuracy is something I cannot ignore for hitting the fairway and green in regulation.

By controlling the ball I mean here about your ability to shape the ball and put somewhere close to where you want. How the ball feels? This is also something I consider to be quintessential. Not the most forgiving but I was able to hit many fairways/greens than the Titleist and that’s a win I guess.

The Vice Tour Ball was something similar to others but definitely it worked for me in my tours.

  • Distance & Performance

Numerous golfers just want one thing, that their golf ball should have the ability to bomb it down the fairway. Generally, many of the players are just concerned with hitting the ball as far as they can and this is something I have noticed too.

They will usually end-up 2 fairways over when hitting the driver every hole and feel great as it went 280 – yards. The Vice Tour Balls are just as long as any other ball and are a bit longer than a Chrome Soft in comparison to what I normally play.

People do like the Titleist balls too. I have noticed one more thing that these do not spin like the softer balls, nicked up easily but are reasonable too so not a big deal, I guess.


  • Similar to Titleist but evidently affordable.
  • For me the distance was as great as any other ball.
  • Feel was good and rolled smoothly on the green.
  • Engineered for all swing speeds.
  • Good durability.


  • I found them a bit firm.
  • Strike feel could be better.

Are The Golf Balls Really Different? Let’s Compare

Vice Pro Vs Pro Plus

Both the golf balls – Vice Pro and Pro Plus are superior quality balls yet may not be at par in terms of performance with the Titleist’s ProV1 but are certainly affordable to buy.

You will get immense value with these balls with this combo of price and performance.

One of the greatest differences between the Pro and Pro Plus can be seen in their dimples and the former is a 3-piece construction and the latter is a 4-piece one. The Pro has 318 dimples (more stable trajectory by minimizing air resistance) while the Pro Plus has 336 dimples (lower launch angle with lower spin).

In short, less dimples means larger dimples and more dimples means smaller dimples.

Vice Pro Vs Pro Plus

Any downsides of these balls?

‘Yes’ some users have complained about the durability aspect of the Pro and Pro Plus. Still, once you invest in them you have a good chance of getting some great constructed golf balls.

Customer service aspect – Removing the middle party concept surely lowers the cost but then all is on Vice for any inexorable problems in case they arise. A small company could find it tougher to handle this.

Who are these balls created for?

  • Both these balls are calculated for low to mid-handicappers.
  • If you are that golfer with a slower swing speed then despite of the handicap you may face trouble compressing either ball in affair manner.
  • For mid – handicappers Pro Plus is a better option. If you are a player with a fast swing-speed then you can try the Pro Plus.
  • There isn’t any clear-cut winner as both these are similar in terms of almost everything and selecting one is a matter of personal preference.

Snell VS Vice Golf Balls

While comparing both these premium golf balls, I could see an exceptional similarity in their design features and performance. Three layers is what these two models consist of:

  1. Soft core
  2. A mantle
  3. Cast urethane cover

In comparison to the Pro V1, and Titleist, the Snell MTB and Vive Pro offer almost same distance gains and low spin with the high-handicap, long irons, and golf driver.

The MTB – X by Snell is firm and behaves similar to the Pro V1x & Titleist resulting in more spin and firmer feel in the approach shots.

Snell VS Vice Golf Balls

The golf balls by Snell feel softer offering great performance on greens with slightly less control on the greens.

The Vice Pro’s low compression core is speed-enhancing and the results are pretty comparable with the Snell MTB. Even the spin on approaching shots is great and more control can be exercised too.

The Price Factor: One of the most alluring part of these high-quality balls is their price range. Quality at an affordable price is promised by both the brands. You are still in a position to get superior quality balls and that too for even quarter the price.

Pro V1 Vs Pro Soft

The major difference between the Pro V1 and Pro Soft are price and compression.

Compression difference, what exactly it is? The tightness of the core threads is responsible for a golf ball’s compression. The tighter they are wound the more compressed or hard the core will be.

Any ball stays softer with low compression is it is wound less tight and vice-versa. The Pro V1 comes with a high compression and ball is designed for hard hitters and flaunts of a fast club speed.

Affordability aspect: If you follow the law of diminishing returns then the Pro V1 may fall here. I have clarity on one more perception and that’s the pricier the golf ball the better it will perform.

But this gap has been narrowed by VICE in recent years.

