Vice Golf Balls Review : Is It Good? 2021 [Updated]

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vice golf balls

Vice has undoubtedly become one of the leading golf brands in the market. It helps directly to customer sales regarding the golf ball market. They have always been a source for smart branding for their products, especially golf balls.

I have played enough golf throughout my life on behalf of which I can quickly tell you about the differences between the gold and poor golf ball. I wanted to test how the golf ball performs under practical conditions. The data resemble the comparison with the leading ball in the industry, the Titleist pro v1.

vice golf balls

Does The Vice Pro Golf Ball Have The Capacity to Replace The Titleist Pro?

The vice golf ball has a very clever branding across the market, with target been the professional players. The vice industry also offers the free demo version of the balls for the club level players to accommodate major traffic towards the company.

The important factor that directly affects the golf ball is the technique of the player to hit the ball in short, and the ball should be player-friendly like the Titleist pro v1. For gaining such a huge market, a golf ball needs to be something more than that.

I always suggest that you need not concern about striking the ball; all you should tackle is that a ball should be a complete package.

vice golf balls review

I want my golf ball to have these few characteristics:

The golf ball should spin a certain amount of round on the green.

It should travel a considerable distance.

➽ The ball should sound and feels very smooth and soft on the club.

vice golf ball reviews

The first thing I notice about the vice golf ball is that how well they sound in the club. The branding on the ball is also very high quality. In terms of market strategies, the vice leads the way in one of the leading companies. The value of the brand is somehow similar to that of Snell Golf, although they are not copying the outlines seems similar.

vice golf

Technical Specification Of The Vice Golf Balls

Below is the technical specification of some of the leading vice pro balls in the market:

Vice Pro Soft: This ball is recommended for the medium club speed and costs around $34.95/dozen. It consists of a three-piece urethane cast cover.

vice pro soft review

Vice Pro: This ball is recommended for players with advanced game and medium to the high speed of clubhead 34.95$/ dozen. It consists of a four-piece cover of vast urethane.

vice pro golf balls

Vice Pro Plus Golf Ball: it has almost the same properties that of the vice pro. It is also recommended for the advanced players with medium to high speed of clubhead. It costs about 34.95$/ dozen. It carries a four-piece cover of cast urethane.

vice tour golf ball review

Vice Tour Golf Ball: it is recommended for the players of all levels and tours. It mainly targets that club level player who was using the Pro V1 golf balls for the last few years. The costs included $ 24.95/ dozen. The cover of this one is a surlyn cover.

vice tour golf ball review

Vice Drive Golf Ball: the vice drive consists of a cover of surlyn with two pieces, and it is recommended for the players with a medium speed of clubhead. The price of the product stands at a mere 14.95$/ dozen.

vice golf ball review

While purchasing these balls in bulk quantities gives us some serious rebate and interesting offers. It can offer the tour level balls at 24.95$ and about 10.95 for the drive balls. If we compare these deals with the balls of the other companies like Titleist than it is a steal deal.

The gloves and carry bags are also one of the main sourcing and popular products from the vice golf. They also have a market influence.

vice golf balls for sale

Why Is Vice Golf Is a Better And Bigger Option?

The main advantage behind using the vice balls is that it is far cheaper than the other pro balls in the market with the same characteristic. This company was founded in Germany back in 2012.

ball reviews

This company works on the three basic pillars which include:

Direct sales to costumers: It is one of the main advantages behind the genuine operation of the company as it offers only online services so that there is no risk of duplication. It also always them to cost-cutting for overhead customers.

The advertising budget is small: This is another reason for the introduction of lower prices. It saves every penny possible. As companies like Titleist takes it loud for their products, the vice remains quite and provide quality products to its clients.

The Pricing structure is tiered: The vice gives you more opportunity to gain as the quantity of the product increases. You have a good chance to save more money by buying more products.

You can easily save around 50% of the deal if you buy five-plus dozen vice balls.

cheapest 15 pack golf balls for under $15

What Are The Basic Advantages of Vice Balls?

The vice pro seems a bit springy on the solid clubface resulting in less forgiving for center shots. The vice pro ball is very similar to that of the V1.

While hitting multiple shots, there is no difference in the carry distance when we compare the vice pro with the Titleist.

The vice balls may lag in the spin area, but this difference is very less.

There is a greater probability that vice pro nearly produces the same effects as of the V1 pro in terms of swing, speed, and carry distance at low prices.

golf ball reviews

Are The Vice Pro Balls Legit Enough?

It is quite hard to convince the audience, which had a good experience playing with the quality pro-V1 balls throughout time, but it is a very beneficial deal with this amount of money.


Many club players would like to save more with vice, offering almost similar characteristics in their balls. It doesn’t mean that vice balls get popular and takes the place of the Titleist overnight, but yes, it will certainly impact the market.

As the currency market trends now, the player wants to save money, and even a small-time manufacturer could produce a certain impact. There is no harm in trying for the good of the pocket.

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