Which US President Played the Most Golf : Trump vs Obama Golf

Among US presidents, the most common sport is golf. Nearly all Presidents have been known to hit the links at some stage or another in the last 75 years. Some are stronger than others, some (according to the American people) play too much golf, and some stop the game as much as possible.

We’re going to send you a list of the Presidents who played the most golf and a little insight into who is the sweetest swinger, too.

trump vs obama golf

Here We Have Some of The Presidents Who Loved Playing This Sport

Woodrow Wilson

Wilson, the United States of America’s twenty-eighth president, holds the record for most golf courses completed during a presidency. He has completed around 1200 rounds of golf in six years.

which president played the most golf

Unfortunately, his golfing career was cut short by a stroke. Golf was a way for him to relieve the strain and stress of the presidency, Wilson said. During an unpredictable and historical period in history, he played golf.

That morning, on the day he announced war with Germany, he fit his wife in around. Interestingly, Wilson and his golf course exploits were much less critical of the American people than current presidents.

Wilson never seemed to find this insane game out, despite playing over 1000 rounds of golf. That is maybe what stopped him from arriving. Some mentioned Wilson as a scammer or a duffer, but on this one, we’re going to be politically right and call him a high handicapper.

Donald Trump

The 45th US president knows his way around a golf course like previous presidents. His enthusiasm for the game has gained him a fair share of criticism.

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Since becoming President, he has played more than 150 rounds, often spending his weekends at Mar-A-Lago in South Florida playing with Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Lexi Thompson, and Jack Nicklaus.

His family’s golf business owns numerous golf courses in both the US and other countries like Scotland, Ireland, and the United Arab Emirates. This background probably helped with the discovery of his passion for the sport.

It encouraged him to take on the challenge of learning it all on his own; his self-taught swing has been described as remarkably consistent.

The best part of his game Tiger Woods praised his skill and endurance given his age, saying people don’t realize he’s that old and he can rip it and hit it as fast as he does, much like Bill Clinton, though he doesn’t seem to be that adamant about fair play a lot of people have commented.

Dwight D Eisenhower

Everybody knew about the 34th president’s golf obsession. He practiced every morning and even installed a putting green outside of the Oval Office.

His friendship with the golf icon Arnold Palmer cemented this obsession, and they were said to have been two of the nation’s most famous faces in the 50s and 60s while they played together.

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His devotion to Golf was the greatest thing that ever happened to the game, and the number of golfers in America more than doubled during his presidency.

Eisenhower was an overall good athlete and played the army’s linebacker position, but his Golf playing never amounted to a handicap below the mid-teens.

Despite this, he was always a dedicated player and took every opportunity to sneak in around. Unsurprisingly he was eventually inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in the lifetime achievement category.

According to many, he was the one who established Golf as the sport of presidents. It didn’t come without a fair share of criticism, though, but this didn’t deter him in the slightest in his eight years in the office; he played 800 rounds of Golf at that time.

John F Kennedy

John F Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, had an affinity for Golf and often played during the office. He was a member of the Harvard Golf team and had a lifelong passion for the golf game. 

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Throughout his run for the presidency in 1960, Kennedy did everything to keep his fellow American from finding that he not only loved the sport but was nearly as good as a club pro.

He enjoyed the game and shared his love of it with his family. President Kennedy’s famous quote,” show me a man with a great golf game, and I’ll show you a man who has been neglecting something.”

Barack Obama

Barack Obama, an avid player of Golf as well as basketball, the 44th president, played more than 330 rounds of golf during his eight years in office.

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He has said that his handicap is around 13 and doesn’t criticize his skill when asked about it, but he has remained interested in the sport.

Nevertheless, during his presidency, President Obama did not express as much interest in private clubs in the Washington area as other golfing presidents but rather played at military courses at Fort Belvoir and Andrews Air Force Base.

Even though he played much less than other well-known presidential golfers, one of his most vocal critics at the time was, interestingly enough, Donald Trump, who’s now on track to triple the time that Obama spent playing during his presidency.

Which President of the United States Was The Best Golfer?

Among presidential golfers, Donald Trump is said to have the lowest handicap. At one point, his handicap is recorded to have gone as low as eleven. Some critics argue that in his scorekeeping capacity, Trump is not all that honest. This undoubtedly proves that there is little left uncriticized at the Presidential level.

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What have US Presidents Agreed That it Was Best to Stay Away From The Course?

For various purposes, some Presidents choose not to participate. FDR was a decent college player and then, after contracting polio, was unable to compete.

When serving as Vice President under Eisenhower, Richard Nixon knew how to play, but he failed socially on the golf course. It seemed to be too much pressure for him to concentrate at the same time on golf and politics.

Ronald Reagan has never been a great golfer. It wasn’t just his thing, but he happily accepted an offer to play for the national Augusta. A man famously crashed through the gates during his round at Augusta, took hostages, and insisted he wanted to talk to Reagan. Reagan may have been justified in deciding to stay away from the game of golf.


Golf plays a significant part in presidential history. US Presidents relax on the Golf course. Many of the Presidents chose not to play for several reasons. One of the reasons is that people criticize as some presidents neglect their official work for the sport.

We can say, Golf becomes a go-to sport for those who have aged. The presidency can be an extremely stressful job. Getting out to see peaceful lawns and engage in an activity that is not too mentally taxing can be therapeutic. Golf can help you to clear your mind.