You can trust me as I am well aware with the mental constituent of golf. As the ProV1 offers you the confidence you require, you can go for that but if you are in look out for trying something different and new then Vice Pro Soft is the best one perhaps.

If just the brand matters to you then you can go for an expensive golf ball but certainly you will gain more repute if you shoot a great round or a better one with the most budget-friendly ball.

Are The Vice Pro Balls Legit Enough?

vice pro plus golf ball review

It is quite hard to convince the audience, which had a good experience playing with the quality pro-V1 balls throughout time, but it is a very beneficial deal with this amount of money.

Many club players would like to save more with vice, offering almost similar characteristics in their balls.

It doesn’t mean that vice balls get popular and takes the place of the Titleist overnight, but yes, it will certainly impact the market.

As the currency market trends now, the player wants to save money, and even a small-time manufacturer could produce a certain impact. There is no harm in trying for the good of the pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Vice Balls As Good As Pro V1?

Ans: When you prefer a softer feel to an x-type ball, the Pro (for driver swing velocities of 95mph and higher) is more than capable of competing with a Pro V1. According to our information, the driver is 1.7mph faster, which means our pro gained seven yards of carries plus an additional yard with a 7-iron.

Q2. How Do Vice Golf Balls Compare To Titleist?

Ans: In a mid-iron (6-iron test), the Vice PRO carried somewhat more (176.4 yds vs. 174.8 yds) and spun somewhat faster (5481 rpm vs…. in the small game (wedge test), the Vice PRO spins somewhat faster than the Titleist ProV1 (5481 rpm vs. (8961.1 rpm vs. 8840.1 rpm).

Q3. Are Vice Golf Balls Worth It?

Ans: Yes, they are just as excellent as, if not greater than, Titleist golf balls, according to Vice’s extensive research. Vice compares nicely with all of Titleist’s versions for a fraction of the cost.

Q4. Where Do Vice Golf Balls Ship From?

Ans: Delivered from Germany and arrived in Oklahoma sooner than my previous order from around the same period; that purchase won’t arrive for another couple of days, but they’re already in the US! I can’t wait to put these balls to the test.

Q5. How Long Do Vice Balls Take?

Ans: Now I’m waiting, but the estimated arrival time is 3-5 days, according to the tracker. I placed my purchase in the evening, and they arrived the next morning. I placed my order on Wednesday and received shipment verification the next day, with shipment taking place exactly one week after I placed it. That’s not awful at all.

Q6. Compare Vice Pro and Pro Plus

Ans: Vice Pro is a new and improved version of the original Vice. It has been designed with an ergonomic grip, making it easier for people who have arthritis or other hand problems.

The Vice Pro Plus features a larger opening to accommodate bigger hands and fingers. If you are looking for something that will be easy on your hands, this might be the perfect product!

Q7. How Vice Pro Plus is different from Pro VLX

Ans: The Vice Pro Plus is an excellent golf ball for players looking for a soft feel and long distance off the tee. It has a lower compression than the original Vice, which provides more energy return to help you get back in position after hitting shots from tight lies or rough.

The Pro V1x is designed to provide maximum spin around the green with its low-compression core and high-energy cover formulation. Both balls are available in multiple colors, so you can find one that matches your style of play.

Q8. Which is better- Chrome Soft or Pro v1

Ans: The two balls are very similar in terms of performance, but they have some key differences. For example, Chrome Soft is a little bit softer than Pro v1. It also has a lower compression core which means it will compress more efficiently on impact with the ground.

This makes it easier to put a spin on your shots when playing golf or tennis. On the other hand, Pro v1 is slightly firmer than chrome soft and offers better control for putting because of its higher compression core.

So if you’re looking for something easy to control, then go with Pro v1, while if you want something softer and more accessible to put a spin on your shots, then go with chrome Soft!

Q9. Differentiate pro v1x and pro v1

Ans: The Pro V1x has a softer feel and more distance, while the Pro V1 has a firmer feel and less spin. Both are great options, so it comes down to what feels best in your hand.

Q10. Compare Snell and Vice

Ans: Vice is a new golf ball that promises to be better than Snell. Vice is indeed more durable than Snell, but not by much. But, it was found that Vice actually lost distance off the tee when compared to Snell – even though it felt like it went farther on impact with the ground.

That being said, if you want a ball that will last longer without sacrificing performance, then Vice may be your best bet. It’s still worth trying out both balls before making your final decision, though.

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